Key Points of Effective Prospecting Email

OstapWritten by OstapFeb 15, 2017

Amount of emails flooding average executive’s inbox everyday is just overwhelming. They get dozens if not hundreds prospecting emails, a majority of which is pretty crappy, boring, and generic. If these emails are focused on selling rather than on delivering value – they go directly to the garbage bin.


Today’s business environment requires a salesperson to master delivery of effective prospecting emails as a core part of the sales strategy. How many prospects respond to your first emails? Are you sure you stand out of the crowd?

Learn how to craft the perfect message to deliver differentiated email experience to your prospects:

1. Be prospect-centric

Before starting to compose the email, focus on helping your prospect, not on pushing your product or offer. Take your time to visit his/her LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to find out about the hobbies, background, something you may have in common. Visit their website to find out about the possible headaches they may face.

2. Keep your email short and simple

People’s attention span is not more than 8 seconds, so limit yourself to 10 lines maximum.

3. Craft a personalised message

Start your email with recipient’s name (don’t forget to double-check the spelling). Personalised emails have much higher response rate, than ones sent with a spray-and-pray approach.

4. Warm a cold email with a compliment

Share your excitement about the prospect’s recent blog post, conference speech, or article.

5. Capture recipient’s attention

Provide a reason for reaching out. Present a set of ideas that can help the prospect to enhance their business, boost productivity, or solve some specific problems. Address real pain points their business may face.

6. Call-to-action

Engage the prospect into conversation with only one question at a time that doesn’t take much time to reply. The more specific and straightforward the question is the better. E.g. the challenges you prospect is facing every day or what they need to optimise their productivity.

7. Add value

Include a piece of relevant content: a great article, e-book, webinar, or video.

8. Corporate signature

Add professional HTML signature to every email you send in order to promote your company and brand, list necessary contact details in a convenient way, and make a lasting professional impression on your prospect.

9. Earn a reply

If you carefully follow above-listed guidelines, you’ll definitely increase the chances to get your prospect’s reply. After engaging him/her in conversation you’ll be able to offer your services or products, and successfully convert the prospect into established client.



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