Corporate email signature in three steps

Flat-Business-Concept-IconsYou’re a company with many workers and you need to make sure all of them provide email communication properly, right? You probably want one simple software with central management to make corporate email signature for your entire team. How to do that? Only three basic steps are required. Let’s do through this guideline.

Step 1: start with choosing a software

If you’re planning to make a professional signature, you cannot do that on your own. The simplest and most professional way is to use a special tool. There are many websites which allow you creating a corporate email signature.

NEWOLDSTAMP is the world’s simplest one. Definitely. You just open it and understand everything, even if you’ve never used the Internet.

So yes, browse the Internet in search of the software (we hope you’ll stop on us) – and the first step is done.

Step 2: fill in the information

Open a section with corporate email signature. With NEWOLDSTAMP, it works in a form of a trial. You press the button “Sign up free“, complete the registration and go to an editor.

You have to fill in your information there.

The editor allows you creating numerous corporate email signatures with central management. You need to add the photo, name, job title of every employee, then the company and its website. In case you would like to make something special, you can insert also social media profiles and a kind of a banner to advertise your company.

Then choose a template and modify it. You can design a corporate email signature which complete meets the standards of your company: with corporate colors, brand identity and so on.

Remember, that Newoldstamp supports strong privacy policy, so your information is protected.

Step 3: share the information

Once you’re done with the design, you can share the samples with your workers. They will insert them into their email clients and start sending letters with professional and well-designed corporate signature which completely matches the brand and are the same for all employees.

Good luck on your signature journey! In case you feel you would need more info, you can always drop us a line.


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