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1. Who is BlackPearl Group?
2. What’s Going to Happen to Newoldstamp?
3. Newoldstamp Customers Set to Benefit From Blackpearl Group's Public Listing
4. A Grateful Thank You to Our Customers

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve been acquired by BlackPearl Group, a technology company that builds, buys, and markets data-driven products.

Who is BlackPearl Group?

Blackpearl Group describes itself as a technology company that builds, acquires, and markets data-driven cloud services, including a suite of productivity and demand generation applications for small and medium-sized businesses. They own and operate three SaaS solutions marketed to SMBs - Black Pearl Mail, Pearl Diver, and now Newoldstamp.

Founded in 2012, the company is driven from Wellington, New Zealand, and Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

In 2016, the company secured backing from Tim Crown, founder and chairman of the NASDAQ-listed Fortune 500 company, Insight Enterprises.

What’s Going to Happen to Newoldstamp?

"In recent years, thanks to the professionalism of our team, we managed to achieve excellent results, so we received interesting offers from several global players. We decided to combine our efforts and teams together with the Black Pearl Group to become leaders in our niche and develop new directions," said Volodymyr Zastavny, Founder of Newoldstamp.

A huge reason we’ve decided to join up with BlackPearl Group is that they are just excited as us to see Newoldstamp turn into an email signature powerhouse.

"Our strategy is about much more than simply acquiring technology businesses for their revenue, it’s about gaining access to new talent and markets, and most importantly, accelerating organic growth," said Co-founder and Chief Executive Nick Lissette. "Our private platform enables us to help the businesses we acquire accelerate their growth and development."

Newoldstamp will continue to operate with its existing management and staff as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blackpearl Group.

This acquisition will allow us to expand our offerings and continue providing exceptional email signature management services to our customers.

Newoldstamp Customers Set to Benefit From Blackpearl Group's Public Listing

On December 2, 2022, Blackpearl Group became a publicly listed company on the NZX.

After completing the acquisition of Newoldstamp, Co-founder and Chief Executive Nick Lissette believed it was the right time for Blackpearl Group to list and further accelerate its acquisition strategy.

Market slowdowns and plummeting valuations of private businesses due to global recessionary pressures have created unprecedented opportunities in the market.

As a publicly listed company, Blackpearl Group is subject to strict regulations and reporting requirements, ensuring transparency and accountability. They comply with data privacy and security laws, implement security measures, and follow best practices for corporate governance to protect their customers' data and mitigate risks.

The fact that Blackpearl Group is now publicly listed can provide you and your business with greater transparency, stability, and access to resources, which can help you to maximize the value of your investment in Newoldstamp's services.

A Grateful Thank You to Our Customers

We wouldn’t be here without you, our customers. Your referral, reviews, and feedback have brought Newoldstamp to create over 5,000,000 professional email signatures for businesses across various geographies. On behalf of the entire Newoldstamp team, thank you for your partnership and continued support.

Overall, the acquisition of Newoldstamp by Blackpearl Group presents exciting opportunities for both companies to grow and develop our businesses, and we can't wait to see what we accomplish together in the future.


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