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How to Set Up a Signature in AOL Mail

1. Click 'Options' and open 'Mail Settings'
2. Go to the ‘Compose’ tab and choose ‘Use signature’
3. Turn on ‘Use Rich Text / HTML Editing’
4. Paste your AOL email signature and click ‘Save Settings’

Email signature is an important part of email marketing. No matter what email client you use, adding a professional footer to every message sent has lots of advantages. Ad if you’re wondering how to set up a signature in AOL Mail, let’s figure it out.

How do I add a signature to AOL Mail?

There is a direct setting in AOL Mail that allows adding an email signature. Just follow these simple steps.

Step1. In the top right corner, click ‘Options’ -> ‘Mail Settings’.

Go to AOL Mail settings

Step 2. Go to the ‘Compose’ tab, find the ‘Rich Text / HTML’ section, and choose ‘Use signature’ in the drop-down menu.

Find signature settings section

Step 3. Make sure you have the option ‘Use Rich Text / HTML Editing’ turned on. Then just paste your AOL email signature there and click ‘Save Settings’.

Paste your email signature

There is a basic formatting tool to create an AOL Mail signature but if you want to have something truly professional and eye-catching, you should use a dedicated email signature generator.

How to add a signature and picture to an AOL email message?

You might have noticed that there is no option to insert an image to the AOL email signature. However, HTML editing allows adding and editing pictures.

You can use the Newoldstamp email signature editor to make your signature in AOL Mail look the way you want. Here’s how you do it.

1. Open the Newoldstamp editor. Fill out the contact information you would like to have in your signature. You should definitely add your name and position and two-three ways of contacting you including email address.

Add contact info

2. Add the best photo you have (or your company logo). You can crop it right in the editor.

Add your photo

3. Customize the font and colors to meet your style. It’s best to use up to two colors in a signature. It looks both nice and professional this way.

Customize email signature font

4. Add some social media icons to help people reach out to you there. You might also get more followers, who knows?

Add social media icons

5. Newoldstamp has a full gallery of email signature banners for any occasion. These banners allow you to drive recipients’ attention to the right things. Thus, you get more website visitors, event attendees, etc.

Add email signature banner

6. You can also add CTA buttons to help people do the right action directly from your email.

Choose some CTA buttons

7. After you finish creating your AOL signature, click ‘Save and install’ -> ‘Other’ -> ‘Copy and proceed’. Now just paste your signature in AOL Mail settings as described above.

Save and install your email signature

AOL signature setup FAQ

How do I add a picture to my AOL email signature?

You can copy-paste any picture to your AOL email signature. Just open the signature settings and click Ctrl+V (Cmd+V) to insert a picture you have copied.

How to enable links in AOL Mail?

You can click the link button in AOL signature settings and insert any link you want to. Make sure you add both link text and the address itself.

Add link in AOL Mail signature

You can also use an email signature generator to avoid any issues with linking in AOL Mail.

Can I have multiple email signatures in AOL Mail?

AOL standard mail settings allow having only one email signature. But you can use Newoldstamp’s dashboard to store as many signatures as you like. Just copy-paste any signature from your dashboard any time you need it.

What is a default email signature in AOL Mail?

You can set a default email signature if you have AOL Desktop Gold. This desktop application has more features than the web service, including basic email signature management. You can learn more about it here.


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