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Creator’s Guide: How to Make a Professional Email Signature For Designers, Bloggers and Photographers

1. Best Practice: Email Signatures for Bloggers
2. Best Practice: Email Signatures for Vloggers
3. Best Practice: Email Signatures for Photographers
4. Best Practice: Email Signatures for Designers

Every creative person needs to have the right tools in order to cope with everyday tasks, produce inspired content and promote their products or services. And sometimes, the little things and instruments from the unlikeliest sources can be the key to the business. It is the small details that make up the big picture.

And of course, an email signature is one of our favorite tools — a small detail that can make a big difference and help to cope with some challenges. According to the number of testimonials, the signature works for all network users, startups and big companies. And this fact inspires us to action!

Email Signature for creators

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With an email signature, you can spend a small percent of your budget on creating content that can promote your brand, inspire your recipients, connect with new customers and entertain your future leads. You will not need to send every time an additional information and contact details. You just can include all necessary data to your signature and enjoy the saved time.

Moreover, email signatures are very effective in leaving a lasting impression on an audience. These can be used by anyone from a casual internet user to a big business corporation to grab the attention of the people they engage with. Therefore, seeking the best possible email signature is important as it allows you to always stay in a good position of interest from your audience as it is not only professional but simple as well.

The prime objective of creating email signatures has already been determined, the next phase usually involves making a decision or researching on what the best qualities of an email signature, or even further – how to get one. Getting a good email signature is not a complicated process as the NEWOLDSTAMP email signature generator is at anyone’s disposal.

Structure Contact Information in Email Signature According to Your Priority

Different information can be included in your email signature, such as the name of the company, some job titles and even useful contact details all with the aim of aiding any recipient to get in touch with the sender if emails were not responded to.

Creating and designing an email signature is a very straightforward task. However, many individuals have not really been able to grasp the simplicity of this process and still make mistakes. The structure of your email signature must reflect what you are trying to offer an audience and must have the following:

Include the Sender’s Name and Company Name in Your Email Signature

This is obviously the easiest and the most important part of the email signature. In most cases, emails that do not have the sender’s and company name included will be considered spam. Therefore, including the company name will make the email more professional and will easily grab the interest of any recipient.

For example, if Marissa Amarante from a design company wanted to create a professional email signature she would do it in this format: MarissaAmarante@[company_represented].com. Anyone receiving an email from Marissa will be able to understand who she is and have an idea of what she is representing.

signatures for creators sample

Include to Email Signature Any Information that Will Enable Your Audience to Establish Contact with You

You can include any important information that would help potential customers get in touch with you. The best way to write down your contact details is in three lines, each of which contains no more than 80 characters. For companies, including the address is optional. However, if the company address has to be included in the business signature it can be done on the fourth line.


The above information describes the best possible way to create any email signature, a principle that is used by email signature generators that can easily be found on the internet. Just remember to moderate the information (email signature contact information and basic details) you choose to add to the email signature.

Best Practice: Email Signatures for Bloggers

Every blogger aims to increase their audience, which is a major determining factor in their success. Creating a good email signature for the blog must be on the “accomplish list”. This will allow you to be able to leave some information about your blog every time you make a comment on other bloggers’ posts. The following are tips that can help any blogger create a simple but effective email signature:

Do not include unnecessary information

Your blog already gives any of its visitors enough information about you. Therefore, there is basically no point in adding any extra information to your email signature. Keep it as concise as possible; only include your names, your blog name, and your email address.

Do not use exaggerated fonts

Making sure your email signature is readable to anyone who sees is important. Many bloggers ignore this rule and try to make their content as flash as possible forgetting that the readability of their content is greatly affected. Therefore, use very simple fonts and stay away from a font that is characterized by curved words.

signatures for creators sample

Include icons of social media in your personal email signature

Social media has become the backbone for getting your material out there, there is no denying this. The social media platform is still growing and this can be fully taken advantage of. Your email signature must include all icons of the social media accounts related to you which enables your individuals to access your content in a single click. By doing this, you are definitely going to receive more recognition.

Create Professional Email Signature for Blogger

Incorporation of pictures to your email signature

This is a step that can be done to improve the appearance of your email signature. You may include any picture or logo related to your blog; however, do not exaggerate. Your email signature must look well balanced.

