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Increase conversions through daily business communication with email signature marketing.

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The struggle is real for finding cost-efficient and no-brainer marketing channel

How many emails do your employees send every month? Thousands upon thousands! Turn them into compelling marketing campaigns with Newoldstamp. Using email signatures for marketing has never been so simple.


Send targeted marketing messages using email signature marketing

Use email signatures as a marketing tool. Help your employees to reach their business goals by setting up relevant call to actions at the end of each email. Run signature banner campaigns based on the team, department, office, or location.


Keep your brand consistent with email signature marketing software

Does everyone in your company create signatures by themselves, so they look different and sometimes inappropriate? Stop brutalizing your brand. Standardize email signatures across the entire organization.

Newoldstamp Email Signature Marketing Platform Advantages and Features

Update banners in all email signatures campaigns from the dashboard

Launch email signature marketing campaigns using our banner manager. Upload your own designs or choose from our gallery. Assign banners to different segments to send targeted campaigns with relevant content links and tailored call-to-actions.

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Measure the performance of email signature campaigns

Make data-driven decisions with our analytics. Track banner impressions of your email signature marketing campaigns, measure link and call-to-action clicks in real time. Compare the effectiveness of the campaigns launched in the different segments.

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Make Your Email Signature Cross-platform and Mobile Friendly

Be sure that every signature sent looks professional and consistent across email clients and email service providers. We support major email clients and email service providers: Gmail, Apple Mail (Mac and iOS Mail), Outlook (Desktop and Mobile), Thunderbird, SendGrid, MailChimp and others.

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Create email signatures without involving Tech and Design Teams

Do you feel that creating signatures is a time-consuming and too complicated process because of involving so many people? Set up the HTML signatures according to the branding guidelines by yourself using our editor with live preview. No design or coding skills are required.

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Create multiple signatures for your team in a few minutes

Do you need to set up each signature individually or share long guidelines with your team? Set up the master signature template according to the branding guidelines. Quickly create any number of signatures based on the design without duplicating each signature individually.

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Simple signatures installation process

Share ready-to-use email signatures with your colleagues or distribute a link to the online email signature generator with the predefined marketing template to update their business contacts details like phone and email address.

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Create professional email signature for your team

Manage company signature from one place

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Email Signature Marketing as Part of the Content Distribution

Distribute targeted blog updates in email signature marketing campaigns

Share your expert blog posts to warm up leads and move them to the next stage of the marketing journey.


Share a case study in your company signature

Showcase your success stories and experience to your prospects to increase their trust and convince them of your competence.


Provide access to reports and ebooks in email signatures

Share a recent industry report or detailed guide that will highlight the importance of your services or product.


Ready to share your content with your clients?

Update email signature banners directly from the dashboard

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Email Signature as Part of the Customer Success Strategy

Turn Marketing Qualified Leads to Demos

Use an email signature as a part of your customer success strategy. Add call-to-action buttons to schedule a demo to email signatures of your customer success managers.


Increase Webinar Registrations

Share a word or two about an upcoming webinar. All you have to do is add a signature banner with an eye-catching call-to-action that will lead to your landing page with the registration form.


Drive More Reviews of Your Product

Use email signatures as a part of your review strategy. Ask for the feedback in the button of your email signature when emailing with your customers.


Email Signature as Part of the Sales Strategy

Get the Word Out about Special Offers

Your sales team sends hundreds of emails every day building the closest relationships with your current and potential customers. Don't miss a chance to let them know about future discounts and special offerings.


Promote market places

Do you want to have more users using your app or visiting your store in the marketplace? Each email sent by your colleagues can increase uploads and drive more relevant traffic to your store.


Share your awards

Help your sales team to build more trust and increase credibility by sharing companies' awards, achievements, or certificates.


Promote your special offers and discounts with targeted email signature

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Email Signature Marketing as Part of the Event Strategy

Promote Your Event

Organizing the event? Make sure that all your clients are informed about it. Add promotional banners about the upcoming event to your company signature with the date and location.


Increase Event Bookings

Have you tried all marketing channels to boost event bookings and nothing worked? Send targeted messages with tailored call-to-actions in email signatures.


Invite to Your Stand at the Conference

Are you participating in one of the huge conferences? Don't make your booth empty. Use signature banners to invite your current users or potential leads to meet near the stand.


We've Created Over 1,200,000 Professional Email Signatures for Business

Anthony Cotter Email Signature Review

Anthony Cotter

Creative Director at Workvivo

I love the central hub that allows us to change branded banners and event details centrally. We have tried and tested many email signatures in the past and have found that this is comprehensively the most modern and intuitive design tool in its field. The ability to advertise with the signature, to guide the user to a website of your choosing is great. Coupled with the data analytics is very powerful.

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Pascal Sageret-Dubuy

Directeur associé - Consultant chez Support Client and Consulting

We were looking for new and fun ways to bring messages to customers/prospects. Signatures are now a part of our Marketing strategy/efforts. It helps to make a difference easily with a channel used and eventually liked by all.

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