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Newoldstamp supports all major email clients with equal love and respect! All your email signatures will look the same; professional and appealing. No matter where you install them!

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Newoldstamp Works With Email Clients



1&1 & Newoldstamp all work perfectly together! Design your email signature online and install it to your 1&1 account to take that huge step in boosting your email marketing!


Aol Mail

Newoldstamp and Aol Mail work perfectly together! Create and design all the essentials for your email signature in our editor and install it easily to Aol Mail. No coding needed!

logo fastmail


Feature your FastMail account with the most professional email signatures imaginable! Create your email footer with Newoldstamp online editor and install a beautiful signature to your FastMail account.

logo mailbird


Create a professional email signature for your Mailbird email client! All you need to do is use our editor to add some info, social icons, and promo banners. And all the tech stuff is on us! You can install your signature to Mailbird by simply copy-pasting its code.

logo outlook


Widen your Outlook with professionally designed email signatures! Use Newoldstamp to create and customize email signatures for all of your employees; central management will help you with that.

logo QQ


Add an awesome email signature to your QQ account! Newoldstamp has a library of ready templates and banners to make your email footer eye-catching and neat. You won’t have to learn any coding; all this stuff is on us!

logo spark


Give your emails even more spark! Create and design an email signature for your Spark email account. You won’t have to worry about any technical things! We will do all the difficult stuff for you. Just copy-paste your signature to Spark, and you’re ready to go!

logo unibox


Unify your Unibox business accounts with professional email signatures. Use Newoldstamp’s centrally managed signature generator to send installation-ready signatures to your employees.

logo zoho mail

Zoho Mail

Create a professional email signature for your Zoho Mail client with Newoldstamp! Add your photo, social media links, and promo banners with our sophisticated designing tool. And we will generate the HTML code of your signature automatically.

logo 163


Make your email signature 163 times better with Newoldstamp! Select one of the many templates and banners to boost your emails. Then copy the HTML code and paste it to your account. It doesn't get any easier than that!

logo apple mail

Apple Mail

Perfect your Apple Mail account with awesome email signatures! Add an email footer generated in the Newoldstamp editor and modify it anytime with our management tool. Create different signatures for your employees and send them easily through your entire organization!

logo gmail


Power-up your email account in Gmail with professional email signatures! Our online editor allows you to customize all the things you might need in your signature. Feel free to add whatever you want; we will deal with technical stuff.

logo newton


Power up your Newton email client with Android email signatures! Newoldstamp works perfectly with Newton helping you turn your email footers into a powerful marketing channel!

logo postbox


Boost your Postbox email account with professional email signatures! Our online generator allows you to arrange everything you want to see in your signature easily. No experience required!

logo rackspace


Make your business emails generate even more leads! Add professional email signatures to your Rackspace email accounts. Our centrally managed system will help you assign unique signatures to any department separately.

logo sparrow


Make your Sparrow account an eagle in email marketing! Use Newoldstamp designing tool to create an email signature that stands out. We have everything you might need, from a library of social icons to powerful analytics.

logo windowslive

Windows Live

Add a beautifully designed email signature to your Windows Live Mail account in just a few clicks! Use our designing tool to create a signature, and we will generate an HTML code of it for you. Just paste in your account, and your email footer is set to attract positive attention!

logo airmail


Create an email signature for your Airmail account with our awesome editor! The Newoldstamp signature designing tool will help make your emails memorable and eye-catching!

logo canary


Make your Canary the prettiest! Create a professional email signature in Newoldstamp designing tool and install it easily to any account in Canary Mail.

logo mailplot

Mail Pilot

Get the most from your Mail Pilot app with Newoldstamp email signatures generator. Make the design you actually like with our outstanding editor. Add all the elements you need, from social icons to promo banners. Install your signature to Mail Pilot in a few clicks!

logo nine


Need a nice email signature for Android email client Nine? Make your emails 9 times better with Newoldstamp! Create a signature in our editor and easily insert it into every email you send! No design or coding skills needed.

logo prtonmail


Generate even more clicks in our emails! Install the Newoldstamp email signature to your ProtonMail account and forget about old boring messages. Your signature can be much more than just ‘best regards!’

logo roundcube


Add an email signature to your Roundcube Webmail account to make every email you send promote your brand. Newoldstamp has a well-organized online designing tool where you can create a signature easily and then implement it in a few steps.

logo thunderbird


Give your Thunderbird a lightning-mighty power-up! Add a custom email signature to your Thunderbird mail client. Newoldstamp will generate an HTML code for you; all you need is some imagination.

logo yahoo


Create a custom email signature for your Yahoo! account easily and professionally with Newoldstamp online signatures generator. Use our designer to implement your ideas without worrying about HTML.

logo office365

Office 365

Make each of your emails sent from Office 365 look professional and bring new leads with Newoldstamp email signature generator. Create a signature with your vision and easily implement it to your Office account.

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Email Service Providers

logo front


Create and manage your email signatures for Front with Newoldstamp designing tool! No need for coding skills. Just use our professional editor to create and change your signatures anytime. Then install them in a few clicks to your Front account.

logo godaddy


Go, Daddies! Create and design your email signature to match your style. Add some promo banners and social icons. Then simply copy an email signature and add it to your GoDaddy Webmail account.

logo horde

Horde webmail

Email signatures generated in Newoldstamp work perfectly with Horde Webmail client! Generate your professional signature with our easy-to-use online editor and install it to Horde in a couple of steps. It just can’t get any easier!

logo lemlist


Use lemlist to create awesome cold emails; add email signatures from Newoldstamp to make these emails perfect! Create and modify your signatures and add promotional banners to them in our online editor.

logo polymail


Turn every email you send into a marketing channel! Use Polymail with Newoldstamp online email signatures generator. No coding or designing required! Make your signature in our editor and easily install it to Polymail.

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Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM)

logo hubspot


Create your email signature for HubSpot with Newoldstamp generator. This way you won’t ever need to learn any coding or design! Just copy-paste an automatically generated HTML code of your signature to a HubSpot account.

logo pipedrive


Enhance your sales experience in Pipedrive with Newoldstamp email signature generator. Add a powerful CTA banner to every email you send and watch your conversion rates increase like never before! No coding or designing skills needed.

logo salesforce


Make your business emails truly stand out! Use Newoldstamp online email signature generator and install your email footers to your Salesforce account. Our designer is simple to use yet powerful for email marketing with a huge library of promo banners and CTA buttons.

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