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Most Popular Email Triggers for eCommerce

1. Useful Information Emails
2. Abandoned Cart Emails
3. Ask For Feedback Emails
4. Win Backs or “We Miss You” Emails
5. General Newsletters

Of all marketing tools, modern eCommerce companies use today, email marketing is one of the most efficient, as it makes it possible to reach customers not only on desktop computers, but also on their tablets, mobile phones and laptops.

However, to avail all the benefits of any marketing tool you need to understand how to use it properly. Not every message sent by you can interest your customers. Only those emails that call a customer to certain actions can be impactful.

Here are 5 most popular email triggers for eCommerce that will help you get the most of your marketing campaign.

Useful Information Emails

Pamper your clients with some information that might be useful or interesting for them. This information may be based on the products a customer purchases. Alternatively, you can tell about new arrivals, seasonal novelties or fashion craze. This is a good way to fuel hype to your website.

Abandoned Cart Emails

This email alert was invented for the category of customers who add goods to their shopping cart and do not make purchases. Thus, the main aim of the Abandoned Cart triggered email is to remind a customer that there is something special in his/her shopping cart, something that he/she has forgotten to buy. Such alerts encourage customers to get back to your online store and make a purchase.

According to the latest studies, 75 percent of customers add goods to the shopping carts with the intention to make a purchase a bit later and then simply forget to do this. So why not reminding them to get back to the abandoned cart and complete the purchase? Sending Abandoned Cart alert is recommended with 24 hours after the cart was abandoned. If a buyer does not return to the cart, you have an option of sending one more email, informing that the cart will be cleared out in several days, or offering a discount that is valid for one day only. The second Abandoned Cart alert is usually sent 72 hours after the cart was abandoned.

Ask For Feedback Emails

You should not forget about your customers once the purchase is completed. Otherwise speaking, always remind people about your eCommerce store. The easiest way to do that is to ask for:

  • product reviews;
  • purchase experience reviews.

When asking for product reviews you actually avail two valuable benefits: you get reviews of real customers that make your web store look more professionally, help other buyers making the right choice and you do not let people forget about you.

When asking for purchase experience reviews, you get an excellent opportunity to improve your services and therefore make your web store more appealing for current and future customers.

Win Backs or “We Miss You” Emails

This type of email triggers will help you get or win back your former customers, who have stopped visiting your eCommerce site for some reasons. Marketing to a loyal customer is a lot easier than to customers whose attention you only need to win or to those who have moved to the category of former customers.

To restart relationships with buyers who have stopped buying goods on your website you can send “We Miss You” emails. Here you can send a series of successive emails, encouraging buyers to visit your website, describing new goods/services, and may be offering some discounts for future purchases.

General Newsletters

When sending regular newsletters you kill two birds with one stone: remind customers about your website and keep them update with your products or services. Always encourage customers to visit your site again.

To increase a marketing power of the email triggers it is recommended sending personalized letters. Also, be sure to finish each letter with an email signature which is another powerful and cost-effective eCommerce marketing tool.


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