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Best Sales Email Signature Examples For Each Stage of The Sales Process

1. Sales email signature design tips and trends in 2023
2. Best sales email signatures you can use at each stage of the sales funnel
3. How to manage signatures for all team? 

We all know how essential it is to provide the right content at the right time to our current and prospective customers. The more we understand our potential buyers and their journey, the more likely we are able to deliver them engaging content that resonates and converts them into loyal clients.

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And although many marketers still often underestimate the importance of a professional email signature. This small element can help strengthen your marketing and sales efforts if you start running an email signature marketing campaign. Today, we are going to talk about sales email signatures and the ways to align them with different stages of the sales funnel.

Sales email signature design tips and trends in 2023

If you already have an email signature, are you sure it is a good and not an average one? Maybe you need to revamp it for 2019 and give it that “pop” factor? Here is a list of the most important design tips and trends in 2023.

  • Use a photo in an email signature for sales

A professional headshot in your email signature for sales can go a long way to making more personal connections over email. Customers like to know who they are speaking and working with. 

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  • Stick to the brand colors

If you use a company logo in your email footer, and it is blue and red, it will look misplaced if you choose to use green and pink font colors. Use the colors that reflect your brand. 

  • Make your sales signature short

A few contact options are fine, but it’s better to avoid including multiple addresses, phone numbers, and social media buttons. Instead of providing the reader with more options, you will just make your email footer cluttered and tasteless.

email signature examples for sellers

  • Add your company

If you’re representing a company, you need also add its name and your title at the company. According to our findings, 92% of people who use email signatures in their business correspondence, include a company name in their sign-offs.

  • Optimize for mobile

In recent years, the usage of smartphones and other mobile devices has raised dramatically. Chances are your customer will open your email message on a mobile device. That is why the design adjusted for mobile readers is vital.

email signature for iphone

  • Add social accounts to your email signature

Today, social media networks provide another convenient way for your customers to connect with you, which can be an essential part of establishing an ongoing business relationship. But be sure to include only your most professional social media accounts. For example, LinkedIn is an excellent choice for medical practitioners; Instagram is a great choice for photographers and other creative minds. Don’t link to frivolous or irrelevant social profiles.


Best sales email signatures you can use at each stage of the sales funnel

To engage people in the right way at the right time, it is critical that you understand each potential customer’s pain points and the buying stage they are in. If you ignore these things and your call to action (CTA) doesn’t match the intent of your recipients, chances are you are going to see a sharp drop in conversions for a given piece of content. So let’s go through sales funnel stages, types of content to use, and calls to action you can include in your email signature design.

  • Awareness

This is the introductory stage where prospects are searching for solutions (often not so specific) for the problem they have. They are trying to learn who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. At this phase, you don't need to concentrate on pushing or promoting any specific product or service, but on educating your audience.

Marketers typically use the following types of content:

  • Blog posts 
  • Infographics
  • How-to videos 
  • Offer to visit the website 
  • Webinars 
  • Value proposition 

For the Awareness stage, they commonly use calls to action that include phrases such as “How to…,” “The best way to…” “What is…?” “Learn how to…,” and others.

email signature examples for sellers 6

  • Discovery

The following phase starts with sharing valuable content related to your potential buyer's need. Some examples of offers for the Discovery stage include:

  • Download eBook
  • Download report
  • White paper
  • Schedule a demo
  • Schedule a product presentation

Here are some Discovery-related keyword phrases: “The pros and cons of,” “A comparison of,” “Download your free eBook,” “Schedule a free demo.”

email signature examples for sellers 13

  • Evaluation

During Evaluation, your prospects are taking a very keen interest in your product or service. Help them understand why your product or service is the right choice for them. 

Your email can be focused on the following things:

  • Request a quote/evaluation
  • Check reviews
  • Check case study
  • Comparison articles
  • Customer testimonials

When creating CTAs for this stage, try to make them far more specific and customized toward the buyer persona you are working with. Here are some examples: “A comparison of,” “Watch a product demo,” “Start a free trial,” “See customer testimonials,” etc.

email signature examples for sellers 12

  • Intent

At this point, your prospect has already decided to buy from you, but the deal hasn’t been closed yet. This is the stage where prospects might need the extra push to buy your product or service. 

You may choose to offer:

  • Book a meeting
  • Get a discount
  • Request a free trial

Here are some Intent-related CTA phrases: “Get your membership access now,” “Sign me up,” “Yes, I want X!” “Activate your 20% discount now!” 

email signature examples for sellers 7

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  • Purchase

Here is when your prospect becomes your new customer. At this stage, it is important to show the buyer that you value them by saying thank you and following up with support details/resources. 

You may choose to offer:

  • Schedule an onboarding call
  • Check set up guides

email signature examples for sellers 11

Here are some CTA examples for the Purchase stage: “Get you set up guide,” “Yes please: Send me the coupon” (for the next purchase).

  • Loyalty

After the deal was closed, you should continue working to keep your customers interested and delighted so they come back to you for more. So, the Loyalty phase is a perfect moment to follow-up to check how the product is working,  look for additional sales opportunities, or ask for referrals. 

You can ask recipients to:

  • Write a review
  • Refer to a friend
  • Fill in the survey
  • Read about your new product announcements

email signature examples for sellers 9

Here are some examples of calls to action for the Loyalty stage: “Get invite link” (for customers' friends or colleagues), “Review us on Google,” “Take the 2-minute survey.”

How to manage signatures for all team? 

When your company has dozens or even hundreds of people writing marketing emails to potential customers, it is critical to keep all email signatures uniform to bring more consistency to your brand. A robust email signature generator paired with an efficient email signature management software can become a real lifesaver. So, if you want to put the professional uniform signatures into practice, try NEWOLDSTAMP. It is a free email signature software compatible with almost any email client. With NEWOLDSTAMP, you can control and update all company signatures in each department separately.

email signature management - NOS

Also, you can add promotional email signature banners to skyrocket your sales and share special offers, company announcements, or upcoming events. Creating the best email signature templates for your team has never been that easy!

Read our blog post: “10 Benefits of Email Signature Management Software to Make Life Much Easier.”


You may need your audience to take various kinds of actions: download an eBook, sign up for a webinar, buy a product or service, take a product tour, read your blog post, share, provide feedback, and many others. However, not all calls to action are created equal. It’s not enough to just add a bright “Buy now” button throughout your sales funnel. Remember that the performance of your call to action will depend not only on its design but also its placement throughout the buyer’s journey. A CTA performs best when it is relevant to the content it is placed in, as well as the reader’s intent. For example, creating a “Buy now” CTA at the top of the funnel (when the prospect only starts research) usually doesn't make any sense.


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