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5 Most Popular Ways to Create an Email Signature

1. Use an email signature generator
2. Create an HTML email signature
3. Design your email signature in Photoshop
4. Create an email signature in a text editor. Never do this!
5. Use Fiverr

In business, the details truly matter, especially when striving for success. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs tend to focus solely on global challenges, often missing out on subtle yet influential tools, such as a professional email signature.

An effective email signature is more than just a sign-off; it's a vital element of your personal brand and an excellent way to leave a lasting impression on your email recipients. It helps convey a sense of professionalism, build trust, and establish a personal touch with your audience. We have already discussed the best practices for designing a professional email signature. which includes incorporating elements like your company's logo, social media links, and other visual elements. These elements not only enhance the overall design but also provide opportunities for adding links to your social media pages, online content, and contact info, thereby helping to drive traffic and boost your email marketing efforts.

Moving forward, we'll focus on what to avoid when creating an impactful email signature for your online correspondence.

Email signature as a vital part of brand identity

Email signature as a vital part of brand identity

Did you know that one of the biggest mistakes many organizations make is inconsistency across email signatures? This is due to the fact that employees often use their templates and tools, leading to a lack of uniformity in email signature design.

By creating a consistent and correctly branded email signature for each member of your team, you build brand recognition among your company's contacts. That is why you should use the same or similar template across your company to ensure that every signature matches the style and format you've approved.

Moreover, a well-structured email signature not only serves as a call to action, encouraging recipients to engage with your company further, but it also plays an important role in achieving your company's goals by running a successful email signature campaign. Crafting a professional email signature that aligns with your brand and goals, can have a significant influence over your target audience and amplify your online business presence.

How to create a company email signature

Creating an email signature for your company is not as simple as you might think. To ensure the design is consistent across the whole organization and the HTML email signature is displayed correctly in the most popular email clients, you will have to follow the steps below.

  • Design development

Some believe that the best way to make an email signature is to create it in Photoshop or directly in their email program. Others prefer using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, then copy it from there, and voila, the email signature is ready to go. Nope, it doesn't work like that.

An email signature reflects your brand identity, and you should think carefully about what colors, layout, or marketing elements you are going to incorporate into your digital business card.

The help of email signature software is essential at this stage.

  • Coding

If you or a team member are proficient in HTML, you can delve into coding your HTML email signature. This step allows for more customization, ensuring your signature looks just the way you want it. However, if coding isn't your strong side, there are easier alternatives.

  • Testing

If you have decided to create it yourself, be prepared to do a lot of testing. You don't want to send emails with a poorly displayed email footer. Test how your signature looks on various devices and email clients, including Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail. Making sure it looks right everywhere is crucial for making a lasting impression.

  • Distribution across all team members

As we mentioned before, a well-branded email footer is a tiny yet powerful detail that promotes your business with every message your employees send. Once your email signature design is ready and testing is complete, you will have to distribute it to all departments and team members.

Some email signature management companies offer central management features to automate this process for large organizations, making it easier to maintain consistency.

  • Installation control

Managing signatures for a small team is simple, but what if your company has dozens or hundreds of email accounts? Ensuring everyone has the correct signature can be a challenge. Fortunately, some email signature services provide tools to help you monitor and control signature installations. Administrators can use a dashboard to track which signatures are in use and which ones still need to be installed.

Best ways to make an email signature

Below you will find the five best ways to create an effective email signature. Each method has its pros and cons, so consider your company's needs, design preferences, and legal requirements when choosing the best approach. An eye-catching email signature with your contact information, job title, social media links, and brand elements can leave a positive and professional impression on your recipients.

1. Use an email signature generator

Use an email signature generator - Newoldstamp

Nowadays, there are various online email signature creators that can help you make a signature for yourself, your business, and every member of your team in an efficient way.


  • Can be free or almost free

Many of these generators offer options for a free email signature or nearly free alternatives for a more advanced design. A minimal email signature design is often possible with a free version of these tools.

  • You can create an email signature yourself

You don't need coding or graphic design skills to know how to create an email signature. All you need to do is sign up for a new account, input your personal data, and upload images like your company’s logo to the website.

  • Email signature is compatible with all email clients

If you are using Gmail, you may be looking for a reliable Gmail signature generator. Still, the good news is that there are a plethora of tools that will let you make a signature you can use with various email service providers. Watch this video to learn how to create a custom email signature that works smoothly with multiple email clients, even in dark mode.

  • Mobile-friendly email signature

A reliable HTML email signature generator ensures your interactive email signatures look great on various mobile devices.

  • Interactive email signatures

If you prefer a DIY approach to creating signatures, you can learn how to make an email signature design that is not only interactive but also visually appealing. This involves adding social media icons and other elements like animated GIFs and alt text to enhance engagement.

To motivate the recipient to view your website, Facebook page, or online store, you should add links to your social media profiles and use promotional banners with effective CTAs (Calls to Action).

  • Easy to update and manage

Some email signature generators offer centralized management for controlling and updating your team’s signatures.

