How to Create Gmail Signature

Volodymyr Written by Volodymyr Aug 11, 2016

Gmail email signature

Gmail is one of the most widespread email clients. People over the world choose it for their everyday communication. However, not all of them know how to create a Gmail signature. Let's go through this simple article if you face the same issue.

Gmail has its own native opportunity to insert a signature. However, there you can only type a plain text and change its color. In order to create something really special, people use online software for Gmail signature.

Think, it's complicated? It's a piece of cake actually. We can describe this process as basic three-steps procedure for 5-10 minutes.

1. Choose a software you would wish to use for your Gmail signature. Newoldstamp seems to be one of the most popular, it's also quite easy and engaging.

2. Press a button "Create free signature". You will be led to the editor. There you can type whatever you need - your contact into, social media profiles, company, add an image.

Create Professional Email Signature for Gmail

However, this is a free tool, so it has its limitations. For instance, you cannot modify your template - just to pick up one of three offered options. In order to make something really special, try upgraded account. It costs a few dollars more but provides you with unlimited opportunities for personalization. Make it special and unique, stay out of a crowd.

3. OK, we hope you're done with a design for now, as we move to the next step. When you finished your signature, you need to save it. Done? Then click a button of copying it under Gmail signature picture.

After this, you need to open your inbox, go to settings and find a field with a signature. Insert your template into it. Our congrats: you're done!

Just send a test letter before starting messaging to people: make sure everything works perfectly.

Hope with NEWOLDSTAMP you'll turn a process of signature creation into fun.


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