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11 Awesome Free Blogging Tools

Blogging nowadays has become a part of agenda. We can find various thematic and specialized blogs that would fit any taste. However, what happens if you try starting your own blog? Surely, there are certain obstacles you might meet on this path, but none of them is unconquerable. We are going to tell you about 11 free tools to improve your blogging and make your way from newbie to skilled professional.

  • WordPress. We offer to start with choosing a free blogging platform. Some of them are patterned and simple; others give more options and freedom. We suggest the best decision for the beginner to be WordPress. On first steps in blogging, people often choose other platforms, but in the end, all of them change to WordPress. Changing a platform means a loss of readers, so they would need time (often a prolonged period) to get their “popularity” back. Check this beginners guide to create your own website with Wordpress.
  • Gmail. One of the most powerful email platforms that can be connected to any other email address; also, you can sort and mark your letters. Gmail archive is used to store your mails – they are never deleted and you can easily browse them later. Gmail applications are available on various gadgets and in different versions. Also, do not forget about Google Analytics. With the use of this application, you can check how popular your posts are and which sites link you biggest amount of readers.
  • Online Signature. Patterned signature is your online face; it can be discreet and professional or creative and fabulous. You can include logos and pictures to improve your signature. If you haven’t tried it yet, we offer you newoldstamp.com to make your first signature.
  • My Hours. It is a simple task application that would help you to plan your time and how many hours your assignments take. It can rapidly increase your productivity.
  • Rapportive. If you need to link your social networks like Tweeter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages right inside your inbox on Gmail, you may use Rapportive.
  • Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Reader. Useful apps that are powered by Google. Besides the benefit of sharing documents, you can also create simple surveys with the help of Docs. Calendar notifies you about appointments and meetings and can be updated from any gadget. The reader would help you to follow your favorite blogs from a single platform.
  • Dropbox. This application offers you the storage for up to 2GB of files. It is a perfect way to carry all necessary files with you, and files would never be lost. Dropbox is also synchronized on all your gadgets.
  • Hootsuite. This social media management application helps you operate your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts in one dashboard. It allows you to add RSS feeds so you can auto-tweet blog articles, both your own and on other blogs.
  • Evernote. Capturing anything (including voice notes, text, images and web pages) is much easier with Evernote. This application is also available on different gadgets and can be easily browsed in search for certain a note. Web Clipper helps you to save all bookmarks you need.
  • Flickr. One of the most appropriate sources of photos. You can find various thematic blogs with thousands of images. Photos are an important part of your blog: it improves the appearance. Although, do not forget to add photo credit at the end of your post.
  • Skype, Viber, WhatsApp. Various free communication networks can drastically change your blogging. There is always a need in communication if you are trying to make money off your blog posts. There are more applications that allow you to call and message for free, thought these give you the best covering all over the world.

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