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How to Add Social Media Icons to Gmail Email Signature

1. The importance of using social media icons in email signatures

2. How to add social media buttons to an email signature

3. How to add social media icons to Gmail signature manually

4. Facebook icon for email signature

5. Instagram icon for the email signature

6. YouTube icon for email signature

7. LinkedIn icon in the email signature

8. Email signature Twitter icon

Did you know that 2 years ago, Google announced that Gmail had passed more than 1.5 billion users? To this day, Gmail is considered the most used and popular email service provider in the world. And, of course, one of Google's most successful projects.

Gmail is free, famous among users all over the world, safe, and easy to use. What could be better? That is why we have learned to use this service not only to transfer information but also in marketing. And one of the most ROI-effective marketing techniques is an email signature.

The importance of using social media icons in email signatures

Our latest study confirms that a well-crafted email signature can be an incredibly cost-effective tool for brand promotion and lead generation. Whether you're a large company owner, a professional freelancer, or a small business, your signature can be a silent salesperson working for you with every email you send.

Strategically placed in an email signature, social media icons can significantly increase social engagement by making it easy for recipients to connect with you on your preferred platforms. Start by adding the basic brand components: logo, branded fonts, and social media icons. This opens doors for building relationships, fostering community, and driving traffic to your social media pages.

While social media icons offer valuable connection points, traditional contact information like phone numbers remains crucial for establishing trust and accessibility. Including your phone number in your email signature, especially for businesses, demonstrates a commitment to open communication and customer service.

Want to know how to add social media icons to email signatures? We will describe the fastest and easiest ways. Read on.

How to add social media buttons to an email signature

Want to add those cool social media icons to your email signature? It's easier than you think!

One convenient option is using signature generator tools like Newoldstamp. With this tool, you can create a professional signature complete with your preferred social icons.

Alternatively, you can opt to incorporate your social media icons directly through your email client's built-in signature editor. This involves adding icons as images downloaded from the internet or crafting individual ones tailored to your design preferences. While this method offers simplicity, it may come with some limitations in terms of customization.

Try our email signature generator

1. Use an email signature generator (recommended)

Use one of the email signature generators to avoid all the complicated steps of downloading, resizing, and aligning social media icons. With Newoldstamp, you gain access to a plethora of social media icons across more than 200 platforms. You have full control over customization, from colors to sizes, allowing you to create the perfect design.

Leveraging a tool like Newoldstamp not only simplifies the process but also ensures your email signature remains compatible across various email clients, guaranteeing it always looks great.

With Newoldstamp, you gain access to a plethora of social media icons across more than 200 platforms.

2. Create your team email signatures

Select from a variety of pre-designed templates and set it as a master to easily duplicate the layout. Fill in the necessary information such as company name, phone number, or contact details.

Create your team email signatures

3. Add social media icons

Find the 'Social Icons' section in the editor and add the links. Social media icons for email signatures will be placed automatically.

Email signature social profiles

4. Install your Gmail signature

  • Copy your Gmail signature to the clipboard.
  • Open Gmail.
  • Click on the top-right ‘Settings’ icon and select 'See all settings.'
  • Scroll down to find the 'Signature' section.
  • Create a new signature, give it a name, and paste the signature.

Addding an email signature to Gmail

5. Start driving traffic to your social profiles

Start sending emails with links to your Facebook or Instagram accounts in the email footer. Increase your social media following by adding social media icons to your email signature.
Newoldstamp email signature with social media buttons

Note: Explore our free email signature editor for a simple yet visually appealing signature, and also discover email signature examples for inspiration.

How to add social media icons to Gmail signature manually

1. Find social media icons

Discovering social media icons for your email signature is easy. We've compiled a list of official links where you can find popular logos:

Of course, you can always download any of them on Google, but it is better to use official images. Many websites offer free social icon sets in various formats. Some popular options include Flaticon, Icons8, Iconfinder, Freepik, Noun Project, and others. These repositories offer a wide variety of icons available in web-ready formats such as PNG or SVG.

social icon sets in various formats

If you have a talented designer on your team or a friend who's skilled in drawing, you can create custom social icons for your email signature that perfectly align with your brand's style.

2. Create your text email signature

Navigate to the 'Signature' section within the Settings page of your Gmail account. From there, you can easily create your text email signature or seamlessly add an existing signature to showcase your brand and contact details.

Creating an email signature manually

3. Add social media icons

You can add email signature icons in any desired place. Usually, they are placed at the end of all textual information.

Adding social media icons manually

To add social media icons to your Gmail signature, simply click on the 'Insert Image' button. Then, select all the email signature icons you want to use and insert them into your signature.

Read more: How to add an image to your Gmail signature

4. Add a hyperlink to your social media profiles

When it comes to adding hyperlinks to your social media platforms in your email signature, you have two straightforward options: using HTML or a simpler method directly within the signature editor.

Here you have two options on how to do this, through HTML, or just adding a hyperlink in the same window.

Easiest way:

  • Highlight the inserted image and press the 'Link' button.
  • In the window that pops up, leave the 'Text to display' field empty. Then, paste the URL of your social media profile into the appropriate field.
  • After adding the hyperlink, click the 'OK' button to confirm. Make sure to save your email signature settings.
  • Finally, send a test email to yourself or open a new email to see how your email signature looks with the social media icons and hyperlinks included.

Voila! Your email signature in Gmail is now ready to go, complete with clickable social media icons that direct recipients to your profiles.

Adding link to social media icon in Gmail

Throughout HTML:

If you prefer using HTML to add a hyperlink to your social media icons in your email signature, follow these steps:

  • Find the HTML code corresponding to the image you want to hyperlink. This is typically represented by the <img/> tag.
  • Create a hyperlink structure by wrapping the image code within an <a> (anchor) tag.
  • The general syntax looks like this:
    <a href='https:(your social media link)'> <img src='http:(image link)' /> </a>
  • Replace 'https:(your social media link)' with the actual URL of your social media account.
  • Replace 'http:(image link)' with the URL where your social media icon image is hosted.

