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Advanced email signature generator
Craft engaging, brand-aligned email signatures with our advanced signature generator. Customize templates to meet your branding requirements and aesthetic preferences.
Centralized management
Manage and update all team email signatures from a single, user-friendly dashboard. Create distinct signature templates for different departments ensuring brand consistency.
Seamless automation
Integrate effortlessly with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Ensure email signatures are consistent and look professional across all major email clients and for the entire team.
Signature banner campaigns
Run and manage signature banner campaigns directly within email signatures. Schedule, segment, and optimize campaigns to target specific audiences and achieve your marketing objectives effectively.
In-depth analytics
Track, analyze, and optimize your email signature performance. Leverage comprehensive data insights to make informed decisions and enhance your email signature marketing campaigns.
Google Workspace & Office 365 integration
Effortlessly integrate with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 to enhance collaboration and streamline your email signature management process.
Customer support
Our friendly and experienced customer support team is always at your service, ready to assist you. Get instant help 24/7 with our live chat.
Request a personalized onboarding session with our team. Get expert guidance on configuring your account, setting up an integration, and professional assistance with signature management.
Create branded email signatures with ease Automated Signature Management for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 Schedule automatic banner campaigns for marketing promotions Measure email signatures performance Get instant help and support

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Jessica Beliveau

Jessica Beliveau

Head of Internal Communications at Leger

Newoldstamp is a great tool that both our Marketing and Internal Communications teams use weekly to update our employees’ signatures. Whenever we want to upgrade our account, we just need to chat with a representative who will helps us very quickly. Therefore a great partner that we recommend to anyone who needs a user-friendly platform with a quick customer service!

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Anthony Cotter

Anthony Cotter

Creative Director at Workvivo

I love the central hub that allows us to change branded banners and event details centrally. The ability to advertise with the signature, to guide the user to a website of your choosing is great. Coupled with the data analytics is very powerful.

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Annie Beckius

Annie Beckius

Marketing and PR Coordinator at Smith Group / Coldwell Banker

I signed up for ‘trials’ with several of the main sites, finally choosing NEWOLDSTAMP and I haven’t had a second thought about it since. Their website is incredibly easy to use, their prices really cannot be beaten, but the customer service is what truly sets them apart from the rest of the competition.

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Suren Arora

Suren Arora

Training Assistant at Digital Vidya

It's a whole new Marketing channel in itself and the ability to include a Call-to-action within your signature has helped me massively. I can always tweak certain elements and layout very easily after having a look at the analytics that NOS gathers.

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Special deals for impact makers!

Non-profits, educators, startups & agencies get exclusive deals on premium email signatures. Make a difference with every email.

Special deals for impact makers!

Agencies / Resellers

Streamline email signatures for clients with ease. Contact us to get an exclusive offer tailored just for you.


Nonprofits and NGOs, we're here to support your impactful work! Benefit from special pricing, and negotiable terms. Contact us to get all the details and request a quote.


Standardize email signatures for your institution with ease. We offer custom solutions to fit your requirements. Connect with us to discuss all the details and get the quote.


As a part of the 500 Startups Fam, we know what it takes to grow a startup. Let us support the next generation of founders!


Do you have a trial or a product demo?

Yes, we provide a 7-day trial for you to explore our services. During this period, you can create and edit as many email signatures as you need. While you have full access to all features during the trial, please note that you won’t be able to start using the signatures until you upgrade your account.

If you wish to request a dedicated product demo, please contact us HERE.

What features can I try during the 7-day trial?

During the 7-day trial period, you have access to all the features within our service, allowing you to explore and utilize the full range of functionalities available.

What happens after the 7-day trial period?

Once the 7-day trial concludes, you can choose to upgrade to continue enjoying the benefits of our services. If you decide not to upgrade, your access to premium features will be restricted.

What happens if I cancel the subscription?

Your email signature will remain functional as long as your subscription is valid. But it will stop working as soon as your subscription expires or when you delete your account.

Do you offer any discounted plans?

Yes, we offer discounted plans for annual subscriptions. By opting for an annual plan, you can benefit from cost savings compared to monthly subscriptions.

Does Newoldstamp offer plans to nonprofits and NGOs?

Certainly! We have special plans tailored for nonprofits and NGOs. Contact our support team to discuss your organization's specific needs and explore the available options.

How secure is Newoldstamp?

Newoldstamp prioritizes the security and privacy of your emails. We do not have access to the content or attachments of your emails.

Moreover, by utilizing Newoldstamp, you can feel more confident about the timely delivery and security of your emails. Our direct integration approach, rather than re-routing, ensures consistent and reliable delivery while reducing the chances of any delivery failures.

What is central management?

Newoldstamp Central Management technology is designed to help you seamlessly create, manage, and update employees’ signatures. This streamlined solution ensures that you can efficiently oversee and maintain consistency in your organization's email signatures with ease.

What is signature analytics?

Signature analytics shows how engaging your signatures are. It shows you the total clicks and impressions and breaks down these numbers for each part of your signatures. You can also check the stats for different departments separately, making it easy to see how engaging your email signatures are at a glance.

What is a custom signature generator?

Newoldstamp enables you to create a signature design in advance and share a link with your colleagues. This allows them to independently generate their own personalized signatures, ensuring consistency and convenience across your team's email communications.

What are banner campaigns and analytics?