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Do you have a trial or a product demo?

You can create and edit as many email signatures as you need before upgrading. You can also try all the features available in the plan you’ve chosen. However, you won’t be able to start using the signatures until you upgrade your account to one of our packages.

To request a product demo, please contact us HERE.

What is the difference between quarterly and yearly?

A yearly subscription is a standard agreement on a year-to-year basis. Choosing the yearly subscription will save you up to 30% of the price.

If you choose the quarterly subscription, you will be charged every 3 months starting from the day of your first payment.

What happens if I cancel the subscription?

The email signature will work while your subscription is valid. But it will stop working as soon as your subscription expires or when you delete your account.

What is Central Management?

Newoldstamp Central Management technology is tuned to help you seamlessly create, manage and update employee’s signatures.

What is the difference between Basic and Advanced integrations in Microsoft Office and Exchange?

Using Microsoft 365 and Exchange integrations will help you automatically create and update branded signatures for your employees. Newoldstamp automatically syncs with your Active Directory to apply an up-to-date email signature to every email of the employee.

Basic integration is the best option for ensuring brand consistency across the entire company by applying the same signature template to all employees.

Advanced integration allows every employee to have up to 4 signature templates that are attached depending on the type of email is sent (New Email, Reply or Forward, Internal or External email). On top of that, every department in the company can have a different signature design.

To request a product demo, please contact us HERE.

What is the difference between Basic and Advanced integrations in Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)?

Using Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) integration allows automatic signatures updates according to users data in your domain.

Basic integration allows having one signature template for the entire company to ensure brand consistency.

Advanced integration allows. Each segment can share a different signature template.

To request a product demo, please contact us HERE.

What does signature per user mean?

Each employee in your company can have up to 4 different signatures depending on the plan you choose.

If your plan is Email Signature Branding, your employees can have only 1 signature each.

Email Signature Marketing plan allows your employees to have up to 4 different signatures (e.g. 1 signature for outbound emails, 1 signature for replies/forwards, 1 signature for internal emails, and 1 for internal replies/forwards) but only in case of Microsoft Exchange integration.

What is Signature Analytics?

Signature analytics shows how engaging your signatures are.

Basic Analytics shows the total amount of clicks and impressions your signatures have. Advanced Analytics includes a detailed report on clicks and impressions for each element in your signatures. You can view the stats for every department separately.

What is bulk user import?

Bulk user import allows creating hundreds of signatures in seconds. Create signatures for your employees based on a predefined template by uploading a CSV file with contact information or synchronizing with Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) or Active Directory.

What is a Custom Signature Generator?

Newoldstamp allows you to predefine a signature design and share a link with your colleagues to create a signature on their own.

What are Banner Campaigns and Analytics?
What are the additional services?

You can request additional services on-demand for the fee that is not included in the plan price. To get a quote, please contact us HERE.

What is account management?

We will happily assist you in creating and managing your company email signatures, scheduling banner campaigns, and gathering the reports.