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How Do You Add a Hyperlink to an Email Signature

1. What is a Hyperlink?
2. Why Use Hyperlinks in Email Signatures?
3. When Should Hyperlinks be used in Email Signatures
4. How to Insert a Hyperlink in Your Email Signature

What is a Hyperlink?

A Hyperlink is a text or picture on a web page that you click on to visit a new page or jump to a new content area. Hyperlinks, or just "links," are common on Web pages but can be found in other hypertext documents, mail apps, and email clients.

What is Hypelink

Why Use Hyperlinks in Email Signatures?

Email signatures with clickable links are used for business promotion. To create your email signature, use one of the 5 most popular methods.

The best way is to create a clickable email signature via email signature generators.

The simple editor gives you the possibility to add all information, images, and links in 2 minutes. There you can track your links, run banner campaigns and manage all signatures in one place. Also, it will be working perfectly on all email clients and devices.

There are a lot of elements in the email signature to make them clickable. Here are the most popular places where you can insert a link :

1. Logo/photo (could redirect you to a website, portfolio, or social media profile)
2. Address (tapping on the link may show your address on Google Maps)
3. Website (promote your company web address, landing pages, or blog)
4. Banner or Clickable CTA (the best way to advertise events, discounts, specials, related articles, book a demo, schedule a call, and more)
5. Social icons (to promote your media profiles)

Add hyperlink to an email signature

When Should Hyperlinks be Used in Email Signatures?

It must be in an email signature all the time! Because without hyperlinks email signature will be just a branded personal card at the bottom of your email. So, keep in mind adding and checking all your links before sending emails, and make sure to avoid including any unnatural links that could harm your online reputation.

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How to Insert a Hyperlink in Your Email Signature

You can do it in different ways. First of all, it depends on how you create your signature. If you want to add a hyperlink to your email signature, go to your email client's signature settings. For example, for Gmail signature, add or change your hyperlinks directly from the General tab in the signature section.

How to Insert a Hyperlink in Your Email Signature

How to Hyperlink an Email Address

If you find yourself wondering how to hyperlink an email address, you can add a link to your email signature.
In this way, recipients will be able to contact you right from the email footer without composing an email.
Just add
mailto: tag before your email: <a href=”mailto:name@example.com”>Your Email</a>

How to Create Hyperlink in Email Signature Using Newoldstamp

Newoldstamp email signature editor allows adding hyperlinks to pretty much any content. You can easily add links for all your images using direct fields. The same works with your contact information. Just put a link in the right field, and your text will open a hyperlink dialog box with every tap on it.

hyperlink email signature

Also, Newoldstamp allows adding links to CTAs (engaging messages and buttons). It helps you grab recipients’ attention and get more leads, demos, meetings, downloads, subscribes, etc.

Don’t forget about links on social media icons as well. These will help you promote your profiles faster and get more followers.


Adding hyperlinks to your email signatures is a nice way to promote any content or website. With a professional email signature editor, it is easy as pie.


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