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Well-done email signature may not only serve as a super efficient marketing tool, but also as a real reader-magnet for you blog! Email signatures for bloggers are specially crafted to promote blogging activity by providing easy access to main social media profiles, enabling the recipients to stay connected with you, and highlighting the latest posts to drive traffic to your blog.


Are you an illustrator, artist, or musician? Do you want to promote your latest artworks? If yes, you definitely need a bright email signature that stands out of the crowd and grabs your recipients’ attention. Our professionally developed creative email signature templates will help you showcase your portfolio, share your artworks, and will become your best representation.


Professional email signatures for designers should reflect their talents, creativity, accuracy, and detail-mindedness. Leverage our custom email signature templates to provide easy access to your design portfolio, drive traffic to your website, and showcase your latest works and awards. Use every message you send to promote your designs and attract new clients.


Whether you’re an experienced freelancer, or are at the beginning stages of your freelance career, professional iphone email signature is absolutely necessary to make a strong impression on your clients. Well-done iphone email signature should reflect your professional attitude to the job you do, attentiveness to every detail, and a desire to exceed you clients’ expectations.


With our professional email signatures generator you can create and install html signatures for your team in minutes. Leverage our service to easily manage the html signatures of your team, send access for editing and installation, ensure signatures’ consistency with the corporate branding, and conveniently update every signature from a single place.


Proper email signatures create a splendid opportunity to support your marketing campaigns. This powerful but often overlooked tool can take your marketing practice to the next level by helping you spread brand awareness, share links to your latest webinars or e-books, highlight your hot offers, announce important company news and press releases, to name a few.


Having an attractive and informative email signature is one of the simplest yet the greatest ways to promote your photography portfolio, blog, tumblr or Instagram. When it comes to creating and installing professionally crafted email signatures, we do all the heavy lifting for you, letting you concentrate on your creative photography ideas.


As a real estate agent, don’t miss your chance to promote yourself and your business with the help of our free email signature generator. This tool is a consistent way to communicate who you are and how to find you, promote your listings and sales, and highlight best real estate deals, hot offers and discounts.


Custom email signatures for sellers can considerably increase the amount of engagements they get from their email recipients. To the most people email signature is an afterthought, but in fact properly crafted email signature works to promote your shop or selling activity in every message you send, generates excitement, and makes the value of the messages immediately clear.

Simple professional

With our email signatures tool you can rest assured your professional email signature works to strengthen your business with every email you send. You can easily add all necessary contact details, your photo or company logo, link to your website, and social media buttons. Tailoring the email signature to your specific business needs has never been easier.

User Img + Logo

Email signatures with photos and graphic elements are better perceived by recipients. People remember visuals better than text, and the most memorable photos are those that contain people. Professional headshot adds a personal touch to any email signature, so this is a great choice for salespeople, freelances, and those in customer support.


Are you a graduate or a student who are looking for new opportunities? A great looking email signature will brand and distinguish you among tones of candidates. You can easily add all necessary student information and experience with your professional photo or logo. Our free email signature generator and templates will help you to mix all important information and visual elements in one perfect signature.

How to Create a Perfect Email Signature

Attaching a signature to email clients should be considered in any field of activity as it’s one of the essential keys to generating more leads and creating a successful business strategy. A well-crafted email signature is a good way to make your mail messages look a lot more professional and on a brand. As a powerful tool that definitely can make your life easier to manage, a signature will be on hand to help showcase your business’s services or boost your product awareness. To go into more details, NEWOLDSTAMP wants to highlight why you need to create the email signature.

STRENGTHENING YOUR BRAND – as we said above, the signature is the image, the representation of your company. It will help to distinguish your business from your competitors, as signature colors, fonts and symbols are all great ways to extend your brand visually. It is what your readers, viewers, and audience will see first and make a judgment on. A perfect email signature should be a part of your brand, as it is a great way to market your business every time you send an email.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS – when contacting with a potential customer via email, or replying to an email inquiry, the first encounter will be through email address where the customer will see your signature with basic information. That first impression counts. The signature will make your business look professional, as well, it will give an impression that you are serious about your service or product, and that is important. Using a branded email signature can eradicate any concerns that your company or business is a fake and more importantly reduce the likelihood of making your email look like spam.

