Increase Engagement and Establish Trust with Email Signature Software

Centralized platform to manage employees’ signatures and help your team to improve communication with prospects and customers.

Create signatures for your team
Increase Engagement and Establish Trust with Email Signature Software

Build Brand Loyalty with Every Email You Send

Email Signatures Central Management

Complete control over the company email signatures

Email Signatures Central Management

Master signature template

This is the only email signature template you need to design. All the employees’ signatures will be automatically created based on it. Update all the signatures and banners in the department by modifying the master signature template.

Email signature segmentation

Create a unique email signature layout for each division to meet your business goals and brand requirements. You can control and manage signatures in each department independently, as well as set reply/forward signature types.

Signature auto-update

Don’t bother your team to reinstall the signature but still keep it up to date. Make changes to the signature design, switch banners, logos, and photos automatically by making changes to the master signature template.

Custom email signature generator

Looking for a solution that can be integrated with your internal resources? Request a custom generator that will be tailored to your requirements. Fully branded, with custom template, centralized dashboard, and signature marketing campaigns.

Increase brand awareness with every email your team sends

Create and deploy branded company-wide email signatures in a few minutes.

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Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Integrations and Email Signature Distribution

Fully automated approach to email signature management

Integrations and Email Signature Distribution
  • Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)
  • Exchange
  • Microsoft 365

Integrations with Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite), Exchange, and Microsoft 365

Enjoy a fully automated solution that does not require any actions from your employees. Push all changes from our dashboard directly to their email client settings. Automatically sync data from Active Directory or Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) Directory to create signatures based on Master Template.

  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • AppleMail

Support major email clients, mobile devices, CRMs, ESPs

Use Newoldstamp signatures on most of the platforms and devices. We support Gmail, Outlook, AppleMail, Thunderbird, iPhone Mail, Samsung Email, Aquamail, and many others. We also support Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, SendGrid, MixMax, and more.

Simple email signature distribution

Create and share the ready-to-use signatures directly from the dashboard. Each team member receives the signature to copy with detailed installation guides. Check the installation status of all the signatures on our dashboard and send reminders.

Simple email signature distribution

Boost reply rate to your sales and marketing cold outreach campaigns

Make your team emails more engaging to improve your cold email campaigns by adding a professional email signature.

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Don’t Compromise Your Brand

The Most Flexible Email Signature Generator

No coding and design skills are required

The Most Flexible Email Signature Generator

Gallery of professionally designed templates

Choose a preset you like from a variety of well-crafted email signature templates. Amend style according to your requirements. If you need an exclusive email signature design, we can tailor it individually. Our templates are cross-platform and mobile-friendly.

Advanced template customization

Create your unique email signature design. Enhance the email signature template by updating fonts, templates colors, social icons to fit your brand. Change the order of fields or add new ones. Fine-tune an uploaded image by cropping, changing shape, or resizing it in our editor.

Power up your signature with apps


Add a disclaimer to your email signature to cover legal issues.

Marketplaces buttons

Add links to your apps at App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

Call-to-action buttons

Convert more by adding CTA in the email signature.

Additional text

Add specific text at the bottom of your email signature.

Promote events

Add individual icons and calendar links.

Social media buttons

Add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram buttons to grow followers of your business pages.

Turn your company email signatures in marketing engine

Run targeted email signature campaigns across different company units to move your leads to the next stage of your funnel.

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Drive More Engagement with Your Product

Take your email signature marketing to the next level with banner campaigns

Enhance your email signature marketing by running banner campaigns with targeted content and calls-to-action. Using banner campaigns, you can schedule banners for different segments and send personalized campaigns with relevant content.

Take your email signature marketing to the next level by running banner campaigns

Enhance your email signature marketing with banner campaigns

Use targeted content to generate leads, nurture prospects, and engage with customers. Add banners to the signatures of your employees to promote upcoming events, share product updates, and ask for feedback and referrals.

Measure the performance of email signature marketing campaigns

Measure the performance of your campaigns with our analytics and make data-driven decisions. Track banner impressions, link and calls-to-action clicks in real-time. Compare the effectiveness of campaigns launched in different segments.

Email signature marketing use cases

Generate leads with targeted content in email signature banner campaigns

Share blog updates, case studies, and industry reports to warm up leads and move them to the next stage of the marketing journey.

Nurture your prospects with email signature banner campaigns

Hosting an educational webinar? Make sure that all your prospects are informed about it. Add a banner about the upcoming event to your company signature with the date and location.

Engage with your customers through email signature banner campaigns

Use email signatures to share your product updates. Ask for feedback or develop a referral program.