Email Signatures for Teachers

Do you actively email your students' parents, your colleagues or even book sales reps or vendors who help to organize a school trip? Use a professional email signature to identify yourself in messy inboxes.

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Easy to Use Email Signature Editor

NEWOLDSTAMP is the best solution for creating an email signature for teachers. No technical or design skills are required. Enjoy the live preview while playing with our simple signature generator.

Email Signature Templates for Teachers

Does your school have guidelines to follow when creating email signatures for teachers? NEWOLDSTAMP has a wide range of customizable templates to set up colors, fonts and upload logos if necessary.

Simple Email Signature Installation

NEWOLDSTAMP does not require an installation of any additional software on your computer. Use the simplicity of Copy and Paste method and detailed installation guides or Gmail one-click integration.

Email Signature as an Additional Communication Channel

Use the email signatures as a communication channel to inform parents and colleagues about upcoming events or share your recent achievements and awards in email signature banners.

Best Email Signature Examples for Teachers


Tips for Creating Email Signatures for Teachers:


Follow school guidelines when creating email signatures.

Before creating your email signature as a teacher of a particular school be sure to check branding guidelines. Most of the schools have developed a brand book and share their requirements on the website.

Add a Headshot to make yourself recognizable

Using your photo will make your email more personal and help parents, school children, and vendors, who help to organize a new school trip, to understand whose email they're reading. This will increase the number of responses and required actions.

Add Social Icons to Your Signature

If your school has official Facebook pages or Twitter profiles, consider adding links with social icons to school pages on social platforms. Let your recipients know about other school activities and possible ways to reach you.

Add a school website

Almost every school regularly updates its website and provides general information about the school, teachers, administrative staff, events, and achievements. So why not increase the positive image of your school and let people easily reach information?

Don't Overload Your Signature.

Keep your signature clean and simple. A good email signature for a teacher has only valid contacts, moderate color palette and is maximum five lines long.

Promote events you organize

Nowadays teachers have plenty of work to do besides curating classes. hey also contact parents, organize trips and school events, participate in administrative work. Use email signatures as an additional way of promoting activities you organize.

Why do teachers need email signatures?

Email communication became an inevitable part of daily life for any working person. Teachers are not an exception. You should follow the netiquette when contacting students’ parents, your fellow teachers, school administration or sales managers to discuss new textbooks for an upcoming school year. An email signature for teachers is an integral part of your professional emails that helps recipients quickly find your contact information and identify you among other incoming mail. Adding a signature will help you save time and decrease back and forth sorting out details like school names, phone numbers or even addresses.

As an extra perk, you can add an email signature banner that invites parents to school concerts, drama performances, notifies about upcoming school trips or other activities.


Best Email Signature Examples for Teachers


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What Should Be Included?

Key Elements:

  • Name. Add your full name. You may consider adding the middle name too
  • Your school job title and department
  • Your Degrees. Share the degrees you have, for example, Bachelor's, Master's or Professional Degrees
  • Name of School
  • Your school phone number
  • Your email address
  • Photo or School logo


  • Links to your professional networks
  • Links to school social media pages
  • Certificates and awards
  • School website
  • Email signature banner