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Creative Email Greetings in 2023 You Can Use in Your Message

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Every marketer knows about the influence of holidays on sales. For example, Coca-Cola annually launches a compelling series of commercials filling us with festive cheer. It would seem to be a simple tactic, but it made a lot of people throughout the world feel they need Coca-Cola on their festive tables. Mother's Day, Halloween, 4th of July, St Valentine's Day, and even just the first day of spring - all these holidays can be an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of your subscribers.


Why it's beneficial to celebrate holidays

In this article, we will look at different kinds of holiday greetings and the benefits of holiday email marketing, which still remains one of the best methods of reaching subscribers for their special days and holiday celebrations. According to statistics from Mailchart, email marketing is responsible for 20% of holiday sales. A period from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (late November) is particularly profitable. That is why Mailchart’s stats show 60% of all marketing messages sent over that weekend are promotional.

In general, a successful holiday message to clients:

  • Drives sales;
  • Creates positive emotions;
  • Makes your marketing more personalized.

Rules of email greeting campaigns

If your holiday email campaign plan isn't already in place, that's a perfect time to start. Here are our four rules for crafting a good email campaign.

Rule #1: Start early

The activity of buyers grows before the holidays. Not to miss this opportunity, create a calendar. Provide various types of bonuses, discounts, and gift offers for customers before these special days. You can also subscribe to emails from a few competitors in your field to see what they send. Collect and analyze their emails throughout the year. Even if you want to do your individual campaign, it might still be very useful. When should you send such mailings? You may concern about preparing the holiday email campaigns should in advance. If it is a big event such as Christmas, then distribute the offer in two or three stages: four-five weeks ahead, one-two weeks ahead, and right before the event. Why is this necessary? There are different types of buyers: those who buy in advance and those who do everything at the last moment. However, the end of December is not the first time when the holiday spirit enters the people's minds. So it is better to start even earlier - between November 1st and 15th. Experts say that after this period open rates may drop.

Rule #2: Make it personal (segment market, use data)

Marketing to the wrong people doesn't make any sense. That is why one of the best things you can do to increase your chances for larger sales on holidays is to segment your list of subscribers. Using the data you have collected through social networks, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords is a great place to start. Also, remember that no one likes to feel like they are just a name on your huge email list. So be sure to create only nice, professional email greetings, something that looks like a message to a friend and not a bulk email with only the recipient's name. Here is when personalization makes the difference.

Rule #3: Be unique

Often, promotional emails are annoying.  To get your emails noticed, you need to come up with some interesting ideas. Be unique, funny, cheeky, helpful, delightful, and so on, but don’t be boring when sending holiday greetings in email.

unique greetings

Source: Really Good Email

Look at this awesome Black Friday email from Chubbies. This email works well because it looks a lot different than the typical sales email. First, the subject line “Sweats + Shorts = THE SCHWORTS” is creative and makes the recipient curious about what is inside. And the image of a man relaxing on his couch devouring tasty food is so much relatable and really funny.

Rule #4: Use automation where possible

Make the promotion process easier with marketing automation. Create campaigns and send them automatically according to a predetermined schedule. For instance, you may choose to send out personal birthday greetings to your subscribers.

What kind of email greetings can a company send?

Sometimes even the most creative email marketer or copywriter can experience a lack of ideas for holiday emails. That is why we have prepared a list of the best email greeting ideas for different occasions.

Company related greetings

#1 Anniversary together

Many brands use email to spread the word about their anniversary. However, focusing on the subscriber’s anniversary is an excellent opportunity to make the email about the recipient, not the sender. Crocs, a well-known shoe manufacturer, prefers exactly this type of email.

anniversary together

Source: Really Good Email

#2 Company’s birthday

Celebrating the birthday of your brand? Share your joy with subscribers. On the example below, you can see a nice move of Moorea Seal, a company selling designer clothing, accessories, gifts, and more. By offering free month-long shipping, they encourage customers to shop in their store more actively in July.

company birthday

Source: Really Good Email

Holiday greetings

#1 Subscribers’ birthday greetings

Give your subscribers a real birthday treat by offering a gift. See the minimalist email from Nike offering a 20% discount for any order.

