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Top 5 Free Event Email Templates You Can Use Right Now

1. How to Write Better Event Emails
2. Have a Professional Email Address With Your Own Domain
3. What to Include in Any Event Reminder Email
4. Top 5 Free Email Invite Reminder Templates
5. The Big Event Tips

Useful tools:
1. Newoldstamp - Email signature marketing
2. Mailchimp - Email builder and sender
3. Reply.io - Personal email outreach, calls, and tasks
4. Mailtrack - Email link opens tracking
5. Canva - Online tool for making designs

An email invite remains the best marketing channel to promote your event. Sure, now you can use several social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram but email marketing is still the leading platform for advertising events and making your attendees feel important. This is simply because people take emails more seriously and believe that these emails have been created particularly for them.

If you are having difficulties trying to create an email invite reminder, then the NEWOLDSTAMP email signature service will share templates that will make your work easier. Get a pen and paper to make an email checklist for event promotion, add some things which are missing, and read through this article carefully.

We are going to take you through a short tour about the importance of email invites and reminders, what you definitely need to include in these emails, and of course, the five best email templates which can be used right now.   

How to Write Better Event Emails

An email reminder for an event is perfect when it is simple, along with a touch of professionalism. The event email along with an email signature should have an inviting tone and two or three images per one email message. While creating the email invite reminder, make sure you add value propositions and important details in bulleted points or lists.

Avoid multiple call-to-actions (CTAs) which may confuse your audience and potential participants. In order for your email to not end up in the promotions tab or spam folder, make sure you add a minimum amount of links and make your email more targeted by using personal names. Email has an ability many channels don't include: it creates valuable and personal touches at scale.

As far as the text in the email is considered, remember one rule: Less is more. Write in bullet points, brief descriptions and use conversational language. In addition, provide only a bit of incentives or the CTAs because that will make your audience want more from you

event email invite

For example, if you are a host for a conference, and you have five important people providing speeches and workshops, you need to give information in the email about only three of them and keep the element of surprise for your audience. You have to make a good research and you will see that the easiest way to lift conversion rates on event pages is to apply email marketing.

Have a Professional Email Address With Your Own Domain

To increase the significance of your event in the eyes of audience it is recommended to have your own domain. Your audience will feel that this company or event is well-established. In this way, you will have your own professional email address and will eventually result in increased registrations. Here are more tips to check and read the points given below to write a great reminder email:

  • Subject lines clear, short and to-the-point

The subject line is a crucial part in an email because that’s the first thing that your recipient will see in addition to the email address with your own domain. Make sure to have relevant information in the event email subject line briefly. Also, use simple terms in subject lines so that a wide range of audience can understand your point clearly.

  • Shorter sentences for smaller screens

Nowadays smartphones have swept away laptops, desktops and other such big screen devices. Therefore it is important to have a brief email with short sentences. This will make your email easier to read and comprehend with.  Also, consider adding the registration button or RSVP button which will redirect your potential customers and participants to a mobile friendly webpage or social accounts with full details of the event.

  • Add a personal touch

Writing personal emails had always been the leading way to convince your target audience to be present at the event. It is an unrivaled way to connect directly with attendees. Using phrases like “Hey Sam”, “Hi there” makes your audience sense a feeling of being valued. It is a way to pay special attention to your attendees.

email signature generator

  • Make it visually appealing

Visually attractive emails always appeal more to the registrants or attendees rather than plain emails. Adding high-quality pictures which are relevant to the event makes it even more beautiful and appealing. Irrelevant images might lead to less RSVPs. Another point of view to consider, you need to create a layout or template that looks different than your other emails before you decided to send event email invitations and reminders.

What to Include in Any Event Reminder Email

Writing a reminder email must include certain points irrespective of the type of event. If those points are not given then the audience might feel that your event is not as important or is not hosted by an established organization. Following points must be included:

  • Venue, time and date

Since the human brain sometimes forgets things - especially dates  - therefore, it is important to remind your registrants about the necessary details regarding the event. For sure, location is not important for online events but in those cases, the link should be provided. Add venue with proper directions. If possible, you have to add a google map link.

  • Incentives

Human beings always love something extra. Providing some incentives (not all) looks like a good way to create enthusiasm among the audience. Don't accumulate all the incentives in one email and distribute them across several emails. Additionally, great big email incentives for the customers, it’s social media, geo-targeting, and contests. Usually, event attendees prefer gift card incentives with targeted email.

  • What actually to attend

It is important to add a sentence or two about what your event is going to talk about and what will the attendee gain from this event. Here you may add the sponsors and VIP guests who are sponsoring this event and also, a sneak peak of event program sequentially. Naming a few well-known people who will be attending the event is a good way to increase the eagerness among attendees.

