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What Size Should an Email Signature Be?

1. Email Signature Weight
2. Email Signature Dimensions
3. Impact of Small Email Signature Size
4. Character Limit of Your Email Client
5. Ways To Reduce Your Email Signature Size
6. Using Signature Generator

Have you already recognized all the benefits of using email signatures as an important part of your overall marketing strategy?

If you have not used it yet, you should definitely give it a try. And if you are currently using it, you might be asking yourself questions regarding the best email signature to use.

But be aware that the best email signature does not only imply the best visual look and the relevancy to your company’s needs but also email signature size.

The size of email signatures does matter a lot and does make a difference. This is the subject you might not have thought about a lot. But if you are willing to have the best email signature, you should think about its size as well.

Make your email signature size appropriate

So, what size should your email signature have?

Before giving a precise answer, let’s look at different factors and parameters that have an impact on the size of an email signature.

Email Signature Size Guide

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Email Signature Weight

These days people send and receive tons of business emails daily. And now imagine that every email contains a signature that gives extra weight to the email. Opening a very big email might cause some trouble. A lot of companies set up size limits on incoming emails. If an email contains a big image, it might not even be delivered.

Considering everything mentioned, make sure that your signature weights no more than 50 kB. Ideally, its weight should be around 25KB. The less its size, the better.

Email signature should take no more than 50 kB

After all, you should be sure that your emails open quickly and effortlessly. No one wants to spend extra time waiting for the email to be opened.

The best email signature should, by all means, open very quickly and shouldn’t cause any frustrations.

Email Signature Dimensions

It is important to pay attention not only to the email signature weight but also to email signature dimensions.

You would want people to send clean emails without any crops. Often, when the edges are cut out from the emails, they might have the reverse effect.  Instead of having an appealing look, they look unattractively.

So, this is quite a reason to consider the dimensions before sending out such emails.

The standard email signature size for desktop users should be around 650px wide. Yet, it’s still preferable to keep it a bit smaller, at about 600px.

Also, if you want recipients able to read your emails on mobile devices, you should consider the size of mobile screen devices. They are usually between 320 and 500px wide.

So, it’s preferable to keep the width of an email signature at around 320px.

Email signature dimensions should be appropriate

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Impact of Small Email Signature Size

As we’ve shown before, the size for the email signature does matter and does make a difference. And if you strive for perfection and want to have the best email signature, try to make it small in size.

And here are more reasons why to give preference to small email signature size:

First of all, large email signatures can soon grow mailbox databases to very big sizes. And in case you want to migrate email servers to another platform, it will cause a lot of trouble.

So, by keeping an email signature size small, you are saving yourself from future troubles.

If your email signature is small in size, it won’t take long to open an email with it. Besides, you can be sure that it will get opened at all.

Email clients size limits

source: mailtrap

Finally, if you send smaller email signatures, you are doing a favor to your recipients as well (by saving up their mail storage space and not making their database larger).

Character Limit of Your Email Client

Also, be aware of the fact that quite a number of email clients have character limits in their email signature settings. So, you have to take it into account when sending emails with signatures.

Now, let’s have a closer look at each email client you might be using while sending signature emails:

Gmail has set a limit of up to 10,000 characters, which is pretty good. Such a character limit wouldn’t interfere much with your idea and creativity to send the best email signature you can think of.

If you use Outlook.com, you should be more careful with the size of an email signature. This email client has an approximately 5,120 character limit, so consider it before sending out emails.

The character limit in AOL mail is the shortest of all email clients. And it means that you won’t be able to send any fancy-designed email signature templates using this client.

All the email signatures sent via Yahoo should contain less than 10, 000 characters, so you will need to reduce them to match that size.

Ways To Reduce Your Email Signature Size           

As for now, you should understand email signatures more. Particularly, the importance of the smaller size of email signatures.

And here are some ways of how you can reduce your email signature size:

  • make sure that you include only relevant information in the email signature;
  • try to avoid attaching large banners (The best option would be to upload your image to the hosting and add a link to your signature);
  • pay attention to the size of the photo, as the file shouldn’t be too big.

Finally, try to use full email signatures only when sending external emails. There’s no need to include fancy email signatures when sending emails to your colleagues.

Using Signature Generator

So, you can use our recommendation for size and reduce your email signatures if needed.

But it all takes time and effort. And if you prefer to allocate this time to developing your business, you can use a signature generator like Newoldstamp that will take care of your signature design, size, dimensions, and other limitations.

Newoldstamp email signature editor

Besides, it’s a cost-effective way to create the best email signature that will appear correctly in all the devices. 

With the help of Newoldstamp, you can have professional HTML email signatures made specifically for your company’s needs.

Create Professional Email Signature

You could also try it for free and install HTML email signatures (no worries, you don’t need to know coding to do that) using free email signature templates.

Make your emails stand out and be sure that they are read and displayed correctly on all the devices.


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