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Larry Written by Larry Aug 15, 2016

How to add well-designed Yahoo mail signature to every your letter? Let’s go through this simple guide.

How to Create an Email Signature in Yahoo?

Yahoo is among the most popular email clients worldwide. Many of us enjoy its opportunities to connect people and stay in touch. However, if you use Yahoo for business communication, you probably need something more than basic default feature. How to add well-designed Yahoo mail signature to every your letter? Let’s go through this simple guide.

How to start

Before starting, let’s make sure we understand it in the same way. Yahoo mail signature is a piece of HTML code which you can insert into your client in order to get automated image in the footer of every letter. It has to look attractive and show people who you are, what you do and how to stay in touch with you.

You can type the signature into required email client’s field, but it will not look great.

Therefore, the first step should be finding a proper software to create your signature.

You can search for the tools over the Internet, but we would recommend using something verified. NEWOLDSTAMP generator allows you making Yahoo mail signature almost effortlessly, and it will keep nice and well-formatted, without mistakes or merged lines.

Add information to your Yahoo mail signature

Once you found the best software, fill your information in. You should add whatever you think will be useful for your reader.

Mainly people include this information:

  • name and job information
  • contact information
  • social media profiles
  • images

Fill in this information correctly and save your Yahoo mail signature afterward.

Insert the signature into the email client

The last step is to insert what you’ve created.

In order to do that, login your account. When you are done with that, go to Settings - Writing email - Signature.

Great. Choose a “Show a rich text signature” option in order to insert an image, not a plain text. After this, paste your signature into the required box and save changes.

For more information, you can go to Yahoo Mail Installation Guide.

Actually, that’s all. Now you can start sending emails, and every of them will contain Yahoo mail signature - your information and beautiful design. Before sending letters for many people, test your signature - you should know that everything is perfect. Just send a letter to yourself or someone you know well.

Create Professional Email Signature for Yahoo

In case you would like to get more options and wider personalization opportunities, you always can try Premium account for you or your business.



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