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Email Signature Templates for students that Meet College Branding Requirements

Customize your college signature template according to University guidelines. Choose specific colors, font style, image.

Improve your personal brand identity to make yourself memorable.

Email signatures for students are about presenting yourself as a brand. It is the best way to make that perfect first impression on a potential employer.

Show your university awards and achievements in email signature banners.

You've been working so hard to earn your awards and certificates. Add your key achievements to your student email signature.

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Tips for Creating Email Signatures for Students:


Follow University guidelines when creating email signatures for students

Before creating your college email signature be sure to check branding guidelines. Most of the colleges and universities share their requirements on the website.

Add a Headshot to Establish a Positive Impression

Using your photo will make your email more personal and increase chances of getting a positive response from college staff, your fellow students and even potential employers.

Add Social Icons to Your Signature

Email signatures for students are the additional marketing channel and opportunity to grow your network and gain social exposure. Add links to your active social media profiles by using our icons.

Add a Personal Website

If you have a blog, website or even founded a student community, consider adding a link to it to your personal email signature. It will help recipients to get to know you better, especially if you're looking for a job.

Don't Overload Your Signature.

Keep your signature clean and simple. A good email signature for college students has only valid contacts, prioritize information and add only the most important and valuable.

Promote your student club and the events you organize

Do you actively participate in numerous college/university activities? Use your email signature to share and invite people to the events, competitions, and parties.

Examples of email signatures for college students


Tips for Creating Email Signatures for Graduate Students

The email signature for a recent graduate should be filled in with relevant details to point out your professionalism and earn yourself some credits for successful branding.


Add the most prominent achievements to your email signature

The email signature for a recent graduate should be filled in with relevant details to point out your professionalism and earn yourself some credits for successful branding.

Add your photo

Adding your photo will make your messages more personalized and memorable. Providing your contact details will simplify reaching out to you for employers, academic advisors from scholarships programs or career advisors from internships.

Add your email address to your signature.

Your cover letter and CV will be forwarded from a hiring manager to the head of the department or to other responsible teammates. Adding your email address to signature will assure that your contact details are not lost in backs and forwards.

Add a link to your CV to your signature

If you're actively sending out your CV to find a summer job, internships, or you're a graduate who is ready to start your career, link your CV to the email signature. This will help to share your resume among hiring managers and useful connections.

Add links to professional social profiles

Your student email signature is a professional tool. If you are using social media platforms to showcase your professional activity consider linking those profiles to your email signature. You can add links to specific networks like LinkedIn or Twitter that will help a hiring manager to get to know you a little bit better.

Examples of Email signatures for graduate students


Why do students need signatures?

It doesn't matter if you are a freshman, sophomore or post-graduate, the email signature is a must in your daily emailing. Professional email signature for a student is a tool to brand and present yourself to academic staff, other students, and possible employers. A professionally designed email signature for university students will help to pitch your email message and identify you from the crowd of other students. You can create a couple of college student email signatures to use them depending on the context of the situation. If you send emails primarily to other students, lecturers, university officials it is better to keep it simple and concise. If you're a graduate who is looking for job opportunities, your signature can be a tool to stand out and grab the attention of an employer.


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What appropriate email signatures for college students should include:

Key Elements:

  • Your Name. Keep in mind that your email signature should look professional. Make sure to add your full name.
  • Status. If you're a part of the student club or society add your position
  • Major. Share your department to help you with internal communication.
  • Name of University or College and graduation year.
  • Contact details. Add only valid contact details.


  • Photo or University logo.
  • Links to a personal website
  • Links to social profiles
  • Certificates and awards