Don't waste time and add social media icons to your email signatures in a few clicks.

Facebook icon for email signature

Remember the days when checking Facebook meant logging in from a computer? Today, with over 2.9 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook isn't just a social hub; it's a dynamic network connecting individuals and businesses alike. And your email signature is the perfect place to bridge the gap!

Adding the iconic Facebook 'F' is a breeze. Our handy step-by-step guide makes the process seamless. Here you’ll find a curated library of official Facebook symbols and logos.

Facebook icon for email signature

The benefits are undeniable:

  • Expand your reach. Drive traffic to your Facebook page, attracting new fans and fostering deeper connections.
  • Humanize your brand. Showcase your company's personality and engage with followers on a personal level.
  • Stay top-of-mind. Every email becomes a subtle reminder of your Facebook presence, keeping you relevant in your audience's eyes.

So, don't just send emails, make connections!

Instagram icon for the email signature

Sooner or later, all brands begin to maintain an Instagram account. One billion monthly active users is an impressive figure and a massive business opportunity for any marketing company. A wide variety of targeted audiences allows you to find customers for literally all kinds of products or content. There is a wide range of Lightroom Instagram presets that enable you to edit your images in a few clicks to add some visual interest to them.

Instagram icon for the email signature

Already an active user or have an account for your business? Then complement account promotion, learning how to add an Instagram link to an email signature. Add an Instagram logo for email signature with our step-by-step guide and attract hundreds of new subscribers through the Gmail service.

Here are some ways to incorporate Instagram icons into your email signature:

1. Use the official Instagram icons

  • Glyph Icon. This is the most basic and recognizable Instagram logo, a simple white camera against an orange background.
  • IGTV Icon: This icon is a white square with a play button in the center, representing the long-form video platform IGTV.
  • Boomerang, Hyperlapse & Layout: This icon features three circles, each representing a different Instagram feature: Boomerang for short looping videos, Hyperlapse for sped-up videos, and Layout for creating multi-photo collages.

2. Choose a creative option

Many websites offer free or paid Instagram icon sets in different styles and colors. You can find icons that match your brand identity or simply choose one that you like.

3. Add a call to action

Once you've chosen your icon, make sure to include a call to action in your email signature. This could be something as simple as 'Follow us on Instagram!' or 'See more of our work on Instagram.'

4. Track your results

Once you've added your Instagram icon to your email signature, track your results to see how many people are clicking on it. You can use a URL shortener to track clicks, or you can use an email signature management platform like Newoldstamp that provides tracking data.

By adding an Instagram icon to your email signature, you can easily promote your Instagram account and attract new followers. This is a simple and effective way to grow your audience and reach a wider range of potential customers.

YouTube icon for email signature

While some might think YouTube is just for cat videos and makeup tutorials, it's a powerful platform brimming with informative content, passionate communities, and potential collaborators. So, even if you're just starting out, why not shine a light on your channel in your email signature and attract a wider audience?

Email signature example with social media buttton

Intrigued by adding the iconic YouTube play button to your Gmail signature? It's easier than you think! Simply revisit our step-by-step guide. Use this handy free resource for official YouTube logos and icons.

LinkedIn icon in the email signature

If you or your company (or both) already have a profile on the LinkedIn website, adding a LinkedIn icon to your Gmail signature is a no-brainer. In fact, it's 100% essential! Why? Consider these impressive numbers:

  • LinkedIn has over 260 million monthly active users worldwide;
  • 20 million company pages;
  • more than 150 business sectors;
  • covers business people from 200 countries.

No, we are not trying to praise this network. It makes no sense. We rather advise on promoting your brand company.

We're not simply praising LinkedIn here; we're highlighting its potential to boost your brand and professional reach. By adding a LinkedIn icon (or logo) to your email signature, you're essentially inviting recipients to find and connect with you on a platform specifically designed for professional networking.

Adding a LinkedIn icon to your email signature is a breeze. Simply download the icon from the official LinkedIn website.

Bonus tips:

  • Use a consistent icon size and style for a professional look. Aim for icons that are large enough to see clearly but small enough not to overpower your signature. Typically, 20-35px is a good size range. However, consider adjusting this depending on your overall signature design and email client settings.
  • Consider including social media icons relevant to your business, but keep the selection concise to your professional brand.

Remember, a small LinkedIn icon in your email signature can open doors to valuable new business connections and professional opportunities. So, don't miss out on this powerful networking tool!

LinkedIn icon in the email signature

Email signature Twitter icon

Many consider Twitter as only an entertainment social network and underestimate its marketing capabilities. Every day 126 million users enter this social network through a website or special applications. It is a great number of people who lead an active life on Twitter. Even if you use it just for fun, why not share your account through email signature and win over more people?

If you do not know how to add a social media icon to your Gmail signature, scroll back to our step-by-step guide and reread it. For official Twitter icons ready for copy and paste, use this link.

Don't miss out! By incorporating a Twitter icon in your email signature, you'll:

  • Boost your online presence. Attract new followers and strengthen your social media brand.
  • Build relationships. Connect with potential customers, readers, and collaborators.
  • Drive traffic. Encourage clicks to your Twitter profile, potentially leading to increased website visits and conversions.


By adding social media icons to your Gmail email signature, you're not just making it look nicer—you're actually opening doors to stronger connections. Each email becomes an opportunity to extend your brand reach, increase engagement, and ultimately, grow your business. So, whether you choose a signature generator like Newoldstamp or do it manually, remember that the goal is to leave a lasting impression with every email you send.


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