Track Clicks From Your Email Signature with Google Analytics

HelgaWritten by HelgaNov 17, 2016


Google Analytics + NEWOLDSTAMP = Best match!

If you face the problem tracking your email signature, so here is a hands-off solution for you.

Today we will show you how to start tracking conversion from your professional email signature to your website using Google Analytics Custom campaigns.

#1 Go to Google Analytics URL Builder Tool

You need to create a URL with UTM parameters. Roughly, UTM parameters are tags that were added to the end of your URL.

Here is an example how we filled in the fields:


An example of UTM parameters are highlighted in the URL below in blue:


#2 Insert your URL into your Email Signature Editor

Go to the Premium Editor and copy/past the URL into the field “Link”. You can insert the same URL in two fields or create a specific URL for each field separately.

Email Signature Editor

After you finish editing your email signature. Press “Save” button.

Create Professional Email Signature

#3 Check the data in Google Analytics

Notion: The data will appear in a day.

Choose: Acquisition → Campaigns → All Campaigns


Here is a result:


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