Create a right email signature for the occasion in Spark

Not all email clients allow you to create several email signatures, for instance, in Gmail. Although, such feature should be available in all email clients. For sure, it is not a principal need. Nevertheless, for a person who uses emails as the main tool of communication with customers, an absence of such feature may become one of his pet peeves. Definitely, a classic email signature with the hint of the colour will represent, for example, a manager of the company much better than a plain text. But there are occasions where a representative of the company may need to switch from a corporate email signature to a casual signature, considering the recipient of the letter.Plain email signature

Thankfully, owners of apple devices will not face such inconveniences with a Spark. It is a nifty new email client that was developed specifically for iPhone and Mac OS. Email client has a lot of handy features that you will like, and you won't find anywhere but in Spark.

Here we want to show how it is easy to setup a signature into Spark for Mac.

Step 1

Choose Signatures sub menu.

Step 2

Click the + icon to add a new signature.

Step 3

Copy/paste your signature into the editor into the Edit Signature box (Ctrl+V or Command+V)

Step 4

Make an email signature Default for one of your email clients.

Close the window.

Create Professional Email Signature