How to Make Your Email Marketing Beneficial for People

HelgaWritten by HelgaJul 13, 2016

Sometimes email marketing turns into a mess - many newsletters which hit the spam folder more often than the eyes of the readers. How to fix that? How can your clients feel the benefits of email marketing - and so you can? The simple rule tells: take care, not sale. And they will love you. Let’s come through this idea.

Understand them

Do you know the secret of successful marketing? Understand the message the client would like to receive, check for the sources from where he or she gets the information, and send the message through that source. It sounds simple, but not so in action. Usually, people stop with typical client portrait’s data like sex or age. However, it’s not enough. Make sure you understand client’s habits and customs, as it would be a friend you drink a beer with. Only then you can use the benefits of email marketing, spread valuable information in a form which matches people’ expectations. Even use different lists or segmentation to understand who’s on your list and how to treat them.

Be friendly with them

Closely to the previous point, when you understand a client, you no more talk to him or her as to a machine. The benefits of email marketing are to feel the person behind the screen, not a brand name and logotype. Imagine a brand which sends official newsletters and wants you to buy something. Would you trust it? And now imagine that you are talking to a friend. Imagine that the friend knows you for a long while. Imagine how he or she supports you and takes care of you. Much better, yes? Be friendly with your customer, build a relation - and you’ll feel how your marketing stats grow. This is the beneficial email marketing campaigns.

Share only useful info

You already know your reader, you talk to him or her in a friendly voice. What else? You should think of your email marketing campaigns and plan them carefully. Being based on your segments, define which information should go to which group. Make sure you support people with the articles, offers or advice that they need. Just come through your mail client. How many letters would have never got a piece of your attention and why? The same happens with all your letters, and it does not matter how much effort have you put into them. If you do not share the updates which are useful for your readers, does not explore the benefits of email marketing - so adiós, amigo!

Ask for their feedback

Asking questions through a simple quiz may become the piece of your segmentation. You can wonder how people use your product, how they feel about it, are they satisfied? You can also collect simple information to get the benefits of email marketing. For instance, if you’re selling clothes, ask about the size the person has and send only relevant offers. Once I fell for it: I told my height and dimensions as I was promised to get the best dress styles for myself. Yes, they sent me a few cuts - and got the perfect info for their email marketing instead. Always ask people for the reviews of product or service. Ask them to recommend it to your friends. Talk to them. And everything will be perfect.

Treat them as you would treat yourself

Always try to fit yourself into someone’s shoes. How would you feel getting the same info in the same manner? Your readers are people like you and me, and they want respect, handy information, a bit of fun. Make sure you are treating them well in every your letter, not pitching or trying to sell in every line. Yes, the main goal of your email marketing is sales. However, they do not have to be aggressive. Communicate to your client as you would do with your fellow - treat him or her well - and you’ll see the progress. Hope these advice on the benefits of email marketing were handy to you. And now it’s your turn. Please drop us a line to tell your impression. Which tips work for you personally?


Helga is a growth marketer with 7+ years of experience. Since 2015 Helga has switched to SaaS market. Prior to joining NEWODLSTAMP she successfully cooperated with several SaaS companies that provide top-notch solutions for marketers.

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