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How To Follow Up Like A Pro After A Sales Call?

1. What To Do Within 24 Hours
2. What To Do After 24 Hours

How many times have you felt like the sale was going well but didn't follow up with a client? Or are you just not sure of what to say when following up on your sales call? We've compiled this blog post for those of us who want to be more professional and confident in our follow-ups. You'll learn how to frame your message, how often should you follow up, what information do you need before sending out a new email, and much more.

What To Do Within 24 Hours

The first step before you start taking any actions will be the basic review of your notes from the meeting and write down any action items that were given to you by the prospect or customer. Next, make sure these tasks are on your calendar for next week, so they don't get lost in busy work or other day-to-day responsibilities. 

Send a Thank You Mail

Thank you mails is a great way to close the sale. They help create more goodwill and personal relationships with your customers. This is because they can show that you care about them as a person, not just a potential client. Sending a thank you mail after a sales call will make sure that your customer feels appreciated and valued for their business, which will, in turn, increase the likelihood of future referrals from them. 

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Include a Recap 

If you're a founder, salesperson, or part of the team, your meeting recap is one of the most important parts of your job. A recap can help inform and inspire members of the team to take action on what was talked about during that meeting. It also provides potential clients with an understanding of where their business stands within a company's priorities. 

A well-written meeting recap can be challenging for some people who have trouble remembering all the details from a long meeting or don't know how to summarize everything they discussed.

Here’s a template you can use to prepare a recap and make sure you never miss a step after a meeting.

"So we've had a really great meeting on how to move forward with the sales process and I want to recap what we discussed.  First, we agreed that our first step is to figure out who on your team can be best assigned as the lead for this project. We also talked about how you guys wanted us to focus more on marketing tactics and less on direct sales because it would be too costly at this point. Lastly, we talked about how you need all of these things in place before proceeding with any kind of final decision."

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Share An Article Or Other Piece Of Content 

Share an article or other piece of content to keep the conversation going and also give people an additional insight into your product while establishing trust with them. Make sure you include links that will take them directly back where they can find out more about what it is exactly! 

Here’s a presentation template from Decktopus to be used on the sales follow-ups which include all major points, offers, links, a slide back to your website, and even a booking slide!

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What To Do After 24 Hours

It is crucial that the salesperson follows up after a sales call. The best time to follow up is within 24 hours of the first meeting, and also to follow up after a while also. This should be done in order to see if there are any objections or other concerns that have arisen, as well as to set expectations for the next steps in the buying process. After the call and the first follow-up, you should make sure to give them some space. The best is to follow up after 2-3 days but not late from that. If they haven’t responded positively or haven’t finished the transaction, it might be a sign that they are having trouble deciding. For this reason here are the things you should do after the first day of a sales call!

Provide Any Additional Information That May Be Helpful

Your team is doing an awesome job. You're knocking out deals left and right, but the one thing you can't seem to get off your back is that pesky customer who won't buy. They want to haggle over price, or they want a discount for some other reason. Before taking that prospect to a negative column, do your last follow-up and start by asking them if they had any questions or concerns about our product that we hadn't covered yet, which led them back through all the features they were most interested in. This will help you identify exactly what was stopping them from making a decision - whether it was the price, available plans, or maybe discounts. Here’s a list of meaningful content to share;

Provide Any Additional Information That May Be Helpful

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  • Use Cases
  • User Testimonials
  • Special Discounts
  • Webinars
  • Additional Presentations

Include A Link To Your Website Or Contact Information 

You should always include a link in every email you send out, and here's why: if someone does end up clicking on that link, then they'll be taken to an informative page filled with useful information about your product.

In order for any message to have maximum effect, it needs both sender AND recipient - as well as those who receive the text but don't reply back (a potential customer). This means including some sort of "call-to-action" which encourages readership or action from them; e..g., providing links where available so interested parties can learn more about what we offer right away, without making any effort to write a reply back. 

If Possible, Send Them An Invitation To Connect On LinkedIn 

It is always important to stay in contact with potential clients. Make sure you send them an invitation on LinkedIn, so they can see all of your updates, even if the sales call didn't go well! It's a good idea because when people are following what you have posted about yourself, there will be more chances for success down the road.

Invitation linkedin

Ask If They Would Like To Schedule a Final Call

Ask if they would like to schedule another meeting with you, and when it might be convenient for them. A sales process never ends with a single sales call. Sometimes your prospect gets caught on real-life things and forgets about your mail, or even gets second thoughts about your offer. Make sure to meet again and respond to all possible questions and smooth the process.

Final Words

All of these tips may sound great, but when you combine them with the service and care your team provides to clients, it’s a recipe for success. Always try to achieve with every customer you work with to not only be happy with their purchase from day one but also feel like they have a partner in development that can help them grow their business over time.


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