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10 Professional Email Signature Designs for Event Planners

1. What is an email signature and why should event planners use it?
2. The ways to use an email signature in event planning
3. The key elements of a good email signature
4. The top 10 best email signatures for event planners

There are o lot of elements that can boost event management promotion. Creativity plays a key role in this industry, so you should pay extra attention to insignificant things at first glance. These might be catchy names for party planning business, event planning taglines, event planner profile, catchy event planning names, event planner names, and logos, a good short bio for an event planner, and event coordinator outfit.

The final communication contact is as important as the first impression you get when you open an email. That's why event email design must be on the top. An email signature you incorporate into your business communication can either make it or break it. We’ve collected the top 10 catchiest email signatures used by event planners to prove how much value a simple signature adds to the visual image of your email.

What is an email signature and why should event planners use it?

We’ve all been there saying, “I don’t care about my ID photo, no one ever looks at it anyway.” Well, when it comes to an email signature, you can’t say the same thing. The block following the body of every message you send is your digital profile in the world of email communication. Making it look pristine is your professional obligation.

An email signature is a text block that typically includes the sender and company name, a website URL, contact details, and some visual elements. A professional email signature can win you an important business opportunity, attract a new client, or simply develop an effective closing part you can use across any private or business communication.

Event professionals are people responsible for finding the perfect outfit for an event idea, handling designs, and meeting scenarios. If an event profile can’t make a simple email block look attractive, he risks losing the trust of clients. Use an email signature generator for easy and simple signature event management.

email signature generator

The ways to use an email signature in event planning

There are many ways you can benefit from attention-grabbing an event email signature:

  • Promote an event in email signature. To drive registrations for your event, you can add an event promo banner to your personal email signature. For example, it can be a wedding planner banner or an event management company banner. You can include wedding planning taglines slogans, quotes about event planning, meeting planner email, or clever event planning names to maximize the effect. If the added visual elements fall into line, you can manage to make an email invite attractive even if the text follows the principles of dull formal invitation writing.
  • Confirm a registration. A great email signature can crown an event registration confirmation letter and convince people to attend. 
  • Introduce your persona. A catchy email signature is particularly important if you make it the first touchpoint with a client. Make the introduction memorable with the help of a friendly image, a nice design, and effective wording.

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As you can see, your email signature can be used as a powerful promotional instrument. To boost your event campaign most effective, follow the steps from the email signature management guide.

event email signature

The key elements of a good email signature

What are the must-have elements your event signature should include? How do you make a signature resonate with your position and role? To get the most out of your event planner’s email signature, let’s breakdown its anatomy:

Minimum word count

First, it’s important to understand an email signature isn’t an autobiography. If you’re an award-winning event planner and have Oscar organization in your expertise arsenal, you shouldn’t shout about how you walk on water in an email signature. Keep it to the point, indicating only the key contact details, a tagline or a super concise brand-related message. If you prefer people contacting you via email, you could exclude phone numbers from the contact information to minimize the word count.

Smart color palette

The mistake of many event planners is they want to demonstrate their creativity using 30 colors in one short text block. A neat design and a smart color palette keep the message balanced and won’t distract the recipient. Preferably, pick two to three colors that resonate with the branding of your event agency or the client’s event.

No crazy fonts

Pick a single typeface your email signature works particularly well with and implement it. The use of multiple fonts of very different style, size, and format can be seen as bad taste.

The right order

You can decide which part of your email signature is consumed first. Develop an effective hierarchy for your signature design, emphasizing the sender’s or/and company’s name. If your signature promotes an event, ensure a promo banner is a prominent.

No quotes

An event planner’s email signature shouldn’t include quotes or personal credos. It works okay with a short company tagline, but only when you have to emphasize the mission of the brand you represent. So, avoid any quotes for event planners even if they are awesome.

Clever choice of graphic elements

There’s no way you can incorporate more than 2 graphic elements in your email signature design. To keep it neat and not over-complicated, think of using the right combination of a personal photo and a brand logo, a banner, or a company image. Just don’t mix all of them.

Social media icons

If you’re an active inhabitant of social media, use an email signature to construct  a bridge to your personal profiles. By embedding social media icons in your signature, you can significantly increase your online traffic and expand your social media community as well as provide recipients with additional contact touchpoints.

The top 10 best email signatures for event planners

Check out the most successful examples of good email signatures for event planners you can find in digital space today:

Best email signature examples

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The “less is more” approach works hand in glove with the development of email signatures for event planners. Craft a signature that resonates with the purpose of your event planning email, pick the right color and font palette, and don’t overwhelm recipients with too many vivid graphic elements or words. With automated tools like GEVME Email Marketing, you can personalize email communication with clients and event subjects, offering the right signature messages to every target group.


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