Bloggers can receive better responses to their blogs if they can take full advantage of email signatures. Using a good email signature is a step in the right direction for many.

email signature for bloggers

Best Practice: Email Signatures for Vloggers

Vlogging has also become a very popular activity and getting your content out there is very important for any active vlogger. Email signatures for vloggers must follow suit to any type of email signature; it must be both simple and visually appealing to be able to convince any person to visit your content. Besides the general information about creating a successful and effective email signature, vloggers can consider the following as well:

  • Using HTML email signatures - there are several email generators on the internet that can help you create your own unique HTML signature. With the NEWOLDSTAMP service, you will get the best signature editor that is as simple as a new browser.
  • Use an email signature banner - email signature banners are an effective way of getting people to notice or pay more attention to your online content. Therefore, you can upload your own unique banner images to your email signature. These images can be used as a way to advertise your videos.
  • Add a social media link - the best video viewing platform at the moment is YouTube. Adding the link to your YouTube channel will increase the chances of your videos being viewed.email signature for vloggers

Best Practice: Email Signatures for Photographers

The email signature is usually the missing link for photographers who need more people to see their work which is already showcased on their websites.

Creating an email signature will definitely increase the probability of your content being viewed by a larger population every time you send an email. Here is how a photographer can create a very effective email signature:

Remember to always include the most crucial information

All email signatures must contain the following elements:

  • Name of the individual
  • The company they work for
  • A website URL and
  • Contact information.

Keep in mind that the most important information is your name and the website URL. This information alone can direct people to your content.

Add social media icons to your email signature

Adding social media icons with links to the email signature will allow any individual to be able to access your content on the social media platforms. However, adding too many social media links is not encouraged. To make your email signature as simple as possible; do not put the links to more than three social media accounts.

Use of images

Images can be also used in the email signature. However, it is not compulsory to make use of images to on your email signature as images can do more harm than good. Therefore, you are obligated to either keep things very simple or try not to make use of any images in the first place. The best way is to use professional photos or the company’s logo. Try to avoid pictures with quotes or adding a selfie with your favorite pet.

Another way to get your content a lot of attention is by using an email footer design. Your email footer must contain the following properties:

  • Your necessary information, contact details such as email address
  • A simple way for people to subscribe to your website; include call-to-actions
  • Answers to the reason why the recipient is receiving that particular email
  • Links that enable individuals to sign up, invite friends to your website

email signature for photographers

Best Practice: Email Signatures for Designers

Designers may have a problem or two when it comes to creating an email signature for their practice. The following points will help any designer create a very effective email signature:

  • Create an email signature that is visually stunning - when it comes to designing an email signature, you can get familiar with the NEWOLDSTAMP layout in a few seconds. You will find that everything is tightened up and has no distractions. You can easily jump straight in and get creating your email signature.
  • Stand out from the crowd with the best templates - designers can utilize the standard email signature format as previously described in this article and make the public easily access their content. However, you can also spice up the signature with a colorful template, images, social media icons, and other visual enhancements.

If inspiration hits you while you’re on your commute to making a great signature, you can also include:

  • Banners and logo
  • Link to portfolio
  • Link to gallery
  • Social media icons

Also, as a visual designer, you need to be aware of how your signature will look like on different devices. Try not to include a lot of information on your email signature as this will definitely overwhelm the recipients of the email.


As you can see, creating an email signature can not become a difficult task even if considering the various constraints. The optimal layout is a simple design with contact details, personal information, and promotional links that work well on smartphones and other devices. This way, the simple email signature will help to generate leads and connect you with potential clients.

email signatures for designers


Leaving a lasting impression is not an easy task especially at the footer of your email message.  And an email signature is a great way to cope with this task. It’s not just the way to tell about yourself and leave the phone number, it is obviously a potential outcome and possibility to brand yourself or your creative business.

An email signature is a way for creators to shine even brighter. For most bloggers, designers, photographers, email signatures are just the way of showing the recipients their contact details and tell what they present, but what some creators do not know is some great tips - the email signatures are a key instrument to highlight their branding that will lead to a new marketing opportunity.

By this point, it should be very clear what the importance of email signatures is and what impact they have made on online trade. With the help of the NEWOLDSTAMP free email signature generator, an email signature can easily be made by anyone. Email signatures can be used to get more attention for any online content, as this article shows. Any business can take advantage of the email signatures, from small start-up businesses to larger corporations in need of a bigger audience.


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