  • Responsible person or organization

People tend to open more emails when they receive them from trustworthy organizations. One way to do it is to have your own HTML signature banner with valid phone numbers, email addresses, logotypes, and social media links. You can add all these details and banners in your email signature block. You can use the NEWOLDSTAMP easy tool and ready templates that will help to cope with the task. Additionally, in case you have foreign attendees, then make sure you add the proper contact details of a person responsible for them.

email reminder with agenda

Top 5 Free Email Invite Reminder Templates

Creating email invites and reminders are not easy, especially, when you have a large number of attendees in addition to a big event. You need to provide exclusive invitations or make contests to attract more participants. You can send a calendar invite with the link in it or you can message an email reminder the day before the event. There are various options open to hosts and you need to choose the one that most benefits. So, here we are with some of the best event reminder event templates. They are user-friendly, easy to follow, suits different types of events. Check out the top five templates of event reminder email:

Registration email

The registration email urges the target audience to sign up or RSVP for your event. You need to design email invitations that will drive your event registration. If your customers missed the registration for an event, you need to give them an opportunity and support, so they can still join in on the fun. You can leave your contact details in the email signature, so they message or call you for more information. So, here are the points that must be included:

1. Necessary attributes of the event,
2. Special offers designed for target audience,
3. The registration button leading to a website,
4. Adding a personal touch to your email,
5. Email signature block with contact details.

Following is an example:

Subject: Please RSVP: Event Name, Date


I assume things are super busy at  {COMPANY NAME} (better busy than bored!)

I think you’d love to visit upcoming {EVENT NAME}.

So not to miss it please RSVP

[Join button]

BTW, {Industry Leader} is one of the key speakers in flow for {Marketers}. His report promises to be hot. So don’t miss.

Get a 30% discount for early birds tickets

[Join button]

If any questions, please contact

Your Name
Email signature banner promoting event

Subject: Save the date: Event Name, Date


Each year we invite {Industry} professionals and community leaders to join us in {Event Name}.

Have you ever wanted to meet up with {Industry leader} or {Industry leader}? This is what we particularly do.

Spend {3} days dedicated to learning, networking and exchanging knowledge with world-class entrepreneurs.

Join us at our upcoming event {Event name} on



Get a 30% discount for early birds tickets

{Sign Up button}

[Share buttons]

Questions? Talk to us!

[Email Signature with contact details]

Also, you can use ready templates by Stripo:

stripo email template

source: Stripo

Email to confirm your attendance

Once a person has registered, now it's time to send them an email to confirm. These confirmation emails must be sent promptly after registration.

If you require checking details before confirming attendance of the person then send an email to verify that they have registered adding that you need a certain amount of time (specify the exact time required) to authenticate their registration. The points given below must be a part of the confirmation email:

1. Details of confirmation,
2. Following steps,
3. Email signature block,
4. Solve other queries.

Following is an example:

Hi there,

Thanks for registering for {Event NAme}. We are looking forward to seeing you at

Location: {address}

Doors open at [date and time]

Hashtag: {#hashtag}

Please RSVP to [name] by [date].

Hope to see you all there!

Sending a reminder email

As we mentioned earlier, sometimes human brains forget things very easily, so a reminder email is imperative to remind the registrants and your potential participants about it. You may send several email reminders but there must be enough time gap between two emails.

Add details briefly and some relevant pictures to make it visually attractive so that your attendees would already want to attend the event. The points given below must be followed:

1. Some incentives along with CTA button,
2. Sneak peak of the event program,
3. How to plan this particular event,
4. What to bring and what to avoid,
5. Signature block with contacts and banner.

Following is a sample of an email reminder template:


It’s only 4 days left before {EVENT NAME}. We are so excited to see you there!

Here is our agenda:


9.00-10.00 Registration

10.00-11.30 Speaker one

11.40-13.30 Speaker two

13.30 - 15.00 - coffee break

15.00-16.00 open discussion with Speaker Name

16.00- 17.00 networking

How to get:


By car: get directions

By city transport: bus 1, Metro station 2

Parking info: We will have free parking for all attendees

Email Signature with contact details]

Value proposition email

After the attendee has registered and the registration has been confirmed, now is the time to write an email to your participants and customers explaining the profits of this particular event. This email should make your attendee not regret the decision of attending the event.

If you still have a few free spaces, add your email signature block with a value proposition email banner and contact details. It is the best way to fill and add it to your event email message. Add the following things in such emails:

1. What will the audience gain from the event,
2. Program information and details,
3. How this event will change his/her life,
4. Email signature with contact information.

Following is a sample:

add your email signature block with a value proposition email banner and contact details

source: marketingexperiments.com

Post-event follow-up email

A very simple key that is seldom used in the event marketing to make sure your registrants come to the next event is a “thank you email” after the event. Use simple wording to express gratitude towards them.

Also, you can add the fact that it was great to have a person like him or her. This will certainly make them feel treasured. Some points to be remembered are:

1. Address your attendee personally,
2. Add future subscription tabs,
3. Add social media links to follow future events,
4. Include link to photos made on the event,
5. Show the community appreciation.
6. Upload an email signature block.

Following is an example:

Hi Name!

Thanks for being a part of EVENT NAME! We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We really proud to have brought so many professionals in one place. Many ideas, trends and problems were arisen.

Here you can find recorded speeches and photos to share.

Mark your calendars for next {EVENT NAME and DATE}

Sign up for news about future events!



The Big Event Tips

To summarize, we can say that email invites require certain points to be followed including relevant details, visually attractive pictures and host’s signature banner. Every person is different but since you can’t send a separate email, it's a good idea to segregate your audience based on location, profession of interest or other criteria.

Make sure to take into consideration the above information and check the event email examples provided to you. The above tips and templates will simply help you to get more registrations and generate future leads.

Furthermore, it is recommended to use some online signature generator like NEWOLDSTAMP if you want to include your banner and contact information and details. After you have read all the points carefully, make sure you use them in the right way. So, it enough of advising, its time to start writing emails. Good luck!


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