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How to Select an Effective Color Scheme for Email Signature

Brand recognition is tied strongly to color.



If your email signature represents your brand, you need to select a color scheme carefully and try to balance it out with a logo or your business card. Sure, viewers are more likely to pay attention to a good, colorful email signature. Though, you can make it look amateurish if you add more than three colors. Check out some guidelines and tips for using and selecting the color palette.

A colorful signature is a nice choice for most entrepreneurs and startups. Creative designers can get away with choosing colors in brighter tones, however:

  • Select one or three colors that complement each other. It’s best not to use too many colors, as it might seem shady or confusing.
  • That would be a grave mistake to use colors that clash simultaneously, for example, violet, orange and red. Unless, you feel they are beautiful together like organized chaos or those colors are part of your brand.
  • If you are a person working in a creative field, you can get away with brighter colors. Add your personal touch to your signature, and choose brighter colors to brighten up your email.
  • A bright email signature is not appropriate for some organizations and brands. The use of the same violet and orange colors may be against company’s policy.
  • And remember, it’s a general rule of thumb: use the colors that fit in with other visual materials and style like a website, stationery or business cards.

The Psychology of Colors

Colors matter more than most people realize. Sadly, many companies miss those points. A color branding is all around us and plays a huge role in triggering people to act. It has a connection to people's moods, preferences, attitudes, and even personalities.

Colors greatly influence our everyday lives. And a color psychology and different fields of studies prove that. Let’s check some meanings associated with basic colors:

Red – the red means you're strong and passionate. It could be considered as an energetic and vivid color and sometimes it can be associated with violence. Though, more often it shows strength and power:

email signature for realtors 1ab

Yellow – of course, this is a color of the sun. It means happiness and friendship, as well as the freshness of spring. It does a nice job when attracting viewer's attention:

email signature for seller 1ab

Green – services and products that work in natural, organic fields, often use green, lime citron or brown colors:

email signature for manager 1ab

Blue – you instantly imagine how you are enjoying the warm sea breeze and the sky. The blue means peaceful and clean qualities and is widely used as one of the most versatile colors. It's a popular option for many companies:

email signature for marketing coordinator 1ab

Black – like a red color, black has lots of meanings. In marketing and design, black is so broadly used that it’s almost a neutral color, though, the meaning can still depend on a context:

email signature for realtors 2ab

White – this color represents clarity, simplicity, and kindness. White often means a clean and modern quality:

email signature for director 3ab

Marketing and Branding

Just think of Google, Instagram, or MacDonald’s, and the NEWOLDSTAMP team bets you can instantly name their colors branding. According to the study, primary assessments about services or products are based basically on colors. It's about 60 to 90% of the judgment. This means that in the email signature, color is not just an art option - it's a significant business decision.

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