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Create Email in Three Simple Steps

Living without an e-mail folder is a challenge nowadays. Browsing the Internet is much easier with it, and you cannot use the majority of software or social networks if you do not create an email. Therefore, how to start an email account? Let's pass three basic steps.

woman shows the chartsPick up a provider first

Typing "mail service" in search engine, you'll get plenty of results. Such diversity is beneficial if you are going to get a few addresses. But what if the situation is opposite, and you need the only one?

In order to create an email which is reliable, better to choose from e-mail giants. Those providers that occupy a dominant position not only guarantee higher security or usability but also have more extensions available and are synchronized with a wider range of services. For instance, with Gmail you get an access to many Google products, including docs, analytics, drive and so on.

Recently we wrote you about top 10 providers. Don't think a lot - just find one which looks fine for you personally.

In my opinion, Gmail and Outlook are still rocking.

Create email account following an instruction

When you are done with the previous step, and the home for your online correspondence is found, open the website of chosen company and follow an instruction.

Mainly you create email ID with your virtual name. If you plan to use an account for business, better not to be so creative - just type your name - point - and your surname.

It should look this way: name.surname@mail.provider

Then you need to fill some other information, like your age, gender. The crucial part is your password. It should be strong enough, as the problem of the majority broken mails is a weak password.

Then answer an additional question to identify you if you forget a password, as well as connect to your mobile phone or other addresses - with safety purpose.

After clicking a button you make your personal new e-mail folder.

man sens an emailCustomize your account

Final step is to fit a new mail to your needs. Just chose a theme, edit your personal information, add photo and so on.

Many folders also allow you to create email contact book or even synchronize it with a CRM. You can add some extensions or software to make your box more useful.

Also the important thing is to add a signature - some people do not remember about this beneficial feature of business ethics.

Send the first letter - and you will check how everything works. You even may enter yourself as an addressee :)

Three easy actions - and you create an email that may serve your needs for a long time. Don't lose your time - just do it.


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