How to Make an Email Signature for Lawyers More Efficient? The Most Powerful Tips and Examples

1. What is email signature for lawyers?
2. What should be included in a lawyer’s email signature?
3. Best ways of using banners in email signatures for lawyers
4. Best tips for creating a professional signature for lawyers
5. Best lawyer email signature examples

Email signatures help people build businesses and make a positive, trusting impression on their customers. Since this is the last element that the recipient sees in email, it is critical to make signatures neat and memorable. Like any other business, law firms also need professional email footers. And today we are going to talk about the most important things lawyers need in their law firm email signatures.

Use email signature for lawyers

What is email signature for lawyers?

Professional email signature for lawyers is like a digital business card which they include at the bottom of their emails to let their recipients know who they are, what they do, and most importantly, how to get in contact with them.

What should be included in a lawyer’s email signature?

Here are the six elements that can help you create the right law office email signature.

  • Add all contact information

In your attorney personal email signature, try to provide all the necessary information like your full name, position, company name, office address. Include at least one phone number. You can also add your email address, although many experts say that it’s not required.

Add all the important contact information to your email signature

  • Add your qualification

Add your level of qualification and specialization.

  • Add practice area

Add focus areas as a way to define your practice area of expertise.

  • Add images

If you work in a company or have your own business, you can include your logo. Many attorney email signatures contain a sender's photo. This can help the reader connect your image with a name. Both elements will give your law firm a put-together and professional look.

  • Add social icons/social buttons

Social networks provide another way to connect with you, which can be an essential part of establishing business relationships. If you share professional content in your social media profiles, adding social icons to your email footer would be efficient.

  • Include a disclaimer

Lawyers may think that adding a long confidential email disclaimer and ensuring that it covers all legal areas is the only option to comply with the law. However, disclaimers can be short and to the point but still valid.

Read our blog post that explains how you can use a legal disclaimer in an email signature.

Create Professional Email Signature for Lawyers

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Best ways of using banners in email signatures for lawyers

Do you know what an email signature banner is? Probably, the first thing that comes to your mind is an annoying animated ad. However, modern tools for creating email signatures can help you make minimalistic and visually appealing lawyers banners that will be placed under the contact details in a signature. Why use the banners? It's simple - with their help, lawyers email signature will turn into a powerful marketing tool. Below are the ways of how to get the most from an email banner.

Use banners:

  • To promote consulting services

Consider applying an email footer banner that can help promote and demonstrate your services. Besides, highlighting consultations in your sig will absolutely drive more traffic to your site and social media profiles.

  • To promote lawyer blog post/tips/portfolio

If you’ve posted a new article on your blog, updated your portfolio, released an eBook with useful tips, remember that your email footer is a perfect spot to advertise such content.

  • To share law events

Are there any law events and other special occasions you are going to be at? If so, keep in mind that your signature is the right place for providing such information.

Create Professional Email Signature with Event Invitation

  • To schedule appointments

Allow clients to easily schedule appointments with you by including a banner with your calendar. Easy, right?

Best tips for creating a professional signature for lawyers

Unfortunately, many companies often make serious mistakes when creating email signatures. In this section, we have addressed how you can correct these mistakes and make your professional email footer pop out and grab the recipient’s attention.

  • Use proper fonts

When choosing a font for your email signature, be sure to use a web safe font that is standard and enabled by default for most operating systems and is used in most email clients. Here is a list of the top ten web safe fonts that you can use with a 100% guarantee that they look exactly the way you intended:

  • #1 Arial
  • #2 Arial Black
  • #3 Times New Roman
  • #4 Verdana
  • #5 Courier / Courier New
  • #6 Tahoma
  • #7 Georgia
  • #8 Palatino
  • #9 Trebuchet Ms
  • #10 Geneva

Of course, you can try to use other fonts you like, but there is a risk that they won't be displayed properly because the email client of the recipient doesn't support such fonts. Also, be sure to stick with no more than one or two standard typefaces.

  • Use colors for branding consistency

Corporate messages sent from your email represent your company. That is why it is important to comply with corporate standards when creating email footers. Pick 1-2 colors that match your branding and use them sparingly.

Create consistent company email signatures for lawyers

  • Keep smart size

Larger signatures don’t necessarily mean that they are better. Try to find the optimal size for all elements.

  • Do not add irrelevant information

You surely know the phrase “Less is more.” When it comes to your email footer, this may be true as well. If your sig contains too much information (inspirational quotes, too many contact details), the recipient may be distracted. Also, some companies require using a unified e-signature for business letters sent by employees. Besides, honesty is very important for lawyers, so do not lie in your email signature.

  • Add a CTA

Include a call to action (CTA) in your signature and update it regularly. Invite the recipient to watch a video, check out an article, read about an event, buy a new product, download an eBook, etc. For example, “Read the case study,” “schedule a consultation,” “watch the overview video,” “call us today,” and others.

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Best lawyer email signature examples

Law email signature templates can help lawyers create neat and meaningful email footers. In this section, you’ll find some great inspirational examples created with Newoldstamp.

Email signature example


Email signature example for lawyer


Email signature example for attorney


Professional email signature for lawyer


Create Professional Email Signature for Lawyer


Create Professional Email Signature for Attorney


Create Professional Email Signature for Lawyer Company


Create Email Signature with Disclaimer for Lawyer


Create Professional Email Signature with CTA Banner for Lawyer


Email signature example for attorney companies


And finally, here you get one more good piece of advice. Create two versions of the email signature - full and simplified. The full signature will be relevant when you first get in touch with the client to let them get to know you.  When it comes to lengthy correspondence, it is wise to use the simplified signature, not to overload email threads with a lot of repetitive information. And don’t forget to check if your email signature remains perfect on various devices.