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How to Create an Email Footer

Business email footer, or signature, is a sign of good manner and proper communication. You can create it in a few minutes and gather the harvest of this simple effort through the increase of website and social media traffic, as well as better promotion of your brand (or you as a brand). Here is a simple guideline on how to create a footer for email.

Business email footerStart with choosing a software

You can make an email signature by your own, in your account settings, but a better option is to use special tools for that purpose. A professional software allows you to create an HTML mail footer either for personal use or a company.

The benefit of it is the simplicity: you get a template with a design, and the only thing is to fill the data. Instead of a long fight with the margins and picture sizes, your email footer is already planned by an experienced designer. You can use a free version with a few templates or enjoy almost unlimited opportunities of upgraded account which does not cost much at the majority of companies.

For instance, NEWOLDSTAMP offers a simple intuitive solution which works for the main e-mail services. Therefore, pick up the tool and move forward.

Fill the information for your email footer

Depending on your needs, you should include the particular type of information into your signature. This may cover:

  • your name and surname
  • your occupation
  • phone number, Skype or any other contact information
  • your address
  • your social media profiles

For business, you may add:

  • your company website
  • corporate logotype
  • banner

However, your imagination is not limited to these options, and you could expand your email footer with any other information which your addressee may need. For instance, some companies include privacy statement that the letter cannot be copied and send to anyone else. Just find what you need and type it online.

Insert an email footer into your mail provider

Actually, you are almost done. The only thing you need to accomplish is to copy your HTML email footer and paste it into your e-mail settings. Every provider has its own requirements, but Newoldstamp will tell you how to include the footer into Gmail, Outlook, Apple (лінки) and many other services. Just follow the instruction to finish it.

You can also set up Google Analytics campaign for your mail links in order to check the referrals from a footer to your website or blog.

And when you are ready with that, check if everything works perfectly: send a test message, even to your own account, to see how it looks like. As many ‘Oh-my-God’s may be avoided.

An email footer is your chance to represent yourself as reliable and modern specialist. It does not require many efforts but makes your letters looking more professional. Enjoy the result!


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