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How to build brand awareness with email marketing

With the overwhelming increase and reliance on social media, as well as mobile marketing, some marketers overlook email marketing. But they shouldn’t. Email marketing is very much alive and not only is it one of the most cost-effective marketing mediums, but it is also one of the best to build brand awareness.

10 Professional Email Signature Designs for Event Planners

The final communication contact is as important as the first impression you get when you open an email. An email signature you incorporate into your business communication can either make it or break it. We’ve collected the top 10 catchiest email signatures used by event planners to prove how much value a simple signature adds to the visual image of your email.

How to Prospect for Sales and Close Your Deals Faster

What is sales prospecting? What are the keys to an effective prospecting strategy? How to keep your prospects engaged? Read our how to: prospecting in sales and everything you wanted to know about it. Find some useful tips on sales prospecting at the end of our article to execute them in practice.

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