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Top 5 Quick Tips for Every Your Email

Many people view themselves as the masters of emails just because they send them every day. However, proper writing is something more complicated than to type a few words and press “send”. Would you like to achieve your goals with every letter? Check and fix these simple email writing tips.

email writing tips
Start with smart introduction

Everyone starts with a greeting, so we will not focus on these email etiquette tips. However, next line of many letters is catastrophic. People try to sell something in the first sentence, start with how nice they are or even worse: begin with a boring story or typical marketing statements.

Business email tips claim you to pay attention to your introduction. It has to be short. It has to be smart. And up to the point.

Famous writers recommend: when a composition is finished, just delete first paragraphs - the story will lose nothing. In the mail, instead of paragraphs remove first two-three lines. Do you see how simple and clear your letter is now?

Talk about your reader, not yourself

People love talking about themselves. It does not matter that you have breathtaking news about a new product or your company was listed among top 5. People are not worried about your success, except if these are your competitors.

Simple email tips for business are: talk about your reader, not yourself. Personalize your message and let it speak directly to a person. Instead of saying: “my company builds long-term relations” state that clients prefer to work on a long-term basis as they enjoy service. Instead of telling how beautiful new dress is ask a person to imagine how she would look in it. These email tips work everywhere for everyone, as they are the foundation of efficient communication.

List the benefits

When you want a person to perform some action - and it does not matter if you sell the newest smartphone or just schedule an appointment with a friend - you should be persuasive. People are too busy that they pay attention only to valuable things.

Therefore, our simple email tips are to list the benefits. Not obligatory in bullet points or with numbers. Just hide your benefits in every sentence and tell a person what he or she gains. Do not look obsessive and knock on everyone’s door like cosmetics salers, but let a person conclude that your offer is beneficial. Remember about email etiquette tips and never overdo.

Include a call to action

Statistics by Campaign Monitor proved that including a call to action button increases conversion up to 28%. These simple business email writing tips can help you to engage more people with every letter.

Such email tips do not mean that you should cry about buying in every line. No way. You can express a call to action in many ways like offering to go to a website, to start a trial, to order a product, to message back, to sign a petition, schedule a meeting or whatever you want.

Everything you do before a call to action is reasoning, persuading an addressee that he or she needs to execute an action.

State your call to action at the end of a mail - it should be the last paragraph before closure. Email writing tips are simple: use only one CTA (without options like “call or message”, as this disappoints people). Be clear and up to the point. Use formatting (colors, fonts) or design a button (which is the best option).

Finish with professional email signature

Finish with professional email signature

It belongs to email etiquette and business email writing tips. When you close your letter, you probably type something like “Kind regards” or “Have a nice day”. The following line is your name.

That’s nice. That works.

However, when you write a professional email you should perfect every single detail. Email tips for the highest engagement and boosted traffic to your website and social media profiles are to complete your email with a signature.

It has to include your name, position, contact information, website, social media profiles, logotype or photo. Email writing tips are to insert links into a signature and use it as an additional tool of promotion. Moreover, you can achieve a wow-effect: people can glance at your signature and wonder how beautiful it is.

Between two options - to write something ordinary or not to write at all, I would choose the second one. These are simple email writing tips that many people skip. However, they add value to every letter. Start using them now - and share your experience in the comments.


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