CREDIBILITY – social networks are so mainstream nowadays and a very important aspect when considering what trustworthy information to add up to your email signature. Seeing network accounts with followers and activity will certainly make your customers feel more comfortable. Your company will look as a legitimate business. By other words, when using a signature with clickable links to your social networks, you provide a sense of security to your clients. Such technique will only help to build and reinforce trust in you and your credibility.

IT IS AFFORDABLE – email signature shouldn’t cost the earth, and luckily it doesn’t! There is an easy and fast way to set up a signature. To create a professional email signature that includes your website, social accounts or blog links, you can choose signature generator services. After digging into helpful tips on how to create a signature or checking stunning templates, you will pivot in the direction of the NEWOLDSTAMP generator service. You can check out our signature design examples and figure out what can be a good fit for your marketing needs. Or, if you admit that you don’t have anything special in an email signature – outside of the normal stuff like name and email address – in a matter of minutes, with our generator service you can brand your business and build your online presence with ease.

You can immediately start to draft up a branding tool combining the simplicity and elegance in your design. However, to give you even more inspiration, we’ve made a review with basic tips on how to make a clean, professional look and how to avoid popular mistakes.

Basic Information to Include

With great templates available from our website, you can view free designs and check what can be a great fit for your branding needs. However, when you design a business email signature, do not forget to include:

  • Your name, title, and company name
  • Contact details: phone, email, and Skype
  • Website, blog or application links
  • Professional images
  • Logo and banner ads
  • Social media platforms you are on.

It’s always nice to include your photo, or your logo, whichever one is best suited to the nature of your business. This add-on will provide the most consistency in terms of memorability.

Unnecessary Information

There are some tricks when you create a signature. For example, you don’t need to put a company name if your company already has it as a part of the footer. You also don’t have to include your email address because if the viewers hit reply, they will receive the address. However, it’s preferably to write these two bits of information, as if the emails get fragmented, your signature section will be obviously identified.

The following elements are non-crucial but on the whole, it should not appear on your personal signature:

  • Do not publish personal quotations or sayings, just leave them to your social accounts. Inspirational quotes in your email signature are motivational to literally no one.
  • Unless you’re in the habit of doing business over your personal Instagram or Facebook accounts, do not include personal profiles. Personal social account links or icons do not need to be a part of your signature.
  • When creating an email signature, personalize it with a professional photo. Using a professional photo in your email signature can help create a connection with a lead.

Color Palette to Use

Once you have included all the elements, make sure you remember to stay consistent and keep on a brand by using the correct colors. If your email signature represents your brand, it’s better to select a color palette carefully or balance it out with a logo and your business card. Try to use the colors that fit in with other visual materials and style like a website or your stationery.

First, try to keep the colors simple and compatible with each other. Black and white colors are always a choice of a strong corporate look. Bright signatures are not appropriate for some companies. So, be aware of a corporate policy. When you’ll pick up the palette, stick to one style and dark text lines. It’s best not to use too many colors, as it might seem shady or confusing.

If you are a person working in a creative field, you can get away with brighter colors. Add your personal touch to your signature, and choose rainbow colors to brighten up your email.

Color Inspiration

Nature and everyday items provide endless inspiration for a harmonious color palette. Colors can also be paired by temperature – warm or cool colors, by saturation – vivid colors and faded ones that look like vintage, by mood – bright and fun, dark and serious, by theme – location, season, holiday, and other qualities. To explore different color schemes, you can check out our color-picking tool available on the website.

You can also think of popular services to get inspiration. Just remember Twitter, Coca-Cola, or McDonald’s, and we bet you can instantly name their colors branding. This highlights that the color palette is a very important option in marketing.

Basic Elements of Email Signature

Your signature is there to make your life easier and make you look professional. As an entrepreneur, you want to be able to concentrate on doing the things you love, not answering all the same questions about contact details and forwarding website links to potential customers. If you have a shop you can share link to your products or services, if you do business through social networks you can add your profile icons.