  • Doesn't cause spam issues

Poorly formatted HTML may be a cause of the email blocking or filtering. To minimize the chances of your email and your HTML email signature being sent to a spam folder, use HTML email signature tutorials and the best HTML practices.

  • Allows to use of interactive email signatures as a marketing channel

A well-designed professional signature serves as an efficient marketing channel. It can drive more traffic to your website, promote your products, events, and updates, and encourage recipients to connect with you and your brand.

According to our latest research, 62% of businesses use their clickable signatures for email marketing regularly or occasionally. You can find more information on how other professionals incorporate email sign-offs into their marketing strategies by downloading the State of Business Email Marketing report.

email signature generator


  • Limited templates

Although you can choose from a wide selection of professional ready-to-use templates, you might not find one that suits your exact preferences or brand identity.

  • Subscription for advanced features

To access advanced features, you may need to subscribe and pay a fee. However, this investment eliminates the need to figure out how to make an interactive email signature, allowing you to design one in just a few clicks.

2. Create an HTML email signature

Email signature HTML code

When it comes to creating the HTML email signature, you should consider the pros and cons, which will help you make up your mind. Let's start with the pros.


  • Full control over your signature template

If you or your developer are well-versed in HTML, the possibilities are limitless. You can bring any creative idea to life with your signature design.

  • Your signature can be edited at any time

Many email signature services offer subscription plans for a limited number of signatures per year. But if you want to modify your signature at any time for free, you should use HTML. Once you create your email footer, you won't have to pay anyone but will be able to edit it at any time. However, keep in mind that you will need to go through a somewhat large piece of code every time you want to change even a small bit of your signature, which brings us to the disadvantages of using HTML.


  • You need to learn HTML

Learning something new is always good, but sometimes you don't have enough time. You might find yourself in a situation where you need a signature quickly, and learning HTML may not be achievable.

  • Hire a developer

If you're a busy professional with no spare time to master HTML or improve your coding skills, you need to start looking for people capable of doing your project. Finding a skilled web developer can be time-consuming, especially if you lack prior experience in hiring one.

  • Spend time on research

Email signatures can be displayed differently for various recipients due to the diverse tech requirements of different email clients. You'll need to invest time in understanding these requirements to ensure your signature appears as intended.

  • Spend time on testing

Remember that testing your signature across multiple email clients is necessary to ensure it maintains its appearance after being sent.

  • Preview issues on different devices

It's hard to imagine our life without mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets. Many professionals use mobile devices for their business emails. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that your email signature looks correctly on all types of devices. Over half of all mobile phones in the United States are smartphones, making it even more important to cater to this audience.

3. Design your email signature in Photoshop

Email signature created in Photoshop
There are numerous tutorials online that teach you how to craft your signature using Photoshop. But is this the best approach? Let's find out!


  • The sky's the limit to your creativity

If you're a Photoshop guru, this is the ideal choice. A wide range of image-editing functions allows you to get not just a signature, but a work of art! But don't overdo it, all right?

  • Full control over your signature template

You have full control over every aspect of your email footer. You can customize the contact text, labels, social media icons, fonts, colors, styles, margins, images, banners, and more to align with your brand.

  • Your signature can be edited at any time

Just like with HTML (as discussed previously), you won't have to pay again and again every time you want to change something.


  • Learn Photoshop or hire a designer

For non-Photoshop people among us, creating an email signature in this editor can be quite hard. You have two options: you either need to improve your graphic design skills or hire a professional who can do the work for you.

  • Problems with signature visibility in email

When you design a Photoshop email signature, be aware that the image might end up as an attachment and won't be displayed automatically. To see your signature, the recipient may need to click a "download images" button. Also, you risk that some recipients won't be able to see it at all because they have disabled images in their email client.

  • Your email signature won't be interactive

Even if images are enabled, your recipients still won't be able to interact with your links, social media icons, banners, or calls to action. Imagine a customer wanting to visit your Facebook page or subscribe to your newsletter and being redirected to the signature itself because it's just an image with a single clickable area. Frustrating, isn't it?

  • Code it to make elements clickable

As you can see, you need to know a lot about the details to get it to work (including how to create an HTML email signature in Photoshop). When designing a signature with Adobe, ensure that the HTML email signature elements are clickable. Keep in mind that some email software may not handle HTML well.

  • Long time to upload in email

Important note—when creating an email signature Adobe Photoshop always saves it as an image. Sometimes images take an insanely long time to upload.

  • Spam issues

Be cautious; if your signature is solely an image, your message might be flagged as spam and never reach its intended recipient.

4. Create an email signature in a text editor. Never do this!

Email signature created in Microsoft Word

Another popular way of designing a professional signature for emails is by using a Microsoft Word template. So, how to make a signature in Word? You probably heard of Word Rendering Engine by Microsoft for creating the HTML code. The produced code looks the same across almost all Microsoft products like Outlook, Word, and Excel.

For instance, if you copy your Word email signature template and paste it directly into a message in Outlook, it will be appropriately displayed in most versions of Outlook. Although this method is free, some specific things will go wrong if you choose to follow this approach.

