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HelgaWritten by HelgaJul 29, 2019

1. What does a basic business email signature look like?
2. Should you add your own photo or company logo to a professional business email footer?
3. What social media accounts are professional enough to add to a business email signature?
4. How to use CTA buttons in your email business card templates to get the best results?
5. What does the best promotional banner to add to your online business card look like?
6. How to be the most productive in editing and managing corporate email signatures? 

A well-designed email signature is an excellent marketing tool for professionals and business owners across various industries. Whether you want to boost sales, grow your social networks, drive website traffic, or improve your email response rate, a well-thought-out email footer can help you achieve all of this and more. What is crucial, however, is that you need to choose the right business email signature example for your industry and goals.


What does a basic business email signature look like? 

For starters, a professional email signature template should have the following.

  • Your name, position, and department included

The main idea is to identify the signature owner and make it clear what their role is within the company. Write your full name, but don't use any nicknames. Then include the position/title you hold at your company. Add your department if needed.

  • Phone numbers provided

Make it easy to call you. If your best contact number is your mobile, add it to your online business card. Don't put your office number if your company doesn't answer the phone and can't connect people with you. You may also want to use a click-to-call link for all phone numbers.

  • Physical and email addresses listed

Include your office address. You can add a Google Maps link too. For many companies, this doesn't always make sense. But international corporations that have several offices across the country or around the world usually include office location in their signatures. It helps to be relevant. 

Add your email address. However, this is optional because experts argue whether it makes sense. While some say that your email address is already available to the recipient if you are sending them an email; others remind us that some email clients show only the names instead of the senders' email addresses.

Should you add your own photo or company logo to a professional business email footer? 

People remember visuals better than text. However, those who want to create an email signature often wonder if it is “professional” to add a personal photo to a business email signature, or just weird. 

✔ Do

  • Add your professional photo

Email signature example with photo - Newoldstamp

Adding a personal photo can increase trust and help you build a relationship with customers. But be sure to use only professional, high-quality, and not blurry images. 


  • Use a company logo instead 

email signature example with logo - Newoldstamp

A company logo in an email signature for business can help raise brand awareness and recognition. Add the logo if you want to advertise your brand better.

✖ Don't

  • Make the picture too big

email signature example with big photo - NOS

The picture size depends on how wide the rest of your email signature is, and how it will fit into the existing design. However, in our email signature generator, we recommend using the optimal size for logos and photos between 100-300 pixels wide.  The bigger your image is, the more time it takes for the recipient to preload it.

  • Use inappropriate photos

innapropriate photo in email signature

Be sure to use a professional headshot, preferably made in the same style for each team member, and definitely not a selfie or cropped photos.

  • Upload pictures to every email

If you upload pictures to every email, they may be treated as spam, so consider using online signature generators where images are stored on servers

What social media accounts are professional enough to add to a business email signature? 

People are too lazy to check if you have profiles on social networks. Including social media buttons in your email signature can make it easier for readers to follow and like you. But do you know what accounts to link? Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, or all of those?

email signature example with social icons - Newoldstamp

✔ Absolutely add

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best social media for business to strengthen business relationships. So it’s a 100% must-have.

  • Facebook

While your business partners may be present on LinkedIn, most of your customers probably use Facebook, the top-used social networking site in the world in 2019.

SMM activity data - most popular media

source: Digitalinformationworld

  • Twitter

Businesses related to entertainment, politics, sports, real estate, or marketing can easily earn tremendous engagement on Twitter. However, it's better to avoid including your corporate Twitter account in your email signature if you haven’t tweeted for more than a year. Your recipients deserve to read only relevant and up-to-date content.

You might post on a variety of social media platforms, but when it comes to promoting them all in your email footer, our best advice would be to limit the number of links to a maximum of five. 

Read our blog post: “How to Grow Followers of Your LinkedIn Business Page.”

➔ Consider adding

  • Pinterest

Add Pinterest if you use a lot of visual content like infographics.

  • Instagram

Instagram works incredibly well if you are a blogger or brand yourself as a person.

  • YouTube

Consider adding YouTube if you are a video blogger or frequently present your product in videos.

email signature banner for blog

How to use CTA buttons in your email business card templates to get the best results? 

No matter how neat and creative your email footer is, if it doesn't tell recipients what you expect them to do, it is unlikely that they will ever go to your website/social media/event/etc. Read on to see several ideas for prompting action from your email readers.

  • Link your social media profiles to buttons

Social media profiles in email signature

Condense long social media links into short and easy words or phrases that instantly bring the recipients where they need to be at the click of mouse. 

  • Share your AppStore or Google Play apps with buttons

email signature example with Appstore button

Let anyone who you are emailing with see and download your apps.

