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Guest Blogging Guidelines

Hi there, and thanks for your interest in Newoldstamp's Blog! 

We are excited to publish articles of guest authors like yourself who can share their expertise in marketing and sales.

However, being open to guest blogging, we are selective in our publishing choice and accept articles from experts in the field. So please make sure you've got familiar with all our requirements. 

About Newoldstamp blog

Our audience

We create content for marketing and sales experts from medium-sized companies or their owners to get inspired with new trends, improve their expertise, discover new tactics and strategies.

Types of posts we are interested in:

  • How-to guides that can help marketers improve their techniques
  • Marketing or sales experiments and analysis that you handled
  • Use cases of implementing business, marketing, and sales strategies
  • Guides with tactical takeaways that the reader can implement
  • Fresh and unique angel on popular topics

What we won't accept and publish

We care about the content quality and value we provide our readers with, so every guest post goes through an in-depth check. There are some things that we can't publish:

  • We don't publish syndicated content
  • We don't accept previously published content
  • We don't accept promotional articles
  • We don't post content that was created only for the sake of link building

How to pitch

If you went through all the information above and are ready to pitch, let's go through the process. We accept content that is fresh, unique, actionable, and would be interesting to our audience. To save your time and effort, we'd love to start with a pitch instead of ready articles.

Before you send us a pitch

Read a few articles to understand the style, tone of voice, formatting, and topics we cover.

When you've come up with an idea, Google our website for your topic. If you decide to write on the subject we've already published, make sure to tell us how it's going to differ from what we already have. 

What add to the pitch:

  • Your idea or ideally tittle
  • Why do you think your topic would be good for us
  • Tell a bit about yourself
  • Share other published articles if you have any
  • Add [Guest Post] to your subject line

What's next?

  • It can take us up to 2 weeks to get back to you with the response. 
  • If we are ready to go further, we'd ask you to share the outline. 
  • After we review the outline and everything is ok, we would ask you for the final article.
  • When you send us an article, be ready for the edits.

The article will be published based on the needs of our editorial calendar. We'll let you know the estimated date. As soon as it's published, we'll let you know.

Writing style guidelines 

Be unique 

We don't accept articles that have been earlier published anywhere or contain any amount of plagiarism. We do check it.

Be data-driven

  • Show numbers and statistics in words or on images
  • Refer to every image added to the article in the text
  • Each heading should contain your unique findings and advice. Don't add a heading if you have nothing to talk about in it.

Be concise

  • Make sentences short (less than 30 words, e.g., due to the fact that -> because)
  • Replace adjectives with data (much increased -> increased by 25%)
  • Avoid misleading words (almost every marketer -> 80% of marketers)
  • Each question should have a distinct answer (yes, no, [number], I don't know)
  • Don't use "etc."; make lists specific
  • Avoid complex sentences (like ones that start with "This way")
  • Reduce words like so, however, therefore, on the other hand, to the minimum

Be comprehensive

  • Make sure every paragraph logically leads to the next one.
  • Use short filler sentences to make the text easier to read. Like this one.
  • Each section of the article should pass the "so what" test.

Think of the article as if it is a conversation

  • Use a friendly and casual tone
  • Avoid buzzwords and jargon

Behave as an expert you are

  • Nobody needs general info from Wikipedia
  • Give unique, unprecedented opinions on the topic
  • Share your own experience
  • Avoid assumptions and make firm statements


  • Length. We don't have strict requirements for word count, but most of our articles are 1,500 - 2,500 words. Please don't add meaningless words for the sake of length.
  • Paragraphs. Keep them up to 5 sentences long to make the text easier to scan.
  • Headings. Use H2 and H3. We rarely add H4 to keep the structure as simple as possible. Please consider using bold instead.
  • Lists. For numerical lists, format them as number and period.
  • Meta Tags. Add Meta Title and Meta description (100-150 characters long)
  • Author. Add author's photo, short bio, and links to the social media.


  • Add images that are contextually relevant to the paragraph (screenshots, charts, data visualizations)
  • Cite image source. Add hyperlink with anchor "image source."
  • Add as a comment Alt texts to your images under the image
  • No stock photos
  • Add images into Google Doc and add image source below
  • Please upload high-quality images to Google Drive and share the link

SEO optimization

Make your keyword research for better SEO optimization. When you send us a blog post double-check:

  • Your article is SEO optimized but not stuffed with keywords
  • You’ve added a Meta Title
  • You’ve added a Meta Description
  • You’ve added alt text to the images
  • You’ve added headings

Examples of the posts we like





Backlinks to your website. No more than one link to your website, including the author's bio. Your link should be naturally integrated and provide value to the reader. Mark your link in Google Doc with a comment

Links to other websites. The same goes for other domains. Please keep adding one link per domain. 

Most of the links will be no-follow. Please add a comment in Google Doc which ONE link you want to have as a do-follow.

Link building is a red flag. If the primary purpose of your guest post is link building, we won't accept your post or will ask to remove such links.

Newoldstamp links. Please link to 2-3 Newoldstamp blog articles. It's not mandatory but we'd appreciate your help.

Links that are good

  • Relevant blog posts and articles
  • Links to the research and data
  • Other resources that will contextually fit and be beneficial to our readers.

Links we won't accept:

  • Affiliate links
  • Links to the e-commerce product pages, pricing, product categories, or services
  • Company social profile links 

Note: Our editorial team can remove and add no-follow to any link.


To keep our blog relevant and up to date, we reserve the right to audit guest posts. It means our editorial team may edit, add or remove content, including text, images, or links. We might redirect or consolidate your article with others. We promise to make as few changes as possible.

Last updated: Aug 25, 2021


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