Cookies Policy

Last modified: 19.05.2020

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of code that are stored on your device when you browse and use websites or other online services. They are installed on your device to enable different useful features, for example, to facilitate navigation on the website. Newoldstamp uses cookies to improve your user experience, aggregate statistics about the number of visitors and obtain data about how the Website is being used.

These data enable us to develop and optimize the Website. In some cases, cookies are used to collect data that is recognized to be personal data, such as IP addresses and data linked to the IP address. The usage of such cookies is regulated by the data protection laws, and you as a user obtain more rights to control the collection and processing of these data.

After installed on your device, cookies may be either deleted automatically when you close the website/web browser (so-called “session cookies”), or stored on your device to facilitate future visits to the website (so-called “permanent cookies”). Permanent cookies are automatically deleted after a period of time set by the website owner.

Newoldstamp may install on your device its own cookies as well as cookies provided by third-party services. For this reason, we may share your data with these third-party service providers as it is detailed in the table below. Some of the services collect only statistical data in aggregated form, so the data collection may not require your consent. Additionally, we may share your data with our employees and sub-contractors as it is explained in our Privacy Policy.

Newoldstamp uses data collected through the cookies according to our general Privacy Policy. You should read it to learn more about your rights and find out other useful information.

What cookies do we use?

Technical cookies
Without these cookies we will not be able to provide you with our main Services. The data collected with technical cookies is processed on the basis of contract between you and Newoldstamp, and we will not ask you for a consent to install them.
Name Retention period Owner Purpose
_nos_session Session Newoldstamp These cookies make the Website displaying and working properly and without errors. With their help we can create and manage your user account and protect the Website from malicious attacks
cfduid 1 month
intercom-session-[app_id] 1 week Intercom These cookies let us provide you with the customer support at your request.
intercom-id-[app_id] 9 months
paddlejs_campaign_referrer 1 month Paddle These cookies enable our partner Paddle to process your payments.
paddlejs_checkout_variant 3 months
datr 2 years Facebook This cookie identifies the web browser you use to connect to Facebook independent of your log-in status. This cookie plays a key role in Facebook’s security and site integrity features.
Functional cookies
This type of cookies is also known as ‘preferences cookies.’ If you give us your consent to install them or request the specific Services (e.g. to keep you logged in), we will use the functional cookies to remember your choices on the Website.
Name Retention period Owner Purpose
lang 3 months Newoldstamp This cookie stores your language preferences.
c_user Session or 90 days, dependent on the status of the ‘keep me logged in’ checkbox Facebook This cookie stores a unique user ID keeping you logged in.
act This cookie helps us to distinguish between two sessions of the same user, created at different times.
presence Session This cookie helps us to distinguish between two sessions of the same user, created at different times.
lidc 1 day LinkedIn Used for routing (requests to LinkedIn)
Analytics cookies
Analytical cookies help us gather statistics about how our Website is being used so to improve our Services. We can install them only if you give us your consent to do so. However, some analytical cookies collect only statistical data in aggregated form, so they may not require your consent.
Name Retention period Owner Purpose
_gid 1 day Google Analytics These cookies help us to track users’ activity on the Website. For instance, we may count the number of visitors or measure sessions durations.
_ga 2 years
_gcl_au 3 months Google Analytics and Tag Manager
gtm_auth Session Google Tag Manager
_gid 1 day Google Analytics
_hjid 365 days Hotjar
_hjIncludedInSample Session
__hssrc Session HubSpot
__hstc 30 minutes
Advertising cookies
These cookies allow us to show you our advertisements including on third-party websites. These ads will be based on your previous activity on the Website. Those cookies will be installed only upon your consent.
Name Retention period Owner Purpose
_gcl_aw 90 days Google Ads These cookies enable us to deliver relevant advertisements to our users.
_gcl 90 days
m-ans_frontend_early_version 2 years Quora
m-b 2 years
m-b_lax 2 years
m-b_strict 2 years
m-early_v 2 years
m-lat 2 years
m-login 2 years
m-s 2 years
m-tz 1 year
_fbc 180 days Facebook
_fbp 180 days
fr 3 months
bcookie 2 years LinkedIn
UserMatchHistory 1 month
bscookie 2 years
spectroscopyId Session
BizographicsOptOut 10 years
li-oatml 1 month
li_sugr 3 months

Can you withdraw your consent and turn the cookies off?

Yes, you can do that by choosing the appropriate settings of your browser. The following links might be useful for you to choose the best option of your browser and OS:

For the users of Internet Explorer
For the users of Firefox
For the users of Chrome
For the users of Safari web and iOS
For the users of Android

In order to opt out of the collection of data by Google Analytics across all websites, please visit the following web-page: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

You may also control what ads you see on Facebook by changing your settings here: Facebook Ad Preferences.

Finally, you are able to manage your LinkedIn Ads Settings. In order to do so, please follow these instructions.

Contact information

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