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How to Write Email Sales Scripts That Work Using the Best Templates

1. Why you need sales scripts templates?
2. Sales script writing techniques and tips
3. How you can provide value in your sales scripts
4. Best sales email sequences
5. Five email templates for sales

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Finally, the day came when you finished working on your product. Well, now it would be nice to sell it. And while some people find selling as easy as pie, others avoid it like the plague. It is undeniable that for many of us the sales art is not easy to master. But let’s remember that there are people who need to meet every single customer in person to close the deal. And that's what really is difficult.


When you sell online, you don’t need to worry about whether the suit is sitting well on you or whether you are blushing. With the growth of the Internet, we can all sell while we are wearing a bathrobe, having fun, and even sleeping. How? By selling to our email list while having a cake and wearing a pink bathrobe. Can you imagine that?

So, make yourself comfortable, have a cup of coffee, and read this article. Today, we will be talking about sales scripts that sell.

Why you need sales scripts templates?

To make a sale, you will need to send dozens of cold emails on a day-to-day basis. And, of course, you won't write separate emails to each prospect. Instead, you would need to change several words here and there to personalize the email and demonstrate your relationship with the customer. That’s where sales scripts templates come in. Using email templates allows you to eliminate manual work re-entering the same text over and over.

Sales script writing techniques and tips

You most likely have your own unique style for capturing prospects' attention and communicating with them, but there are still some core points to keep in mind if you want to create sales scripts that sell.

  • Segment your leads

This will allow you to deliver the right content to the right recipients, at the right time. We have recently covered the topic of list segmentation in our blog. Feel free to check it out.

  • Make it personal

Use personalized email scripts

image source: Mailigen

Non-personalized sales email scripts are definitely not the best way to start new relationships with your customers. A personalized message, on the contrary, makes the recipient feel good because you acknowledge them and their preferences. However, keep in mind that personalization shouldn't be restricted to addressing your prospect by the first name. Consider highlighting mutual connections, sending location-based event notifications, birthday and anniversary emails, etc.

  • Consider your subject line

Clearly, you are not the only sender trying to convey something to your prospect. Dozens if not hundreds of other emails arrive at people's inboxes every day. And most of them won't be opened and read because people often scroll down their inbox to spot the message that looks important. That means you have to find a way to stand out. Crafting a catchy, compelling subject line is the answer. You can use personalized, humorous, and creative subject lines. Most people also respond positively to subject lines asking questions, creating urgency, offering value, and containing mutual connection.

  • Don’t make it too long

Sales email templates that work are usually short and crisp. Too long emails are just boring, and chances are they will never be read to the end by anyone.

  • Grab the attention

Avoid long introductions and bragging about your company. Such things make your recipient lose interest very fast. Instead, try to grab their attention in the first two sentences. One of the great tactics is asking a relevant and important question. For example:

“Are you interested in saving your company an extra 4, 000 hours of work every month?”


“I was on your website, and I am confused about …”

  • Explain your offer

Keep your recipients’ attention by showing them how you can help them. For example, you can add a screenshot of their website or a short video that demonstrates how they can benefit from using your product or service.

  • Use CTAs

Do you want the recipient to click a link on your email and visit your online store? Or do you want them to download a demo version of your product? Get your prospects to complete that desired action using a short and clear call to action.

  • Write a proper closing line

A powerful closing line is as important as your subject line. In most good B2B sales scripts, calls to action form the email closing line. So, you can focus on a clear and specific action you want your recipients to take. Keep in mind that personalization works great for closing lines, too. Signing off with “thank you” can also be an effective way to get a response. Want more options to choose from?

Read our blog post “How To Master Email Sales Closing Lines To Seal Your Sales Immediately.”

  • Add email signature

Email signatures are essential for sales scripts

You can show some more personality by adding a well-crafted email signature at the bottom of your email. Make sure to include the basics like your name, company, contact information, photo or logo. Besides, people often add such things as links to relevant content, rewards, certificates, and anything else that shows credibility and builds a rapport.

How you can provide value in your sales scripts

Now, let's talk about some ways that will help in making your sales email scripts valuable and increasing sales.

  • Case studies

People rarely choose to work with a company without credibility or experience. But if you mention at least one of your customers and show how they solved a specific problem with the help of your solution successfully, your chances at cooperation increase.

  • Testimonials

Email scripts for sales can also contain testimonials. They are simple because they don't require much effort from your end. All you need to do is to talk with satisfied customers and ask them for feedback.

  • Referrals

The next thing you can do to develop more confidence in your cold email is to use referrals. It is easier for prospects to accept things that are referred by their friends, co-workers, or even mere acquaintances. So, be sure to use referrals every time you have the chance.

  • Discounts and offers

Offering even a small discount can help you close deals faster.

Discounts make selling online easier

  • Relevant content

When you give people resources they can use to their advantage, they may become more interested. Use blog post, articles, white papers, or some other useful pieces of content.

