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How to Add Email Signature in cPanel

1. Add cPanel email signature to Roundcube
2. Add cPanel email signature to Horde
3. Add an email signature to cPanel Autoresponder

We hope that you’ve already set up your branded email in cPanel. And as you now have a personalized domain for your emails, you need to make your messages look even more professional. One of the best and easiest ways is to add a professional email signature.

You can create one using our free signature generator.

If you already have a nice-looking signature, follow the steps below to add it to your cPanel email account.

cPanel web hosting includes email functionality as one of its features. That’s why you can add an email signature using two webmail interfaces: Roundcube and Horde.

Add cPanel email signature to Roundcube:

Step1 Log In
Log in to your Roundcube webmail account 

Step 2 Go to Settings
Click the gear icon at the top right corner

Step 3 Select Identities

In the Settings menu, click Identities

Step 4. Select email address

If you have the list of different email addresses, select the one you want to add an email signature to.

Step 5. Add email signature

If you want to add plain text as your signature, type your personal information in ‘Standard Signature Box’.

To add HTML signature check ‘HTML signature’ checkbox below. You’ll see the new interface appear in the Signature Box.

You can now add links, images, or HTML code.

To add HTML code, click the Source code icon and paste the code of your signature into the window. Don’t forget to save the code.

Add cPanel email signature to Horde:

Step 1. Log In 

Log in to Horde account

Step 2. Go to Mail Preferences 

Hover over a gear icon in the header and select Mail in the drop-down menu

Step 3. Select ‘Personal Information’

Go to the General section and click the ‘Personal Information’ option

Step 4. Add your signature

Scroll down to the Signature section.

If you want to add plain text as your signature, type your personal information in the signature field.

To use an HTML email signature, paste your signature into the box below. Click ‘Save’

Please note that if you leave the HTML section empty, the plain signature will be applied.

Tips. Create a free professional email signature:

  1. Go to the free signature generator
  2. Create your signature
  3. Choose Other email clients
  4. Select HTML Tab
  5. Copy the code and paste it into the RoundCube or Horde settings.

Add an email signature to cPanel Autoresponder:

Step1 Log in to cPanel account and click Autoresponders in the Email section

CPanel Autoresponder in general menu

Step 2 Add new Autoresponder

Add new Autoresponder

Step 3 Set up your autoresponder

Make sure that ‘Character Set’ is utf-8; otherwise your signature might contain different symbols.

Set up autoresponder

Fill in email, domain, from, and subject line fields.

Step 4 Check the ‘This message contains HTML’ checkbox

Add your autoresponder text

Add your autoresponder text

Step 5 Go to Newoldstamp

  1. Create your HTML signature
  2. Choose Other email clients
  3. Select HTML Tab
  4. Copy the code and paste it into the ‘Body’ section of the cPanel

Copy the code and paste code

When you’re done editing the autoresponder, click Create.


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