The Ultimate Guide to Email Signature: Call-to-Action

OstapWritten by OstapJul 14, 2017

1. Adding Promotional Banners and CTA in Your Email Signature
2. Be Careful with Images
3. Include Buttons in Your Email Signature Banner
4. Remember About Limited Space
5. Keep Your Message Clear
6. Test How it Looks in Other Mail Clients and Devices

Email signatures have simplified the way in which businesses can get in touch with their customers. Email signatures can be added to very outgoing company email, containing information that facilitates direct contact between the two parties.

Creating an email signature is not a complex process. Email signatures may contain very little information or as much information as required.

Business email signature with banner

Moreover, good email signatures can be created with any email program. In addition, there is the NEWOLDSTAMP online email signature generator that can be used for the same purpose. Many startup businesses are using the system to easily manage email signatures and add them to their emails and promote the growth.

This article will look at email signatures extensively and give a guide on how to take advantage of the signature when promoting the business campaign or brand.


Have you ever thought, what motivates users to view your website or online storefront? Sure, you will think about a great design of a website, user-friendly UI or astonishing product or service with attractive images. However, these are the common features that all websites or e-commerce site owners are trying to add to their to-do lists.

You can also find tons of managers who struggle with the engagement and getting users interested in what the company offers. If you find yourself in that position, you should definitely improve a call-to-action on your website. So what is call-to-action or so-called CTA?

Call-to-action is a marketing expression that simply means a specific action from your target audience. CTA encourages your recipients to make a certain action immediately.

For example, if you own your e-commerce site and selling products, you can add to a description a call for engagement like the “Buy today” or “Special offer” buttons, and this way create effective CTA. However, to show your clients a killing CTA, you have to:

  • Keep it simple - you should place simple call-to-actions on links or buttons you share in order to triple your leads. Content and call-to-action must not overwhelm your recipients. This way your potential customers will easily understand what they will get after clicking on the ad. For example, the Amazon marketplace in their promotional emails applies a plain “See more” button near their brief description about products.

  • Highlight some discounts - incentives are coupon codes that can be a nice CTA to encourage client’s decision to purchase. With 50% coupon discount, would your clients be more motivated to click on the link? The possibility that recipients of your promotional email will click to complete a purchase is undoubtedly higher.

email marketing example with discount

  • Add action words - it is very important to include strong verbs and nouns such as “buy”, “Sale”, “Add to cart”, etc. You need to include expressions that clients are familiar with, this way you will avoid any confusion and misunderstanding. As well, do not be afraid that your words are too strong, it is even great to give your users a command to action. For example, you can use the following CTAs for your promotional banners in an email signature: Buy Today, Sale!, Get. Purchase. Order, I need this!, Shop, It’s Free, Register.

email signature examples


  • Check visual appearance - you should keep your CTA simple and make it look attractive to your clients. Check your CTA format and colors. It is perfect if you make your CTA buttons the same color and edit your text with the same format as your logo.

email marketing CTA

  • Choose the right place - CTA must be placed in the prominent block. Add it where it’s more likely to be viewed by clients. The best place is at the end of product description or just below the price. As after viewing the price, users might want to purchase a product. Additionally, do not forget to use a sense of urgency that can motivate and stimulate clients to click on the offer. Season sales promotion is a good marketing move to sell products.

email marketing CTA examples

Including CTA into Personal Email Messages

If you decided to include call-to-action engaging buttons or links to your email messages, it’s better to place them in your email footer. You can simply use email signature block as the main tool to drive prospective users and generate leads.

email signature fro gmail

You can add different types of call-to-actions to your email signature. The CTAs range from offers like a free download to links that sends recipients to landing page fill-out forms. To know more about CTAs and how to use them in your email signature, check the below guide.

