Best Ideas of Easter Banners for Email Signature

How to say “Happy Easter” in a graceful manner? How to create one universal wish that will perfectly resonate with everyone: friends, colleagues and even your clients?

The answer is simple. It is a well-composed email signature with an alluring banner in it.

Let’s go through some tips that will help you to pick up a perfect Easter banner and combine it with your email signature in an elegant way.

Pastel banners for corporate mailing

Minimalistic banners will always look perfectly well not only in corporate email signatures. They don’t distract an attention of a recipient from the plot of a letter, but the banner with “Happy Easter” may be a nice and heartwarming ending of an email.

Tip: Check if a banner that you have chosen matches with brand colours of your company.

If you are not limited by company’s branding colours, then choose light or pastel colour schemes for your holiday email signature banner. Don’t know how to combine colours? Check out an Adobe color wheel.


[download-attachment id="2737" title="Download Easter banner 1"]


[download-attachment id="2738" title="Download Easter banner 2"]

Easter banner

[download-attachment id="2739" title="Download Easter banner 3"]

Easter banner

[download-attachment id="2741" title="Download Easter banner 4"]

Colourful banners for personal signature

Personal email signature is where you are free to choose even rainbow banners for Easter.  

Tip: Do not go from one extreme to another. Do not make your signature looks pale, but also try to omit gaudy colours in it.

Still not sure what to choose for your HTML signature? You can find great ideas of Easter banners on Pinterest. Or pick one from our suggestions:

Easter banner

[download-attachment id="2742" title="Download Easter banner 5"]

Easter banner

[download-attachment id="2745" title="Download Easter banner 6"]

Easter banner

[download-attachment id="2744" title="Download Easter banner 7"]

Easter Banner

[download-attachment id="2756" title="Download Easter banner 8"]

Easter Banner

[download-attachment id="2757" title="Download Easter banner 9"]

Easter Banner

[download-attachment id="2758" title="Download Easter banner 10"]

Easter Promo Banners

Easter is one of those holidays when marketers cannot miss the chance to boost sales by offering clients great deals and discounts via email. If you are a Marketing or Sales Manager, you can take advantage of an opportunity to support your Easter campaign 2017 with well-composed HTML signature.

Tip: Don’t forget to add UTM links to the banners, so you can track and measure an efficiency each of them.

Have a look at some cute Easter sales banners.

Promo Easter banner

[download-attachment id="2752" title="Download Easter banner 11"]

Promo Easter banner

[download-attachment id="2751" title="Download Easter banner 12"]

Promo Easter banner

[download-attachment id="2749" title="Download Easter banner 13"]

Promo Easter banner

[download-attachment id="2750" title="Download Easter banner 14"]

Just remember that you shouldn't limit yourself with only one Easter banner. You can change an email signature banner considering the recipient of the letter.

Also, don't be afraid to play with colour, call-to-actions or with fonts of the signature.

Ready to create your first email signature for Easter? Go ahead!

Happy Easter 2017!!!