birthday greetings

Source: Really Good Email

Have an incomplete database that lacks birthdays for most subscribers? See a nice way used by American furniture and home decor retailer Overstock.com.

birthday greetings

Source: Really Good Email

#2 New Year  

Use the New Year holidays to express your gratitude to your supporters.

new year greetings

Source: Really Good Email

#3 St Valentine's Day

This holiday isn’t just for the couples; it’s also a good opportunity for you to show your customers how much you love them! The GIF below demonstrates how you can make your subscribers feel unique and to encourage them to click to learn more about a special thing you have prepared for them.

valentine greetings

Source: Really Good Email

#4 Email Easter greetings

When creating an Easter email, be sure to know your clients (when and how they celebrate this holiday). You may also want to play with words like, for instance, “excellent=egg-cellent.” See the example from the J. Crew team.

email easter greetings

Source: Really Good Email

#5 Mother's/Father's Day

You didn’t forget Mother’s Day, did you? Remind your subscribers about this important holiday, and even suggest gift ideas.

email greetings for the holiday

Source: Really Good Email

#6 4th of July

Want to increase your June revenue? Then don't forget to celebrate the 4th of July holiday if you are dealing with the US audience. Send email greetings for the holiday. How about the H&M’s idea to sell some stuff for only $4? If you can't allow such low prices, you can always go with 40% off deals.

4th of july greetings

Source: Really Good Email

#7 Halloween

Look at this stylish Halloween email campaign by Tiffany & Co. There's nothing redundant here, and still, you can recognize the brand by the simplicity and elegance they are known for.

halloween greetings

Source: Really Good Email

#8 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is another perfect opportunity to increase your sales. Say thanks to your fans for sticking around and all the support they provided. Send pleasant email greetings with a discount or free shipping. And don’t forget to be creative. Even if you don’t have a Thanksgiving-specific product, you can always make it with the stuff you sell. See the example from Nyx. The turkey is just awesome.

Thanksgiving greetings

Source: Really Good Email

#9 Black Friday

To create the perfect Black Friday email that converts, make sure that your subscribers recognize you. If you don't want they lose it in the crowd of other Black Friday offers, we recommend that your emails clearly show your brand identity. Use your logo, style, brand voice, bestseller images, etc.) in order to increase your chances of capturing recipients' attention. Agent Provocateur did it right: they used the brand colors all over the email; they included a few products as well. 

Black Friday greeting

Source: Really Good Email

#10 Cyber Monday

When Black Friday is over, it’s time to launch your Cyber Monday sale! While most brands are going to use the same wording and content with percentages of discounts, Etsy reminds recipients that purchases made through Etsy are supporting creative individuals. 

Cyber Monday greetings

Source: Really Good Email

#11 Christmas

Simple warm wishes during Christmas season can be a nice gesture to evoke positive feelings towards your brand. That is why many companies use this tactic in their Christmas campaigns. However, sometimes people just need a bit of advice at this festive yet fussy time of the year. Look at the Christmas email by Laura Ashley. It is eye-catching, uses a good GIF, and suggests an excellent gift idea for Christmas plus a pleasant 30% off.

Christmas greetings

Source: Really Good Email

If you want more holiday advertising tips and Christmas marketing ideas, read this blog post.

Keeping the festive mood in each email

As we mentioned before, a noisy period like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas makes it harder for you to be noticed and stand out in the overcrowded subscriber’s inbox. To win the competition, you need to be creative and unique. A lot of brands usually use the same wording and content with percentages of discounts, but they often forget about personalization. So be sure to make your holiday communication as personal as possible. Use the recipient's name, segment your mailing list, and don’t forget to include your signature. On top of that, you might also consider adding a holiday banner. It might be very handy when you or any of your team members communicate with clients directly. Some of them will likely want to click on it.


Can you imagine a world where people have no fear of those who want to take what they earned? The world where customers drop money into the pockets of sellers with great pleasure. On holidays, this becomes a reality. All you have to do is to plan your holiday email campaign carefully.

#1 Create a holiday calendar

#2 Segment subscribers

#3 Personalize your emails

#4 Focus on a recipient

#5 Automate email campaigns

#6 Use holiday banners in your email signature

#7 Have fun with your email marketing campaigns.

Happy selling!


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