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How to Make Your Meetings Schedule Busy and Effective

1. Send Meeting Request to people that signed up to your service
2. Create “Schedule a meeting” button on the website
3. Stop offering time options in the email
4. Use meeting scheduling tool
5. Add link to your scheduler to email signature
6. Use CTA in your signature banners

Useful tools:
1. Newoldstamp - Email signature marketing
2. Zoom- Enterprise video communication tool
3. G Suite - Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet and more for business
4. Slack - Company messenger with a lot of features and integrations
5. ProofHub - One tool for remote work

When we’re talking about organising your meeting's schedule, efficiency is the name of the game. You need to realize that it’s just as difficult for your prospect to carve out the necessary time as it is for you. Everybody’s in the rush and there’s no room for time-consuming ineffective outreach processes. Try putting yourself in your recipient’s shoes, what would make you agree to a meeting when your to-do list is already full-to-bursting?

Send Meeting Request to people that signed up to your service

Time is a valuable commodity for both you and your prospects, that’s why they may be reasonably hesitant to hand over their precious time to someone they don’t know. To sway them to a “yes” answer would be an easier task if they had already signed up to your service. Before popping the meeting question they should be, so to say,  warmed up to your company. Bombarding cold contacts with meeting requests might look like harassment and have the opposite effect. The trick to get your recipients agree to the meeting here is to keep the request short, simple and clear. Beating about the bush will only irritate them. Go straight to the point and state the reason for the meeting in the subject line itself. Ask for an under five minute meeting, get the foot in the door, and may be later they’ll agree to a larger request.


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Create a “Schedule a meeting” button on the website

If you create the “Schedule a meeting” button on your website, you put the power to book meetings in the hands of your prospects, and you save the extra hours which are usually sucked out of your day by writing all those unnecessary emails. Good tactics would be to locate this button at the top of your page, next to FAQ/Pricing/Contact us, thus making it hard to miss. Giving your prospects the opportunity to book the meetings themselves means less hassle to you and shows that you care for their opinion.

Create “Schedule a meeting” button on the website

Stop offering time options in the email

By offering time options in the email, you inevitably start a long-running and tiring thread of emails trying to negotiate with your prospect suitable meeting time. Your other prospects will have to wait, feeling uncared for and unimportant while this back and forth of meeting scheduling drags on. Your hands are tied until one prospect confirms the time, so you can’t offer this time slot to other prospects, and they eventually lose interest. So, my advice to you, don’t get into this trap!

Use meeting scheduling tool

In order to schedule appointments in a convenient and headache-free manner, use a meeting scheduling tool like Cogsworth appointment scheduler. This meeting scheduler website has a very simple booking page and allows you to customize it according to your needs. You can easily sync this meeting scheduler online with your calendar, so that it will show all the available slots. Moreover it helps you to define the approximate duration of the meeting, in order to keep your day organised. Being mobile friendly, Cogsworth may be also used as an app to coordinate schedules and help you find the time that works for everyone. Now, that we started talking about time, you might think that it’s the best appointment scheduling app, because it saves you from counting hours and making embarrassing mistakes by solving the Time Difference problem. And in our digital age of interconnectivity that’s a serious benefit. Apart from that, this calendar meeting scheduler can be integrated into your special landing page and do wonders to your conversion rates. Just be sure to use a tool that allows you to send appointment reminder texts to prevent no-shows after a meeting is booked.


Add link to your scheduler to email signature

Embed the link to your scheduler into your email signature. This way every time you communicate with the prospect, they will have the opportunity to arrange a meeting. Newoldstamp creates professional email signature templates which may be customized to your corporate branding. You may adjust it to your business needs, select fonts and colors, upload logo and also insert the scheduler button. With the help of smartly designed templates your prospects will feel empowered and you will free up some time for a coffee break.

Use CTA in your signature banners

Your email signature banner is a smart and low-cost way to promote your business, that is why using CTA like “Book me”, “Schedule a meeting” or “Let’s talk” is an easy and effective tactics how to get your prospects book a meeting and move in the conversion process.

NEWOLDSTAMP email signature examples


So the general takeaway here is, that if you prime your prospects (send meeting requests to those who signed up to your service); create scheduler button which will help you to avoid back-and-forth emailing nightmare; use meeting scheduling tool like Cogsworth and embed it in the email signature created by Newoldstamp - you will be able to lay back and watch your calendar fill up.


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