  • Invite recipients to sign up

email signature example with sign up button - Newoldstamp

By placing a hyperlinked call to action in your email footer, you have the ability to turn every reader into a subscriber.

  • Encourage people to call you

encourage people to call you with Newoldstamp email signature

Tell people you are open to communicating with them.

  • Add appointment schedulers

appointment scheduler signature - Newoldstamp

Give recipients the option to book an appointment with you easily.

  • Promote your product demo

Newoldstamp email signature example with book a demo

Include a link to a video demonstrating your product/service or offer to schedule a demo.

  • Let addressees subscribe to your blog

Well-written and value-packed blog posts may be what convinces the recipient that the product or service you offer is credible and trustworthy. Including a blog post link in your online business card design can be an excellent way to showcase your expertise.

Bonus: “The Ultimate Guide to Email Signature: Call-to-Action.” 

What does the best promotional banner to add to your online business card look like? 

Banners in email signatures are great to show your expertise and add up to your promotion. What should you insert in your banner? 

✔ You can

  • Use alert words

Consider using alert words that encourage users to click on your banners and see what the rush is about. For instance, “Lifetime access to over 1000 video courses,” “Get our best-performing ad templates,” “Top 3 undiscovered food photography tricks.”

  • Offer something valuable

email signature example with Ebook - Newoldstamp

Give people valuable eBooks, checklists, videos, tips, and how-to’s.

  • Invite recipients to an event

email signature example with exent banner - Newoldstamp

Notify people about the upcoming event so they can attend. Also, be sure to provide the information like: what, when, where, etc.

  • Introduce a sale offer 

email signature example with sale banner - Newoldstamp

You might also want to add promotional banners to your email footer to promote an upcoming sale.

Read our blog post: “The Best Sales Call to Action Examples to Improve Your Conversion Rates.”

Showcase your company's awards

email signature example with award banner - Newoldstamp

Banners can help you demonstrate your expertise so your potential customers know you are someone they can rely on.

  • Make company-wide announcements

email signature example with Cta banner - Newoldstamp

Each email sent by employees internally presents an opportunity to share your internal news & announcements, marketing updates, onboarding practices, and so on.

  • Introduce new products

You can use banners for advertising your new products. 

  • Сongratulate addressees with holidays

email signature example with holiday greeetings - Newoldstamp

Many companies add banners to their email footers at Christmas time, wishing their readers a great holiday season. 

✖ You shouldn't

  • Make your banners too wide or colorful

This can not only look tasteless but also irritate the reader.

  • Include irrelevant photos or pictures in a banner

With images, it's better to stick to the rule “the lesser, the better.”  The images you choose should be relevant to the product or service you are promoting.

  • Add inspirational quotes

If you choose to share personal quotes in your email signature, keep in mind that some recipients can be easily offended or may not like the humor you are using. 

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How to be the most productive in editing and managing corporate email signatures? 

  • Centrally manage and edit all your email signatures with an online generator

Manage all signature with Newoldstamp

Today, there are many innovative email signature creators available online that are free and offer you the ability to make a professional email footer. You can select one of the nice-looking templates developed by experienced designers, upload your logo or personal photo, add your contact details, and then simply copy-paste the signature directly into your email client and include it on every mail you send. Moreover, most of these tools allow you to manage and edit all email signatures in your company centrally.

Easily create your professional email signature with our free email signature generator.

  • Create marketing campaigns in your email signatures

Use your email footer to support your marketing campaigns. For example, add links to social media, links to the latest content, links to webinars or events which you are going to attend, a newsletter subscription link.

  • Use similar signatures for all of your employees

similar email signatures - Newoldstamp

When a signature of one of your employees impresses, but the rest of them aren't neat, it may be even worse than using nothing at all. If you care about the branding of your business, it is critical to agree on a professional business email signature examples format for everyone and send it to every employee. 

Final thoughts

Professional email footers used in business correspondence should stand out from email signatures used for personal purposes. Here are some basic rules to follow: 

  • Include your name, position, and relevant phone numbers;
  • Add office location, especially for international companies with multiple offices;
  • Add a high-quality personal photo or a company logo;
  • Promote only those social media profiles where you post regularly. Your recipients deserve to read relevant and up-to-date content only;
  • Best social media for business are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. If you develop a lot of visual content, consider adding Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube to your email signature;
  • Limit the number of social media links to a maximum of five. 
  • Use call-to-action buttons to prompt action from your email readers;
  • Add banners in your email signature to show your expertise and add to your promotion;
  • Use email signature generators to be the most productive in editing and managing corporate email footers.

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