11 Groups of Spam Words to Avoid in Your Letter

OstapWritten by OstapJul 06, 2016

Email marketing is not simple spreading your newsletters into thousands of folders. It’s a real art. To manage it properly, you should have both inspirations for engaging content, and knowledge of techniques in order not to be banned by the mail client. This process consists of many details. Let’s take a look at simple and obvious - spam words which are a signal to throw you away from an inbox.

Nothing should be for “free”

The majority of marketing letters we receive are aimed to force us to buy something. That’s why they are competing in order to show us so attractive offer that we cannot refuse and not click. The magic trigger is big value without payment.

Therefore, many of us have been attacked by a group of “free” offers which are now a feature of spammy letters. Here are a few examples: free consultation, free leads, free DVD, free offer, free money, free quote, free sample, free trial, no cost.

Income related spam words group

The second spam words batch is related to money. It’s quite popular to hack the accounts of famous people or your friends and send you disgusting letters about investments or making millions from one dollar.

Let’s keep in mind to avoid these spam words: additional income, avoid bankruptcy, be your own boss, big bucks, billion dollars, cents on the dollar, no fees, financial freedom, your income offer of partnership and so on.

“Dear” also belongs to spam words

We should regret all royal English lovers: traditional polite greeting also is on the list. As far as many spammers start their messages in this way, Google and other mail clients view it as an additional signal. Surely, you will not fall out of inbox just because of “dear” in the beginning, but if you have a poor online reputation, it will contribute to it.

Forcing person to perform an action

All marketers know: if you want a person to buy, do should give a tempting offer and limit its duration. Thus, if the product or service impressed the reader, he or she is not thinking about its necessity or relevance - he or she does not think at all, being driven by emotion. This is a moment of glory for a seller. More time passes - fewer chances to sell.

Therefore, spammers keep a person in a hurry and use such spam words: act now, urgent, do it today, don’t hesitate, not to sell anything, lowest price.

Asking to perform an action

Very close to the previous group - phrases which force to perform an action.

They may be: click now, order now, buy direct, call now and so on.

The mechanics - as with previous calls to action.

Claiming they sell nothing

If you are going to tell your reader that you do not sell something, stop now. Many real sellers follow this technique. Therefore, mail provider is clever enough to check it as email spam words.

Therefore, never write any selling. Never offer to cancel at any time. These words are your ticket to a spam box.

Never try to surprise or amaze

Well, try and do this, with quality products and services. But just listing that your offer is amazing will not add value to inspiring people to buy. But it will trigger a filter to become more attentive to your content.

List of spam words includes: amazing, be amazed, easy terms, it’s effective.

Applying to the basic needs

Many salespersons way letters as the best way to apply to basic needs and problems of people, such as overweight, problems with sexuality and so on.

Therefore, everything which offers to lose weight, meet singles, no age restrictions, viagra and other drugs, wakes up spam blockers.

Internet marketing offers

Sounds strange, but many people who offer marketing services do not know marketing well (or they are just cheaters).

If you get or make a promise of more internet traffic, multi-level marketing, direct marketing, direct email, increase sales, increase traffic - be sure these are spam words blocked.

Old-fashion congratulations with a big success

I remember the time some years ago when almost every month or even week I won something. It was a big lottery, a million dollars, luxury car, my old granny in London who left me the legacy. Actually having all that benefits I should live at luxury resorts till the end of my life.

Therefore, claims you are a winner, congratulations are also spam words.

If you are telling you’re not a spam, you probably are

It may be a gentle action, but do not let people know that you support an anti-spam law or “we hate spam”. That is what many spammers do.

Hope you’re now equipped with what may help you run successful email marketing campaigns. These spam words are not your key to success, but the advice which may save many your efforts. Share it to social media to keep in mind and use as a checklist before sending the letters. We at NEWOLDSTAMP keep our fingers crossed for you!


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