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How to Add a Professional Email Signature in Mailbird

As Mailbird is undoubtedly a nice alternative to any desktop app email client, you sure need a signature added there. Even if you are a solo user, an email signature in Mailbird can help with making your message look more human. Also, everything that goes in email footer you can utilize as a marketing channel.

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How do you add an email signature in Mailbird

Mailbird desktop client has a simple email signature installation process.

1. Open Mailbird app. Click the button in the top right corner and choose ‘Settings.’

Open Settings in Mailbird app

2. In the opened window, go to ‘Identities’ and choose the account where you want to add a signature. You can create a new one clicking ‘Add’ or use an existing one (then choose ‘Edit’).

Add a new email signature to Mailbird

3. Fill in the required information if needed and paste your signature to the dialog box. If you use more than one account, make sure you’ve checked the box “Use a different signature than for.”

Fill in the email signature information before adding

4. When you compose a new email, your email signature in Mailbird will be automatically added at the bottom.

Create new email with an email signature in Mailbird

How to create an email signature

If you’re wondering how to make a proper email signature that really stands out and works in every email client, Mailbird included, here are the steps.

1. Go to the Newoldstamp email signature generator.

2. Fill in your basic info and add contact information.

Add your email signature basic information

3. Add your photo or company logo. Also, choose and adjust social media icons that will be linked to your profiles.

Add a professional photo to your email signature

4. Choose the email signature template that fits you the best.

Select the best email signature template for Mailbird

5. Choose from the variety of signature apps that Newoldstamp has tp offer. This could be custom CTA links and buttons, legal disclaimer, AppStore installation link, etc.

Add CTA buttons to your email signature

6. Consider using an email signature banner that can help you promote anything with each email sent.

Add a professional email signature banner

7. When you’re finished with your email signature, click ‘Save and install.’

Easily install your email signature

8. Choose the ‘Other’ option and click ‘Copy and proceed.’ Now you can insert your email signature in Mailbird as described above.

Copy and paste email signature in Mailbird

As you can see, creating and installing an email signature to your Mailbird account is easy and takes just a couple of minutes. However, there’s no better way to promote yourself or your brand via email than with a signature. Its marketing opportunities are endless.

email signature generator

So, do use Newoldstamp signature generator that can help you create a responsive email signature for Mailbird easily and effortlessly.


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