The issues include:

  • Problems with formatting

The HTML email signature code produced by the Word Rendering Engine may not be compatible with other email clients like Gmail, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail. Recipients using these email applications may encounter issues such as extra spacing, gaps, and incorrect fonts in your signature.

  • Problems with visibility in email clients

Your beautifully formatted email signature in Word template will most likely look okay in Outlook but appear unformatted in all other major email clients. Sometimes, it might not even display properly for the recipient. Unless you know that all your recipients are using Outlook, it is not recommended to create an email signature in Microsoft Word.

  • Problems with images

Your logo and other images in the signature might end up as attachments, causing inconvenience to the recipient.

  • Signatures are not mobile-friendly

If you have insufficient knowledge of HTML, creating email signature templates in Word can result in a signature that doesn't adapt well to mobile devices, making it look unattractive.

5. Use Fiverr

Email signature creation service in Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance platform for people who want to sell or buy services, including email signature design, starting from five bucks. From graphic design and web development to copywriting, translation, video creation, and digital marketing, Fiverr offers a multitude of options to cater to your needs.


  • Can be cheap

Fiverr can be a budget-friendly option for creating an email signature. You might just stumble upon a talented individual who can craft a unique email signature template for you at a very cheap rate.

  • Can be lucky to have a custom email signature template

Besides, you can find a person who will be able to transform your vision into a signature design that truly represents your brand rather than take a ready-to-use template.

  • Save your time

Since you don't need to learn how to create an HTML email signature or how to use Photoshop, you'll save a lot of time focusing on more important things on your plate.


  • Your vendor can be not reliable

Although you can see the ratings of freelancers who provide services, you can never be sure that you'll be 100% satisfied with the result, the freelancer’s way of working, and adherence to deadlines.

  • The vendor has control over your email signature

Keep in mind that your chosen vendor will have control over your email signature. Any future updates or design tweaks will require you to reach out to them.

  • Your vendor can use an email signature generator

Some freelancers may opt for email signature generators to create your signature. Why not take it out for a spin?

Troubleshooting. Why your email signatures corrupt

You've just set up your virtual business card, complete with your brand logo and contact details, and sent your first email. However, you might face various issues. Let's delve into a few common problems and how to address them.

  • Signature corrupts after being forwarded

Sometimes, your carefully crafted email signature may not appear as intended when the recipient replies. This can happen if the recipient's email settings force plain text replies. Unfortunately, you can't fully control this.

  • Pictures don’t show up in my email signature

You can either see a blank square with a red "X" or your images can go to attachments. This usually occurs when you copy and paste images directly into your email signature. To fix this issue, consider hosting the images online.

For this purpose, you can use your web server or image hosting sites like Imgur, Tinypic, and Photobucket. However, be aware that some email clients can automatically block any externally hosted pictures for security reasons.

  • Email signature doesn't look good on my phone

Crafting an email signature that looks great on mobile devices requires some special attention. Mobile screens are smaller, and space is limited. Therefore, the objects must be larger, while the number of them smaller.

Because a typical smartphone screen is vertical, be sure to align your email signature elements vertically too. You should also remember that social media icons must be big enough to be clickable. We usually recommend limiting their number to three for a cleaner look.

  • Email signature appears in an attachment

Ensure that your email signature isn't a single image. A common mistake is creating a signature as one image, which can lead to it being treated as an attachment.


Email signature marketing plays a vital role in your brand's success. Also, a carefully composed and professional email signature can set your business apart from others. While you might think that the best way to create an email signature is to do it yourself, achieving a consistently appealing display across different email clients can be quite challenging.

Since you're dealing with a signature, not a document or an image, using Microsoft Word or Photoshop is not recommended. Our best recommendation would be to use email signature generators, which offer a variety of templates created by professional designers and come with excellent technical support. One of the noteworthy benefits of these generators is that they ensure full email signature compatibility with all email clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to make an email signature with a logo?

The best way to create an email signature with a logo is to use a professional email signature generator, like Newoldstamp. These tools can help you design beautiful email signatures with logos and other key elements.

How do I create a professional email signature?

To craft a professional email signature, keep the details short but accurate. Prioritize the two or three most important links and social media accounts you want to include. Consider adding a logo or a simple headshot for added authority and trust.

Use an email signature generator like Newoldstamp to design and deploy your signature automatically. You can use our templates as a guide while creating your email signature.

Should I use pictures in my email signature?

Yes, using a logo or other images in your email signature can enhance its visual appeal and professionalism. Make sure the images are appropriately sized and do not make your signature too large. For guidance on using images effectively in your signature, check out our guide here.

How to add a logo to an email signature?

For a streamlined approach to adding a logo to your email signature, consider using professional email signature generators like Newoldstamp. They make it easy to incorporate logos for various email clients. Learn more at How to Add Logo to Email Signature.
What should be in your email signature?

A well-crafted email signature includes:

  • Full name, position, and company
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Website link
  • Social media links
  • Company logo or photo for a personal touch
  • Call to action.

Create customized signatures for your team - find inspiring email signature examples created with Newoldstamp. 


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