So, the following are the basics:

#1. Adding Promotional Banners and CTA in Your Email Signature

Adding promotional banners and CTAs are very effective in making your email signature more appealing to potential customers. Here are a few points to help you create an effective banner with CTA for your email signature:

  • With the use of the NEWOLDSTAMP email signature creator, you can easily upload the unique images you would like to use and create your promotional banners. You can format email signature according to your business needs and requirements.
  • The next step requires you to add a link to all the images you use for your banner, clicking this link will directly lead to a website where customers can get more details about what you are offering.
  • An important part of a business is being able to know what kind of attention your products are receiving. Therefore, adding a tracker to measure a number of clicks made on your email signature banner image must be considered to make the email signature more effective.

Create Professional Email Signature with CTA Banner

#2. Be Careful with Images

Adding simple images with CTA to your email signature is a very important step in establishing a direct connection with your potential customers. Adding images to HTML email signature is fairly simple; the following points must be kept in mind while doing so:

  • PNG images are more convenient for use in the email signatures. And make sure you set the right dimensions for your image in HTML. Not doing so would make software identify your image as strange
  • Do not forget to Alt text. This enables anyone who receives your email to hover over an image and have an initial idea about what they might get themselves into. The image Alt text is always required  for the purpose of validating images
  • Do not use images that do not work well with the written text for reasons, such as large size or adding too many images to a single email signature. The images in an email address must be able to complement the written text and not overwhelm it.


Adding images to your email signatures can be facilitated by the HTML email signature generator, all you need is to keep the above points in mind before you decide to add images to your email signature.

#3. Include Buttons in Your Email Signature Banner

There is a way for potential customers to access websites or social media platforms, where they can find your content.

This can be done by adding a button with CTA, which in many cases can be in the form of an icon to your email signature. This will enable any email recipients to directly look at what you are offering. This is one of the must-have features of a professional looking email signature.

#4. Remember About Limited Space

Your email signature is supposed to be eye-catching to anyone who sees it. Many individuals feel like adding as much content to the signature is more beneficial to their cause. This is, however, not the case. And putting too much information will get the email recipients bored before they can even try to identify what your email is about.


To make a good impression and attract attention, you can add a banner and CTA and promote your offer. Keep the email signature banner and call-to-action as simple as possible by limiting the number of texts you add to them. Not only it will make it a robust promotional banner in your email signature but it will also complement other information you add to your email signature. And the call-to-actions will make it look more attractive to the email recipients. 

#5. Keep Your Message Clear

As we mentioned above, limiting the amount of information on your email signature is important, so try to get your message understood with the little information you add to it. This principle also applies to the CTAs.

An effective email signature has to apply this quality, so any recipient of your email can quickly identify and understand why you have sent them the email. Another important feature of your emails is the email footer. The email footer can be simply defined as the information that appears at the bottom of the email and contains important information, such as:

  • Phone number
  • Company email address
  • Website link
  • Subscribe and share links
  • Unsubscribe directions

email footer example


The HTML email footer is a constant part of every email sent out to inform the public about a particular project. Using email footers can enable your message to reach a bigger audience because they enable your email recipients to share and forward your emails especially through social media platforms.

#6. Test How it Looks in Other Mail Clients and Devices

At this point, you probably have your email signature ready and set to send it to different individuals. However, do not send it just yet. Now you have to make sure your email signature’s appearance is the same on any device that potential customer will use to view it. This includes various laptops, mobile phones and other devices. Make your email signature look good on all devices.

Your journey to more exposure is guaranteed by using this step by step guidelines. This article outlines all the important details of an effective email signature and usage of CTAs. Using these tips will, without a doubt, help you engage more with audiences not only locally, but internationally as well.

In conclusion...

As stated above, creating your own email signature and CTA is not a complex process, especially with the availability of email signature generators like NEWOLDSTAMP. It will make the whole process easier for you and your business. In addition, HTML email signature templates can also be utilized as effective email signatures for both companies and individuals trying to get their content a bigger audience.

Moreover, email signatures have revolutionized how businesses communicate with their customers, creating a more intimate interaction between the two parties. Email signatures are the best for anyone trying to get more people to pay attention to their business.

You can easily create a great promotional campaign with the NEWOLDSTAMP signature service and include your call-to-action to make very specific promises!


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