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Track Clicks From Your Email Signature with Google Analytics

1. What is Click-through rate
2. Step 1. Go to Google Analytics URL Builder Tool
3. Step 2. Insert your URL into your email signature editor
4. Step 3. Check the data in Google Analytics

Email marketing has proven to be one of the most profitable marketing methods. But no matter how profitable the average campaign is, you won't achieve that profit without using the correct email metrics.

Before we get into Google Analytics tracking, you need to have a professional email. Don't get me wrong; you can send emails from a Gmail or Outlook mail. But does that inspire trust?

No, it doesn't. A company that doesn't have a professional email won't be trusted. However, even professional email without a professional email signature does not increase brand loyalty and reduces campaign results. Most companies today have professional emails and signatures.

email signature generator

If you face a problem tracking your email signature, so here is a hands-off solution for you.

What is Click-through rate

In the end, email marketing is about driving traffic to your website or selling your products. And that's why the click-through rate is one of the most important email metrics.

Having an excellent click-through rate means that these select customers were also interested enough to click a link within your email on top of opening your email. So, again, it's a key indicator that your subject line and email content are masterfully crafted.

email click rate

Unique Clicks – Indicates the number of people that clicked a link within your email.

Total Clicks – Indicates how many times your links were clicked. For example, if the same person clicks a link three times, it will be counted three times towards this statistic.

The same goes for email signature click rates, and it shows how many people click to the specific call to action in your email signature. Again, it may be social icons, website, banner, or button.

Today we will show you how to start tracking conversion from your professional email signature to your website using Google Analytics Custom campaigns.

Step 1. Go to Google Analytics URL Builder Tool

You need to create a URL with UTM parameters. Roughly, UTM parameters are tags that were added to the end of your URL.
Here is an example of how we filled in the fields:

Create URL link

An example of UTM parameters are highlighted in the URL below in blue:

UTM link

Step 2. Insert your URL into your email signature editor

Go to the Editor and copy/paste the URL into the field "Link." You can insert the same URL in two fields or create a specific URL for each field separately.

UTM link in Mewoldstamp editor

 After you finish editing your email signature, press the "Save" button.

Step 3. Check the data in Google Analytics

Notion: The data will appear in a day.

Choose: Acquisition → Campaigns → All Campaigns

GoogleAnalytics 1

Here is a result:

Google analitycs UTM tracking


Following all these steps will let you track your email signature clicks using Google Analytics. Thanks to that, you can improve the results to achieve your business goals.


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