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Why You Need to Use NEWOLDSTAMP for Your Real Estate Business

Promote your real estate listings with email signature banner and social media icons.

Showcase your listings or the best property by adding a promotional banner to the bottom of your email signature. Add a prominent call-to-action to persuade recipients to check other opportunities. Provide quick access to your profiles at Zillow, Realtor, Trulia or Houzz by adding icons to your signature

Create an email signature without involving designers or developers.

You can simply choose and customize any of our real estate templates to fit your branding identity. You'll see all the changes immediately in our live preview. You can also check how your email signature will look in your email client without leaving a dashboard.

Create multiple signatures for your team in a few minutes.

Do you need to set up each signature individually or share long guidelines with your team? With NEWOLDSTAMP you can simply create a department master layout, upload CSV with information and all email signatures will be created automatically. Share ready-to-use email signatures with your colleagues in real estate agency or distribute a link to the email signature generator with the predefined style and layout to update their business contacts details like phone and email address.

Make Your Email Signature Mobile Friendly

Be sure that every sent signature looks professional and consistent across all email clients and devices to boost your business mailings and take them to the next level. We support major email programs: Gmail, Apple Mail (Mac and iOS Mail), Outlook (Desktop and Mobile), Thunderbird and other email clients.

Best Examples of Email Signatures for Realtors


Email Signature Best Practices for Real Estate Agent


Add your photo

Adding a photo to your email signature design increases the trust factor and response rate by up to 20%. Using a light background, bright colors and your perfect smile will skyrocket email engagement. Make sure you use a recent professionally made photo.

Add the job title, company name, Real Estate License Number

Use the brand power of your broker by adding the company name and designation and DRE/License Number to your real estate email signature. It will increase the trust factor and recipients' feel of confidence. Adding your position will specify your real estate niche and refine your list of leads.

Provide additional contact details

Use email signatures to provide additional ways to reach you than just your office phone number. Consider adding your cell phone and your business email address to the signature. Provide your fax number as it is still commonly used by real estate agents.

Include social icons

If you are one of those proactive real estate agents who passionately promote the online presence and your listings through the social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube add social media icons with links to your profiles. You can also add icons that directly link to your professional listing platforms like Zillow, Realtor, Trulia or Houzz.

Promote your latest properties in a listing

Selling dream houses or helping to find the best office ever? Use email signature banner to share your hottest properties. You can also use this space to share offers and exclusive deals.

Encourage your leads to take an action

Do you want your leads to viewing your listing, call you or register for showing hours? Add call-to-action buttons to your email signature.

Professional Email Signature Templates for Real Estate Agents


Mistakes to avoid in your email signature for realtors


Too much social icons

Try to stick to five social icons as a max otherwise they will make your signatures look cluttered and will drive recipients attention away. Add links to the professional and active profiles with updated properties and fresh information to warm your leads and showcase your expertise as a real estate agent.

Use proper fonts and colors

You should be creative to stand out from other real estate agents but don't use Comic Sans and/or extremely bright colors. The best option is to choose Sun Serif fonts and moderate color palette.

Using the same signatures for replies and forwards

Create a shorter version of your real email signature for replies and forwards not to make your email threads too long and flooded with your real estate email signature.

Making your signature as an image or create it in the text editor.

Designing your real estate email signature in an image editor can cause your signature becoming an attachment in some email clients and making your website and phone numbers not clickable. Signatures created in text editor won't stay consistent in all email clients and can corrupt in the recipient's inbox.

Adding inspirational quotes

Real estate market is extremely competitive and full of top experts. So you have to be highly professional. Using quotes is not appropriate in your business communication.

Adding unnecessary disclaimers

Though a disclaimer covers some legal aspect if your broker does not require this consider deleting as it overwhelms your email signature.

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