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  • Streamline brand-consistent email signatures across entire company employees that follow your guidelines.
  • Increase marketing and sales conversions through your business email communication and running email signature banner campaigns.
  • Manage all email signatures from one dashboard. Quick and easy email signature set up.
  • Seamless integration with major email clients and mobile devices.

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Make and Change Your Email Signature Without a Tech Team

Make and Change Your Email Signature Without a Tech Team

Use NEWOLDSTAMP generator to create business signatures. We have a wide range of professional signature templates. A live email signature preview helps to create a professional signature design that follows your brand book. See all the changes at once to tune up the signature style. Save changes and you'll get HTML code that works with major email clients.

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Create Email Signature Without a Tech Team
Forget About Additional Software

Forget About Additional Software

Use our web-based tool to design and manage your email signatures without extensions or desktop apps. NEWOLDSTAMP does not require an installation of any additional software on yours or teams’ computers.

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Web-based email signature software
Feel Secure When Using NEWOLDSTAMP

Feel Secure When Using NEWOLDSTAMP

We are the independent email signature software. You do not need to install, integrate or provide access to any part of our software to your servers. Our cutting-edge technologies grant you secure and transparent usage and management of your signatures.

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Secure email signature management
Feel Secure When Using NEWOLDSTAMP

Enjoy the Simplicity of Corporate Email Signature Creator

Increase your brand awareness within seconds. Create a professionally made signature design for all your employees. Lay out, duplicate and share signatures with your team members. Simply make, use and share company signatures in minutes.

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Simple email signature creator

NEWOLDSTAMP Email Signature Management Platform

Customize Signature Templates
Customizable email signature templates

Customize Email Signature Template to Meet Your Requirements

Use a professional email signature template to improve your brand identity. Choose the one you like and customize it to meet brand and business needs.

Pick your font style and colors. Add graphical elements. Use the image editor to change the size and shape of your company logo/photo. Change the order or add custom fields.

Add banners and grow your social followers to boost your marketing or sales process.

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Use Central Management
Email signature central management

Use Signature Central Management

Create and manage your team’s email signatures in one place.

Design master signature layouts for each department to run marketing campaigns. You can control and update company signatures in each department separately.

Change banners and logos or photos without asking your team to update email signatures. These changes will appear automatically.

Share ready-to-use corporate signatures with your team. Or ask them to update their business contact details in the layout you have set up for them. Share a link to the generator with the signature layout.

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Run Banners Campaigns
Email signature banner campaigns

Boost Your ROI With Email Signature Banner Campaigns

Advance your sales and marketing strategies by using our email signatures marketing tool.

Add promotional banners to skyrocket your sales and share special offers, company news or future events.

Launch several campaigns at the same time in different departments to reach the goals of each of them.

Check banner campaigns analytics to track performance.

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Enhance Corporate Signatures
Corporate email signature

Enhance Corporate Email Signature to Cover Your Business Needs

Add a disclaimer to ensure legal commitment.

Drive action and stress on events. Add call-to-action buttons to your business signatures.

Promote your apps in the Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon or eBay. Add buttons with direct links to download and install your app.

Grow followers of your business pages and groups. Just set up buttons and icons, add social media links to your signature.

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We've Created Over 1,200,000 Professional Email Signatures for Business.

Eugene Lata Email Signature Review

Eugene Lata

VP of Marketing at Serpstat

All our employees have now standardized email signature that does not harm our brand. We also started using signatures as an additional marketing opportunity. So we regularly update banners in signatures. It's effortless as you can do it from the dashboard and the banner will automatically change in all company signatures

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G2crowd email signature leader
Pascal Sageret-Dubuy Email Signature Review

Pascal Sageret-Dubuy

Directeur associé - Consultant chez Support Client & Consulting

We were looking for new and fun ways to bring messages to customers/prospects. Signatures are now a part of our Marketing strategy/efforts. It helps to make a difference easily with a channel used and eventually liked by all.

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Capterra email signature leader

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Create Email Signatures for Your Email Client

Create Gmail Email SignatureCreate Email Signature for Gmail

NEWOLDSTAMP will help you to create a Gmail signature online for free. Our intuitive and easy-to-navigate online generator allows you to build personal signatures without any coding or HTML skills. The seamlessly integrated Gmail signatures are fully responsive in all browsers and on all devices.

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Email signature for Gmail

Create Outlook Email SignatureDesign Free Email Signatures for Outlook

Unbelievably simple-to-use, our best email signature generator is free to help you create a personal signature for Outlook. By replacing an ordinary “Best regards”, this sign off will become the perfect addition to your email communication.

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Email signature for Outlook

Create Apple Mail Email SignatureChoose The Best Formatting for Apple Mail/iOS Signature

Newoldstamp is a handy free HTML email signatures generator for Apple Mail. Our templates look great on Mac OS and iOS. With an attractive Mac Mail signature, you can be sure to make a lasting impression on your recipients.

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Email signature for Apple Mail/iOS

Why Use Special Tool to Create Company Email Signatures?

You have to be sure that your signature looks perfect every time you send your business email. HTML signature is the only way to do that. Our signature creator allows you to make a consistent email signature. You don't need to have coding skills, involve a tech team or third-party developers and designers. Save time and your money. Make the process of creating professional signatures for all employees easier.

Make multiple signatures quickly and use them as a new marketing channel. Don't bother your teammates with signatures' updates. Run signature campaigns and change banners from our dashboard.

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