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4 Video Email Marketing Ideas for Your Real Estate Business

1. 4 Video Email Marketing Ideas for Real Estate
2. Idea 1. Give Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
3. Idea 2. Offer Email Home Tours with 360-degree and POV Videos
4. Idea 3. Add the Word “Video” to the Subject Line
5. Idea 4. Create Intrigue with Instant Videos
6. Videolize Real Estate with Email

Useful tools:
1. Newoldstamp - Email signature marketing
2. Mailchimp - Email builder and sender
3. VidIQ - Marketing tool for YouTube
4. MailerLite - Landing page builder 
5. Canva - Online tool for making designs

Using video email marketing for real estate is a wonderful idea.

Email has been a tried and tested tool for realtors and other real estate professionals for years. In fact, our report highlights Real Estate as a top adopter of email signatures, with 14.7% of professionals leveraging this powerful tool. Explore this trend and other industry insights in our comprehensive report, which offers valuable email marketing statistics and trends.

use of communications and technology products

source: NAR.realtor

According to research by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 93% of realtors use email every day for communication purposes. 

Naturally, most of them use email not only to get in touch with their clients but to advertise properties to them. And what’s the best way to showcase a property online? Video, of course! 

Surprisingly, only a third of real estate professionals use video marketing.

video marketing segmentation

source: NAR.realtor

Another survey by NAR claims that 38% of real estate professionals already use video marketing in their businesses, 32% hope to use it in the future, and 30% don’t use video marketing and have no plans to start doing so.

Today, if you’re in the real estate business and you don’t use video marketing, you’re losing a tremendous opportunity. Did you know that homebuyers love watching videos before making their final decision?

information sources used in home search

source: NAR.realtor

Research by NAR also claims that 37% of real estate clients visit video websites when searching for a home. Not to mention that they watch videos on other marketing channels such as social media, search engines, and… email.

4 Video Email Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

Video and email are marketing techniques that offer big potential for real estate.

We already collected more than forty recommendations to help real estate professionals become better at video and email marketing — and to benefit from content marketing, social media, online ads, and PPC advertising. 


Now it’s time to dive deeper into how video and email can work together to achieve better results in the real estate industry.

Idea 1. Give Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

One of the major responsibilities of real estate professionals is to answer questions from their clients. Sometimes, they’re bizarre questions. 

What would you answer if Arnold Schwarzenegger asked you about parking a tank?

Jokes aside, you should definitely give a try to Q&A videos when planning your video email marketing strategy. This type of video content allows you not only to give answers to your clients’ burning questions but also to:

  • promote the real estate you’re offering
  • interact with your audience
  • educate your audience

Moreover, we recommend you create a series of emails based on Q&A videos. In this way, you can find out whether your clients like such content and create better relationships with your entire audience or a certain segment.

Check out this FAQ video by Coldwell Banker Real Estate:

Coldwell Banker gives a great example of how to personalize your video. There are two things you should pay attention to when watching this video.

The first is that the company lets real people ask frequently asked questions themselves. Second, Coldwell Banker lets viewers receive answers directly from a professional by introducing one of their team members.

Idea 2. Offer Email Home Tours with 360-degree and POV Videos

You have lots of potential clients who haven’t seen all the properties you offer, don’t you?

Create the best first impression by sending them an email with a 360-degree video.

360-degree videos will enliven your home tours and give both potential and current clients the best home tour experience they could ever have online.

Alternatively, you can add a POV version of the same video for people who don’t have VR glasses or who don’t want to rotate their mouse to explore a 360-degree video.

Another great idea is creating an A/B test of both video formats to see which works best for your audience.

Idea 3. Add the Word “Video” to the Subject Line

According to The Close, around 73% of homeowners are more likely to work with a real estate agent who sells property using video. This sheds light on one important thing: Real estate clients enjoy watching video content. 

And it doesn’t matter who you are in the real estate market and who your target audience is: homeowners, landlords, home buyers, or renters. Everyone who’s looking for a home appreciates receiving a video from a real estate professional.

When it comes to video emails, you should let your clients know there’s a video in your email as soon as possible so they open it and you score one more point in your career.

One of the best ways to make your clients open a video email is to add the word “video” to the subject line. 

video in subject line

source: Cincopa

Keep in mind that recipients will probably notice your email when they get a notification on their smartphone. The subject line is the first thing they’ll see once they receive your email. Naturally, you should do your best to attract their attention and make them tap on it as soon as possible.

Idea 4. Create Intrigue with Instant Videos

People live at a very fast pace online. They consume at least a few minutes of video content every day, which makes them choosy.

For most industries and markets, there’s one simple rule you should follow if you want to succeed with your video marketing campaign:

The shorter the marketing video, the better.

When it comes to Facebook ads, Facebook recommends all businesses create videos that are less than 15 seconds. Otherwise, viewers are likely to close the video without watching it till the end.

Obviously, real estate clients have more patience than other online users and will welcome videos that are several minutes long. The tips we mentioned above prove that.

Still, instant videos may be useful for real estate video email marketing.

Want to get more leads or traffic for your website? Give your clients a sneak peek by sending them an email with a short video and a link to the full video on your website.

Another advantage of short videos is that they’re easy to make. Just pick a few best moments from an original long video and cut them for an instant short version. 

Many companies do this using artificial intelligence platforms. AI saves lots of time, especially if you want to produce short videos at scale.

Videolize Real Estate with Email

While email marketing is one of the most popular marketing techniques, video marketing is only just gaining momentum among real estate professionals.

But video and email are a win-win combination for any kind of real estate business. You can use plenty of video formats in email to achieve various advertising objectives.

You can use video in email to communicate with your audience, give them insights about real estate as an industry, share your victories, and, of course, promote your properties in any way you wish.

Hope you find the ideas in this article useful for your real estate career. Good luck with your video email marketing!

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