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How to Add Signature in Yahoo Mail

With its 227.8 million monthly active users, Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular free email services in the world and a fairly large number of people out there use Yahoo as their primary email service. And no wonder! 

And just as all other email clients do, Yahoo Mail suggests an option of adding an email signature to the account, so you can utilize it effectively and benefit from the asset. Yahoo mail signature installation is available both on web browsers and mobile apps.

Below are the key steps that outline how to add an email signature to your Yahoo account.

Add a signature to the Yahoo mail in a web browser

1. Assuming you already registered a Yahoo account (otherwise you wouldn’t be here, would you?); please log in and click on the ‘Settings menu’ icon in the top right corner. Go to ‘More settings’.
Note, if you still use the old Yahoo mail version, move the mouse over the ‘gear’ icon, and from the dropdown menu select ‘Settings’.

Enter Settings in Yahoo Mail

2. In the opened window, select the ‘Writing email’ tab from the menu, on the left-hand side.

3. Add to the signature box all the details you wish to represent your personal brand or company you work for. An email signature can include any details you want: photos, social media links, and all kinds of contact information. You can enhance your mail signature and insert an image or a logo of your company. Did you know you can even share your tweets in the email signature?
Moreover, there is an option to insert the signature you have generated before. If you are using the Newoldstamp service, copy the signature from your dashboard and paste it in an appropriate space using ‘Ctrl+V’ for Windows or ‘command+V’ for Mac users.

Paste a signature generated in NEWOLDSTAMP

For the old version of Yahoo Mail, there is a slightly different process.

1. Get on the ‘Accounts’ tab and choose an email address you want to associate a signature with.

Choose the account you want to associate with a signature

2. In the following window scroll down and find a ‘Signature’ section, insert a copied signature, or add yours.

3. Make sure you tick the ‘Append a signature to the emails you send’ checkbox if you wish it to appear automatically at the bottom of every email you create.

4. Click on the ‘Save’ button to confirm the changes.

Edit your signature and click save

Add a signature to the Yahoo mail on your mobile

In the Yahoo mail application, open the menu, click on ‘Settings’ and scroll down to select ‘Signature’ from the drop-down list. In the appropriate section, ‘Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone’ could be deleted and you can insert your mail signature. You might encounter an issue installing the signature created in a service. The reason is that Android does not support HTML-based designs and the exported signature comes out as a text.

Add a signature to Yahoo Mail on iOS

Now, you are probably wondering how to install a signature from your online signature generator in the app.

In that case, send a test email with a previously added signature to yourself using your Yahoo Mail account on your web browser. Open an email in the Yahoo Mail app. Select the signature, copy it, and paste it into the relevant space, following the steps described above. You are all set! Enjoy promoting your brand both from your browser and a smartphone.

Today we experience the diversity of email clients with their functions and agile capabilities. Although, all of them are aiming to respond to our needs in the most conveniently. Yahoo Mail can be challenging, especially when it comes to embedding email signatures created on other platforms. One of the examples is the mentioned previously issue with Android and embedding a service-generated signature.

email signature for Yahoo

Thus, using the Newoldstamp service will ease the efforts for your mail signature management to get the most out of it professionally. Significant benefits of this tool are:

  • No need to operate with an embedded Yahoo signature generator. Just press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
  • Easy fonts, styles, and photo management.
  • The ability to add social media links.
  • A huge library of promotional banners.
  • Neat analytics to track how your signatures are doing.
  • Centrally managed signature distribution.

Newoldstamp is well in hand with optimizing your Yahoo email signature, so it works accurately in most cases.

Creating a signature in Yahoo Mail with Newoldstamp

Do you use Yahoo Mail for business communication?  A well-designed email signature can significantly enhance your professionalism and brand image. It acts as a digital business card, providing recipients with your contact information and a lasting impression.


While you can create a basic signature manually within Yahoo Mail settings, using a signature generator can provide a more polished and impactful look.  Newoldstamp's Yahoo Mail signature generator allows you to effortlessly create a stunning signature that complements your brand and maximizes your email communication.

Add information to your Yahoo mail signature

Let's explore what information to include in your Yahoo Mail signature to maximize its effectiveness:

Essential elements:

  • Your Name and Job Title: Clearly identify yourself and your position.
  • Contact Information: Include your preferred method of contact, such as email address and phone number (optional).

Optional elements:

  • Website link: Direct readers to your professional website or portfolio.
  • Social media profiles: Connect with your audience on relevant platforms (optional, consider your audience and goals).
  • Company logo: Enhance brand recognition with a professional logo.

Beyond the signature: Enhance your Yahoo Mail experience

Now that you've crafted a stellar email signature, let's explore some additional tips to optimize your Yahoo Mail workflow and become a productivity pro!

Create Yahoo Mail filters for your inbox

If you get a lot of emails every day, you are more likely to suffer from the endless mess in your inbox. Fortunately, Yahoo Mail has an advanced filtering system that allows you to group incoming emails automatically to keep your inbox organized.

Organize your messages automatically by sender, subject keywords, recipient status (CC/BCC), and more.

To set up filters in Yahoo Mail:

  1. Click the Settings Gear icon (top right).
  2. Select ‘More Settings’ from the menu.
  3. Choose ‘Filters’ from the left sidebar.
  4. Click ‘Add new filters’ under ‘Your filters’.


Search like a pro

Most people don't know that Yahoo Mail has some useful search operators that make it easier to find a specific email even if you can't remember the details about it. They just blindly wander around their inbox until they find their desired message by pure luck or get tired of searching.

Here's a quick guide:

  • Find emails from someone: Use from:sender (e.g., from:dad for emails from Dad).
  • Search for specific subject lines: Use subject:keyword (e.g., subject:urgent).
  • Locate emails you sent: Use to:recipient (e.g., Partial names or email addresses work too (e.g., to:Larry or to:Newoldstamp).
  • Find emails with attachments: Use has:attachment.
  • Combine operators for advanced searches: (e.g., to:Larry folder:Sent)


Try quick actions for mobile

In the Yahoo Mail mobile app, you can easily manage your email with quick actions. For example, swipe left to delete a message within your inbox or a folder; swipe right to mark an email as read or unread; and Tap and hold to open the menu with bulk actions like deleting or moving multiple emails.

Make notes in Yahoo Mail

Keep track of your thoughts and reminders by using Yahoo notes which are available under the little notebook icon tab.

Use images for backgrounds

The new Yahoo Mail update will also let you change the appearance of your account. You can customize things like layout, color scheme, font size. To do so, head to Settings (Gear icon) > Themes to explore the options.  You can also select the background images in the iOS and Android apps, but keep in mind that they don't sync between devices.


Speed up with keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts in Yahoo Mail to get through your mailbox faster.

Here are some useful commands:

  • M - check mail
  • Shift+M - check all mail (including POP accounts)
  • N - create a new message
  • Shift+N - create a new message in a separate window
  • Ctrl+A - select all emails
  • R - reply to an email
  • A - reply to all
  • K - mark as read
  • Shift+K - reply as unread
  • F - forward a message
  • Ctrl+S - save email as a draft
  • Ctrl+Enter - send a message

For more keyboard shortcuts, go to the Yahoo Help.

By implementing these tips, you'll transform your Yahoo Mail experience from a cluttered mess to a well-organized and efficient communication hub.


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