Best sales email sequences

Remember we were talking about making money while you sleep? Okay, let's get to it. All you need to do is create your autoresponder series once. And these email series will sell for you 24/7. So, what sales email sequences should you send to your audience?

  • The welcome email

Did you know that 50-60% of all “welcome” messages get opened? And this % is much higher when compared to typical email correspondence (about 20%). Take this golden opportunity to thank people, build trust with them, and set some expectations. If you want to learn how to create an effective welcome email, check out our blog post here.

  • The social proof email

Social proof emails make sure people pay attention to your offers

image source: Campaign Monitor

People often choose to do something because other people are doing this too. Think about it: most of us wouldn't walk into a restaurant that is empty during peak hours. On the other hand, if people see a restaurant that is full of guests, they think it must be good. Social proof emails serve the same purpose for your business. In fact, there are many ways you could add social proof to your emails. These include customer testimonials, reviews, customer-generated content, case studies, and more.

  • The product demo email

At this point, the prospect should understand how your solution will make their life easier. So, the next idea for your email sales sequence is the demo email. Even if your product doesn’t require a demo, you can still get creative and show people how to use it through this demo email. Whether you sell jewelry, clothing, food, or software, showing potential buyers how to benefit from your product is always a win-win. For example, see how ModCloth, an American online retailer of women’s clothing, offers a little outfit advice while demonstrating ModCloth's clothing.

Mod Cloth

image source: Mod Cloth

  • The webinar email

Because video is increasingly being preferred over traditional text, this type of content needs to be part of your email sequence. In case you can’t swing a full-blown value-packed webinar, don't worry. Take your very best content and shoot a killer video that provides value and shows your product in the best possible light.

Five email templates for sales

Now, let's dive into some great sales email templates that work.

  • Cold and outreach email templates

Hi [recipient's first name],

I read your article about [insert the topic] - and I think you are doing great work. Recently, I was checking your website and noticed that you don't have [insert key issue]. This past year our company helped numerous startups like yours to [insert business drivers] resulting in [$ saved, revenue added, etc.] I have attached a case study for your reference. 

If you face similar issues, let’s set up a quick call next week. I am excited to share some ideas that might help your business.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

[Add email signature with contact details]

  • Follow up email templates

Hi [recipient's first name],

It was nice to talk with you earlier today. I enjoyed hearing your story about how you got into the medical industry. Thank you for recommending the [insert product's/book's/software's name]. I think I'll be turning to you for advice on how to get a maximum of a benefit of it if you don't mind.

In the meantime, I remember you mentioned the challenges you are facing with [insert a list of challenges discussed] and the impact they are having on [insert the impact]. I shared your case with my team, and I think we know how to help you. We’d love to discuss our ideas with you in more detail as soon as possible.

Let me know if you are interested. We are generally free on [ insert days of the week].

Give me a call back at [add your phone number] if convenient, or feel free to reply to this email.

I hope to hear from you soon!

[Add email signature with contact details]

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  • LinkedIn outreach templates

Hi [recipient's first name],

I recently saw your LinkedIn post about [topic they posted about]. What you’re doing is going to make a major contribution in [insert the industry]. I’m trying to learn more about trends in your field these days because we are launching an updated version of our software for [insert the problem you’re solving] soon.

In your article, you mentioned that you were facing these problems too. The first version of [insert product name] has been extremely well-received by the audience, and I believe it’s something that you might have interest in.

If you would like to learn more, just reply to this email, and I’ll be happy to send you instructions for setting up our call.

Thank you.

[Add email signature with contact details]

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  • Introduction email templates

Hi [recipient's name],

I happen to read your recent article about [insert topic]. I loved the way you talked about it, mainly when you detailed on [insert details].

I work at a company named [insert company name], and we help businesses in the [insert industry name] like [examples of businesses] achieve [insert business drivers].

If you are looking for some help with the issues described in your article, I have a few ideas for how you can resolve these issues.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

[Add email signature with contact details]

  • Referral email templates

Hi [recipient's name],

[Your name] from [company name] here. [Insert name of your mutual connection] recommended I get in touch. We help businesses [insert names of businesses] to [insert business drivers].

I am curious who might be best to speak with about [insert topic] at your company?

Thank you for your help.

[Add email signature with contact details]


Sometimes we spend hours writing a sales email from scratch, while other people need only a few minutes to do the same. That’s where sales scripts templates can be of great help. Writing such templates is a good way to save time, increase your work productivity, and improve communication. Here are the main rules to remember:

  • Segment your list first;
  • Don't forget about personalization;
  • Craft attention-grabbing subject line;
  • Don't make your email too long. It takes the recipient FOREVER to read it to the end;
  • Explain your offer and highlight benefits (use case studies, customer testimonials, relevant content, offer discounts);
  • Use calls to action;
  • Write a proper closing line;
  • Add email signature.

Now you know how you can decrease the time you spend on writing emails from hours to minutes. Good luck!


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