Ten Ways to Enhance Your Marketing Campaign With the Help of Email Signature

Using email signature is a good way to spread information about you, your company, website or project. With the help of email signature you will improve your marketing campaign and propel it to the next level.

Here are 10 simple ways to enhance your marketing campaign with email signature:

1. Your Blog

Perhaps the smartest thing you can do to attract traffic to your blog is to include a link to it into your personal email signature. Unlike traditional static webpages, blogs have a live content that is regularly updated. There is no need saying that fresh and interesting content is the main thing that attracts visitors and makes them return to this blog over and over again. To make a good impression on your visitors, it is recommended including calls-to-action throughout each post.

2. Your Website

The least you can do promote your company’s website is to include the website's homepage into your email signature. However, to achieve the desired results and get the targeted traffic, make sure the home page of the website performs the function of a landing page. The main aim of a landing page is to give visitors  complete information about your company, as well as to force them to certain actions, like for example, downloading a trial version of the software.

3. Book

If you have written a book, do not be shy to tell people about it. You can share the link of your masterpiece by including it to your email signature. Thus, everyone you communicate with, will know about your book and will get a chance to read it.

4. Social Media

There are two common ways to use social media in your email signature. You can either include links to your company’s social accounts or links to your personal Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other accounts.

This will help more people know about your company or projects you are working on. NEWOLDSTAMP gives a great variety of efficient social media additions for your email signature. For example, social media icons, linking to your profiles, a Facebook Like button, encouraging email receivers to “Like” your Facebook account, as well as features enabling you to highlight your fresh updates on Google+, tweets and posts on Facebook.
NEWOLDSTAMP email signature

5. Case Studies

Including case studies into the email signature is especially beneficial for salespeople. The best way to interest potential customers and encourage them to use your products or become a member of your team is to share stories of successful people. However, these examples should be used profusely. It is also crucial to emphasize the key points. Your email signature can include quotes of famous and successful people.

6. Conferences and other Events

If you are going to speak at a conference or if your company is organizing a trade show, you need to use every possible opportunity to inform people about this event. A simple and effective way to do that is to include information about the conference or trade show into your email signature. This will help spread the word about an important event.

7. New Marketing offer

Every inbound marketer should always have several offers ready to be used. These can be kits, e-books, whitepapers, webinars, etc. To decide which one is the most efficient when it comes to turning visitors into customers, it is necessary to look at their landing pages and assess visitor to submission rate. Identify the most efficient offers and show them to the targeted traffic. To share links to a webinar or e-book, just include them into your email signature.

8. Free Online Tools

If your company has any free online tools (like educational games, online converters or calculators) or free trials, why not use them to win recognition from visitors? Free tools encourage people to linger at your site and learn more about your products or services.

9. Industry Research

Many people nowadays look for information online. If you specialize in a particular industry, realm of science or have technical or other knowledge that your share by publishing research works, do not forget to include a link to your works to the email signature.

10. Demonstration of Product Samples

Email signature can be used to spread information about the demonstration of free product samples, or free consultations you are ready to provide. Such events attract lots of people, which in turn may significantly increase sales level.