Your signature is an extension to your brand where your potential customers can quickly find out about who you are, what you do, what you offer and how to contact you. It essentially represents your business values and vision. Your logo and other brand elements, like your font and colors, also visually help your customers to connect with you. Therefore, it is important to think carefully about all elements in your email signature. For perfecting your signature try to:

ADD SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS – by including social channels you can initiate a natural talking point with potential clients. Add a LinkedIn profile, company’s official Facebook page or active Twitter account.

SELECT RIGHT CONTENT – if you own a service or product that you want to tell about, type out it on the top of your signature. Additionally, you can add content such as a physical address and web links. Though, we suggest adding your brand, product or app description in the title of your signature block.

USE CALL-TO-ACTION – it’s a short text that prompts viewers or potential leads to respond and take actions: visit an event, upload an ebook, etc.

ADD A GOOD PHOTO – visual data persists, therefore, adding black and white or color photo can help to create memorable experiences.

INCLUDE A LOGO – it’s important to add a company’s logo if you have one. From a professional design opinion, there is no place for including really large business logos. It doesn’t need to be huge to stand out, after all, view our nice signature designs with small logos.

SHARING USEFUL INFORMATION – usually, companies use the signatures as an opportunity to share certifications, publications, awards, etc. You can also include completed courses or simply attach banner with a corporate team photo.

As additional tips, try to make a mobile-friendly design of your signature. You can also allow your clients to book or schedule an appointment right from your signature by adding a calendar link. Plus, do not forget to view character limits and restrictions in email clients. This also applies to the fonts to use.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

To make a good email signature is really easy and that it is truly a shame how poorly it’s done sometimes. Many business owners want their email signatures to reflect not a company’s brand but their own personality. They provide relevant information, however, they could easily go overboard with stuff like personal sayings or irrelevant jokes. Here are some tips on how to avoid popular mistakes and make an appropriate email signature that really works.

CHECK YOUR TEXT. As we said above, email marketing is an efficient way to stay connected with your customers while also promoting your business. If you use your email properly, it helps to answer some questions and save your time. Unluckily, sometimes we make careless errors like spelling and grammar mistakes or sending messages with typos. Therefore, before attaching your signature to the email clients, make sure you proofread your text properly.

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES. Publishing personal sayings and favorite quotes can be an amateurish territory. Leave random quotes to your friends or followers on Pinterest, if you don’t want to risk offending business associates.

MINIMUM LENGTH. Ideally keep your email signature four lines or fewer, and hyperlink to your website or social channels where appropriate. It should not double the message’s length, so make it as short as possible. Don’t publish your full life story here and your entire career accomplishments.

CODE YOUR SIGNATURE. Well, let’s get this out of the way now – your entire signature shouldn’t be set as an attached image. It is totally unpractical. Email signature needs to be coded, otherwise, if you’re doing it incorrectly you will simply annoy your customers. In addition, do not forget to test your signature across all email clients you use.

COLOR PALETTE. So, if you like lime green or pink, violet, purple-red, bright yellow – that is good. You just choose one of the colors for your theme and mix it with the subtle dark text lines. This will help to make a little visual effect. However, do not use a lot of different text colors if you want your signature to look professional and well-designed.

UPDATE DATA. When you send irrelevant information like not up-to-date events info, this can often lead to confusions and add no value to your signature. As well, annoying information can be considered as spam and even worse – offend your clients and cause you to lose major customers.

BE CREATIVE. Designing an email signature should be a number one priority for your business. Your signature should be memorable but it doesn’t have to be boring. You can polish your signature and make it stand out by adding your personal touch with creative design ideas. Just a little addition to the email signature like putting season’s greetings at the bottom of your email signature will make your clients feel more festive.

If you wish to choose a quick and easy way to advertise your website and increase brand recognition, register with the NEWOLDSTAMP signature service. You can create amazing and at the same time professional email signatures with a few steps. The service and comprehensible guidance will help you navigate and set up a signature to email clients. We also hope the above tips will serve you as inspiration to consider updating your current signature or creating a new one.